The three ring circus in Washington DC continues to put on the greatest show on earth.  We have been told everything from “Nothing will happen on the second of August if the debt ceiling isn’t raised” to “It will not only be the end of the world but” according to Nancy Pelosi, “the universe will be destroyed.”

The only one speaking with an ounce of credibility is Ron Paul.  He is saying we are bankrupt and have in reality been for a long time and that basically we are all pretty much screwed.
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Since its inception From the Trenches World Report has attempted to nullify the lies in the mainstream propaganda simply by telling the truth.  When the mainstream put forth the assertion that the unemployment extension passed back in December was going to the 99ers, we printed the truth, which was that the 99ers were not included.

Also back in January when the new system for calculating the unemployed was being implemented and its true intent was being buried by the mainstream, we told the truth, which is that the new formula for calculation automatically took those losing their unemployment benefits and categorized them as no longer a part of the labor market.
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Great news on the unemployment front, things have definitely turned around, only 398,000 new jobless claims this week.  Happy days are here again!  Roll out the barrel, we’re in the money!  BULL SHIT!!!!!!  There are 8 million people receiving unemployment benefits and you wouldn’t even know they existed if the elitists had their way.  These 8 million are the people who make up the phony 9.2% unemployment number (the real number is 30%).  In only counting those 8 million we would need 382,000 new jobs per month for the next two years to bring the unemployment number down to 3.5%.

As for this “low” number of 398,000 new jobless claims this week; have you ever cashed a check at your local store when you didn’t have the money in the bank, knowing that monies would be deposited in your account before that check went through?  Well this is kind of the same thing, only in reverse.
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The more I hear the media campaign commercial to raise the debt ceiling, the more confused I become.  I heard it said that if we do not raise the debt ceiling our debt will become worth less.  I know the CEOs on Wall Street make their outrageous salaries doing nothing more than buying and selling debt.

Now if our debt becomes worth less, shouldn’t that be a good thing?  Or is debt the only thing in this world that is worth less when there is more of it?  It can’t be supply and demand because to say there is a shortage of debt would be ludicrous.
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The intensity of the propaganda push to raise the debt ceiling has become oppressive.  Both the phony left and the phony right are now being revealed for exactly what we have said they are from the get go, and that is the phony one party system of, by, and for the corporations.

Barry the Rat came before the microphone on Monday and put forth the assertion that we the people just do not understand the complicated issue of the debt ceiling.  I think the problem is that we the people now understand exactly what has been and is going on in our secret government.
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Well this summer is flying by, we are now in the last week of July and can safely say that in the 218 days since the 112th Congress convened, not one goddamn job has been created.  And we are now looking at a 13th week of 400,000+ newly unemployed.  And of course since Google removed From the Trenches from its news index the mainstream propagandists are not even saying the word “job” anymore.

Some of you have suggested that we contact the larger patriot sites and let them know of our plight, and if the patriot movement and the sites involved therein were consolidated toward the single cause of the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution, said contact would seem the logical thing to do.  There is just one little problem.  It is called money.
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Kurt Nimmo

Last week, Carmen Álvarez Excelsior wrote a report for claiming the notorious drug gang Los Zetas will attempt to overthrow the Mexican government next year using weapons sent by the United States.

Excelsior said the brutal gang uses an airport in Fort Worth, Texas, to fly the weapons into Mexico. Rejón Aguilar, one of the original seven members of Los Zetas who was recently captured by police, told Mexican officials the gang bought guns directly from the U.S. government under its Operation Fast and Furious.
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The Arizona’s Build the Border Fence project raised $80,000 in its first two days.  I cannot say what it has done since then as it would seem the issue has been taken out of the news index from the mainstream to the internet.  The last article I wrote on this subject was not indexed in the news by Google.  I think we are seeing a C-change in the information world wherein the truth is now considered non-news.  Of course it is not news to us that the news being indexed is more lies than not.
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New reports coming out of Libya depict a NATO move towards genocide.  Libya is in a desert and the US led NATO is now bombing not only water facilities, but factories that produce water pipes needed to replace those destroyed by the bombs.  4.5 million Libyans are facing the prospect of having no drinking water.  And remember these bombings are supposedly being conducted as a form of humanitarian aid designed to save the lives of innocents.
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