Deadlock.  No budget can be passed.  No extension of unemployment benefits.  No bills to reign in the ever increasing power of this insurgent government.  No bills to force the prosecution of the international terrorist banksters who have brought our country to its knees can be passed.  It seems it is just impossible to move a piece of legislation these days.  Well not all together impossible or actually even that hard, if it is a piece of legislation designed to complete the implementation of the police state in the US.

S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, was introduced November 15, 2011.  Two short weeks later the bill is before our Senate.  Section 1031 of this proposed legislation, if passed, would allow for the arrest and indefinite detention of US citizens by the US military within the borders of the US.
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The stock market’s up, record Black Friday sales, record Cyber Monday sales, oh come all yea faithful, it’s that time of year again when we start attacking the poor and unemployed for being poor and unemployed.  How many of you out there know that if we stopped sending unemployment checks unemployment would end immediately?  No, it is true.  You see if we stop sending the checks and kicked all the unemployed off of the unemployment rolls, the unemployment rate would go to zero, because the unemployment number is calculated by using the number of unemployed receiving unemployment benefits.

The neo-cons are now pushing to stop any renewal of federal unemployment benefits; hence all unemployment would stop at 27 weeks.  And then they can come on FOX News and say the economy has been renewed and of course as previously mentioned, they will have the numbers to support their claim.
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Friday night US forces engaged two Pakistani outposts on the Pakistan Afghanistan border, resulting in airstrikes on the Pakistani positions, killing 25 and wounding another 25.  Of course the Americans are saying the Pakistanis shot first while the Pakistanis are saying it was the other way around.  I think it is hard for the Americans to claim complete innocence on this one as the Pakistanis involved in the conflict were in their own country, warding off invaders from across the ocean.

It seems that as sure as the attention and focus of those trying to stop more wars in the Middle East turn to one situation, like a proposed air strike on Iran by Israel, the war mongers take to killing Pakistanis in the middle of the night.  I think the industrial war complex is determined to complete the conquest of the Middle East for the Israelis to the point that they no longer care where World War III breaks out, just so long as the deed is accomplished before the American people can put Ron Paul into office and shut them down.
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As the critical matter from the reactors of Fukushima continues to burn into the surface of the earth, contaminating ground water and sea water and moving ever closer to a hydrovolcanic explosion, the proverbial China Syndrome, the catastrophe that Fukushima represents remains virtually removed in the US mainstream media.  The fact is Fukushima is more a disaster with every passing day.

Many cancer patients within the United States are being denied medication reportedly as a result of shortage, the cause of which none seem able to explain.  Do you think it could be possible that Fukushima and the shortage of cancer medications in the US could be linked?  Do you think that if the United States had a real media that there just might be investigative reporters tracking Fukushima and its affects which are growing greater day by day?
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The New Hampshire Union Leader has put forth a decree naming Newt Gingrich as the GOP candidate for 2012, putting out the signal that the one party system controlled by the top 1% has made its decision.  It will be Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama and then a billion dollars worth of commercial ads pointing out in detail that both are low down thieving criminals.  And then it will be time for we the American people to do our part in this election, summoning up our wisdom and going forth as proud Americans to vote in the least sleazy and evil of the two.

Well you know what, you international elitist scum bags?  It is not going to happen.  Your days of controlling the 99% are over.  We will elect Dr. Ron Paul as president in 2012, either through a GOP ticket or an Independent one.  The false left-right paradigm has been exposed and you do truly look ignorant in trying to perpetuate a fraud that is now common knowledge among we the people.
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Unemployment continues to rise as consumer prices soar.  More homes are being foreclosed on.  More retirement accounts are being exhausted by those who cannot find jobs.  Corporate theft is running rampant and what is the latest line being put forth via the mainstream propaganda machine?  How about getting rid of child labor laws and reinstituting debtor prisons?

As incredible as it might seem these are the proposals being put forth, and why not?  The corporate elite are so out of touch with reality that they can only be compared with the French aristocrats prior to the implementation of guillotines in that country.
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