EUGENE (AP) – Exports have been one bright point for the struggling Western lumber industry as home-building remains stagnant.

Hakan Ekstrom of Seattle-based Wood Resources International tells the Register-Guard Newspaper of Eugene that lumber exports from the western U.S. to Asia were up 30 percent for the first four months of this year.

Analysts say the Western lumber industry is slowly improving after bottoming out in 2009. Sawmills in 12 Western states produced 11.1 billion board feet of lumber last year, up 7 percent from 2009.


417,000 new jobless claims and by early afternoon the issue was already shuffled to the bottom of the deck by the mainstream propagandists yesterday.  Hurricane Irene should give them cover for another week in which 400,000+ more jobs will be eliminated.  And of course they will be continuing to steal our resources hand over fist for another week.  Who would have ever thought that things could get this bad?

Ron Paul continues to be pushed out of the limelight though the American people of the American race are flocking to the cause of the Constitution in hordes.  I seen there is a new GOP Gallup Poll out that has Rick Perry soundly in the lead, with 29% of those polled favoring him.
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The mainstream propaganda has become so lacking in content that it is nauseating to watch.  You have a group of them who have implanted themselves in Rick Perry’s anus, I guess in an attempt to give him so much exposure that somebody out here might actually believe that he is in some way relevant to our current situation.  Rick Perry is an elitist neo-con.  If he ever had an original thought I promise you it was a lonely one.  He is a corporate yes-man.

Perry says if he were elected president he will do for America what he has done for Texas.  Well what exactly has he done for Texas?  He tried to orchestrate a government seizure of the roadways owned by the people there so he could hand them over to Spain, who would charge the people of Texas to drive on the roads they built.  So what do you think?  Would you like Spanish toll roads across the United States?
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Well earthquakes and hurricanes, the propagandists must have been praying to the gods of nature to give them something else to divert us with.  The Al Qaeda rebels in Libya are asking for money for food and health care and our government is chomping at the bit to jump in and give it to them.  It is never a question of money when it comes to other countries.  Since we were told the lie of a no-fly-zone by the peace reaper Soetoro, we have spent enough money there to have given the long term unemployed an extension.

So tell me 99ers, what would you rather have had, Al Qaeda taking over Libya or an unemployment extension?  Never mind, I know the answer.  The point is the American people had no say in the matter as the dictator Obama went around our representation in providing an air force for the Al Qaeda in Libya, groups of which are made up of the same Al Qaeda that participated in killing our service people in Afghanistan.  Al Qaeda has to be laughing at the people of the United States.
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There sure is a lot of talk about jobs, but then there has been a lot of talk about jobs for years now and this is the problem.  It is nothing but talk, and as our so called representatives talk, hundreds of thousands more of our jobs are being sent overseas.  Could they being trying to make us desperate for a job?  And just how desperate would be have to be to accept further sovietization of our country?

Representative John Larson (D-CT), House Democratic Caucus Chair, speaking on the Dylan Ratigan Show Monday afternoon, suggested a Super Sub-Committee to deal with the jobs problem.  Apparently the four Super Representatives who chose the members of the Super Committee would choose four more Super Representatives for the Super Sub-Committee on Jobs.
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