Well it would seem the Bilderbergers have handed down their orders.  This is when we see the phony left and the phony right coming together in cause.  Both have, through their propaganda machine, done everything in their power in trying to build the illusion that Ron Paul just cannot get elected.  Now they are working frantically to put the final pieces in place for the 2012 Rick Perry versus Barack Obama election.

There is just one problem.  No one is buying into it, not even to the smallest degree.  Both the phony left CNN and the phony right FOX are broadcasting the phony results of the phony GOP Gallup Poll ad nauseum.
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Well the true intent of the propaganda blitz behind Big Rain Storm Irene is becoming increasingly clear.  This is nothing short of a full blown ad campaign for the federal government in general and FEMA in specific.  Though the elitists have been trying with all their might to deny it, it has become an irrefutable fact that the majority of the American people of the American race despise this overbearing, treasonous, bloated government and are solidly behind Ron Paul in his determination to cut it down to size and restore it to constitutional legitimacy.

Did you see what a fantastic job FEMA and the local, state, and federal governments did in taking care of the people of the east coast during the devastating emergency?  What a joke.  They were actually trying to compare the Big Rain Storm Irene with Hurricane Katrina.  Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 that caused 1,386 deaths and when the levies broke in New Orleans, well we all know what happened then.
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Dateline USA:  And what is the question of the day?  Do we the people have the right to defend our lives and property if those we have elected and paid to do so refuse?  It would seem like a no brainer, but apparently we have become so indoctrinated into government command and control that we no longer know where our rights lie within our own laws.

In an article I was reading by William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration, Mr. Gheen was defending himself in reference to implications contained in statements he made, which implied that we the people might have to engage in illegal activities in rising up and removing the illegal aliens from within our borders.  So what are we saying here?  That it might be illegal for us to enforce our laws?
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The big storm, what a joke, every news channel blacked out, covering nothing but a casual rain storm.  People forcibly evacuated from their homes, millions without electricity for no other reason than authorities flipped a switch and turned it off.  NORTHCOM on high alert, just in case.  This has been a huge propaganda blitz designed to project a need for this gluttonously huge government we have, using nothing more than hypotheticals.

Ron Paul is as right at rain, pun intended.  How much money was wasted in financing this exercise in futility?  The big hurricane.  The reporters had to go to the beach to procure enough wind to make their mics pop.  The reports in the streets were laughable.  I saw CNN’s Candy Crowley standing in the street with her shoes off and her pant legs rolled up to her ankles.  The water was barely covering her feet as she was reporting on the flooding.
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What exactly is democracy?  Well the last time I checked it was supposed to represent rule through the will of the majority.  The Al Qaeda, who is proclaiming victory in Libya, does not represent democracy in the smallest way.  The fact is had the United States, hence NATO, minded its own business, the Al Qaeda uprising in Libya would have been crushed within a couple of weeks, with a few hundred casualties.  But no, we chose to do it the humanitarian way with 20,000 bombing runs on Tripoli alone.  And even after we eliminated the Libyan army, air force, and navy, the Al Qaeda could not and still has not taken that country.

Does anyone still remember when we sent uniforms to the Al Qaeda so that they would look more like an army?  So what happened there?  What I see coming out of Libya looks like an accumulation of street gangsters, dressed in jeans and T shirts, wearing colorful bandanas, and packing AK-47s.
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You hear it every day from every quarter, “Deregulate and our country will prosper.”  I have mentioned before how big corporations try to categorize themselves in with small businesses and even we the people when it comes to the need for deregulation.  The fact is big corporations dictate regulations through the politicians they have bought and paid for.  Regulations in the United States, as constructed by the big corporations, are specifically designed for one purpose, and that is to create a monopoly on manufacturing.

Think about it, I have.  Being out of work for more than two years, I have been working the problem ad nauseam.  Metal fabrication and mechanics have always been a mainstay in my family.  Therefore it would seem logical that as big business, through its downsizing for profit has eliminated any hope of obtaining a living wage job, I should be able to organize my family and start producing products for sale without restriction.
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By the time this article is posted Hurricane Irene will be nearing landfall.  From what I can deduce from the mainstream propaganda this is going to be a bad storm, but I think we had better look beyond the storm.  There are over a hundred thousand National Guard Troops on standby and FEMA is set to pounce as soon as the wind quits blowing.  And don’t forget it was water, not the earthquake that shut the generators down at Fukushima.

In the aftermath of Katrina there were gun confiscations.  The weapons were taken from law abiding citizens residing on private property.  The corporate elite are desperate and unpredictable.  I think we had all better keep our eyes and ears open as this coming disaster could very well be used to put an agenda into action that could consist of rounding people up for their own good.  Maybe we will finally find out what these FEMA camps are intended for.
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