Our illustrious leader, Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat AKA Slick Tongue Slingin’ Dung, put on an exclusive performance before a group of select propaganda agents yesterday.  Or as they put it, he held a press conference.  The questions were notably scripted to elicit campaign slogans.  I think the other candidates should get equal time, don’t you?

Barry said that he knows there are a lot of us out here hurting and that he would help us if only those bad old Republicrats would let him.  Kind of funny, those Republicrats are saying they are desperate to help us too, but those bad old Democans won’t let them.
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The mainstream propagandists are up-scaling their attack on the people of Greece.  Apparently they have it coming.  They are a lazy people who have been living fat for the past twenty years and now that the bills are coming in they are acting like a bunch of spoiled children in not wanting to pay.  Anyway this is what the propagandists would have you believe.

The fact is the Greek people are hard working and industrious and have every reason to be raising hell over the draconian austerity measures being implemented on them.   You see it isn’t because the Greek people have been living fat that has put them on the edge of bankruptcy.
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U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Thrash blocked parts of Georgia’s immigration law until legal challenges are resolved.  The Senate has reintroduced the Dream Act.  The majority of the American people are vehemently against any form of amnesty for the invaders who have breached our southern border and are infiltrating our body politic, in an attempt at an insurgency aimed at the capture of part or all of our county.

When our founding fathers went to war against the British crown one of the main causes was taxation without representation.  A majority of United States citizens want our borders sealed and every single criminal illegal alien deported.  We are experiencing our taxation, where is our representation?
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In the face of an eleventh week of first time unemployment filings of over 400,000, not one damn thing is being considered by our Congress, Senate, nor President to address the issue.  Instead the propaganda machine is flooding the airwaves with lies that have become so old and antiquated that watching them can only make us shake our heads in disgust.

After having to admit that the job situation in reality has never gotten one bit better, but is indeed getting worse every day, the propagandists are now saying that there are actually jobs everywhere to the extent that those unemployed are tripping over help wanted signs on the way to the unemployment office.  This is ridiculous to the point of being Orwellian.
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As NATO planes continue to pound Tripoli, Congress fails to pass two funding bills as a result of President Obama’s refusal to adhere to federal statutes and constitutional law, which dictate that he must gain Congress’ consent for any military action proceeding past 90 days.  I believe the trouble is Obama cannot justify his little war because it does not meet the criteria for a U.S. invasion of a foreign sovereign nation.

Obama, being the liar he is, has come forth with the most outrageous assertion imaginable in saying that the U.S. is not involved in military action in Libya.  You will remember that the original stated cause for our planes dropping bombs on Libyan real estate was to establish a no-fly-zone.  This assertion soon became so ridiculous that they quit saying it.  And now as public opinion is calling for the withdrawal of our forces from Libya, the proponents of the industrial war complex are actually stepping up operations, saying they want to hurry up and get Gaddafi before they are forced to leave.
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The disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is still ongoing in spite of a virtual news blackout in the mainstream media.  However due to the diligence of those among us concerned for our safety and wellbeing, the truth is leaking out.  No pun intended.  What is that truth?  The Japanese continue to attempt to contain and diminish the radiation leakage, however in doing so vats of contaminated water continue to accumulate, of which it is being said may very well be dumped into the Pacific Ocean.

You will remember the report a couple of months ago in the mainstream, which was quickly removed, showing a Japanese ship taking nuclear contaminated water out into the ocean to be dumped.

Best estimates say that the plant cannot be completely shut down until next year and that cleanup will take between 50 and 100 years.  And of course this is the best case scenario.  In the worst case scenario there is another huge aftershock which starts the crisis all over again.
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Today I’m going to address the 99ers exclusively.  Many among us are wondering why there is not a stronger propensity toward aggressive action among our people.  Well, to get to the root of this question there must be a clearer understanding of who exactly we are.  When on the rare occasion a 99er story makes it into the mainstream propaganda there is a generality that cannot be ignored.  That is a middle aged man and woman standing in front of an $800,000 home with one or two brand new SUVs sitting in the driveway.

Their heart wrenching story goes something like this.  The husband says, “I’ve lost my job, exhausted my 99 weeks of unemployment, and the only income we have coming in is my wife’s salary.”  The view then changes to one of bare cupboards and a refrigerator with a scant few items contained within.  The wife says, “We have gone from an income of $200,000 a year to the $30,000 my job provides.  Our house payment is $2000 a month which my income barely covers and we have to dip into our retirement savings to make our car payments.”  At this point the woman usually has tears in her eyes.
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If you flip from news channel to news channel with the exception of satellite delays it is impossible to miss a word coming out of the Casey Anthony trial in Florida.  The mainstream propaganda machine is currently conducting an analysis to find out just how many mainstream media brainwashed citizens are still out there among the population.  These are the people who live vicariously through soap operas, crime dramas, and reality shows.  They are a blight on the collective intelligence of the population and represent a greater threat to our Constitution and Republic than Russia and China combined.

Under normal circumstances these people should be pitied as they suffer from mental abnormalities that keep them from experiencing life within the realms of reality.  But these are not normal circumstances.  These people are allowed to vote which allows their mental problems to cause harm to all.
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The job situation is getting better.  The job situation is getting worse.  The job situation is staying about the same.  It is hard to know what to believe anymore or at least it was until I heard a brand new idea for Medicaid reform.  Check this out.  Make all the people receiving Medicaid work for their benefits.

You have to love these neo-cons and their inter-dimensional logic. They purport to be the anti-thesis to the social communists, but are quick to advocate work for welfare.  Is this not communism?  Not to mention the fact that while they are admitting that there are no jobs they seem to be purporting that there is plenty of work if the compensation is Medicaid.
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