Well it is Florida’s turn up to bat and it would seem the mainstream propagandists will probably be taking the day off as they have already recorded their reporting of the results.  I know there are a lot of patriotic Americans of the American race in the State of Florida but to pretend that the New York Branch of the Kosher Mafia does not control Florida would be naïve.  Florida is where all the old traitors go to retire and enjoy the ill begotten wealth they have stolen from the rest of us.  And to think that the vote in Florida is not already fixed is just unrealistic.

Now before all you Floridians jump on the comments section to chastise me for dissing on your state, be advised I was born in Florida and have made a few trips back over the years.  I know what has happened to the State of Florida.  Hell, we might as well chop it off and slide it over against Cuba where it will fit in better.  That is not to say that hope is lost, I’m sure that when we take our Republic back and reinstate our Constitution we can make Florida the truly awesome state it was before the sellout and invasion.
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By pushing through new appointments to his National Labor Relations Board and his so-called Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—without any consent from the Senate—President Obama is shredding our Constitution.

Utah Senator Mike Lee, a former constitutional lawyer, has stood up against Obama and blamed the President for using “deeply flawed legal reasoning”:
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The Occupy movement has made it back into the mainstream via confrontations with the US Gestapo in Oakland.  It is good to see the protesters adapting in the face of the ever increasing violence being committed against them by the treasonous authorities attempting to enforce the dictates of the corporate elite.  Signs do indeed make formidable shields.

The protesters in Oakland actually maneuvered to lock their shields when they were fired upon by police who were shooting tear gas canisters, concussion grenades, bean bags, and rubber bullets.  The mainstream propagandists are reporting that the protesters were attempting to occupy an empty building and this is why force was used upon them.  If you examine the footage from Oakland you will see the police aggressively attacking the protesters who were merely marching down a street.
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Last week has seen a parade of fifth column dual citizen Latino-Americans that have wormed their way into positions of authority within our government in the mainstream news.  All of the candidates for president in 2012 are being questioned as to how they will further facilitate the insurgency of foreign nationals across our southern border.  Once again we are seeing blatant treason being shoved in our faces, the false contention being that Latino-Americans will decide our presidential election.

An aspect of this situation that is being completely overlooked is as follows:  There is currently a world depression, which has been brought on by international fraud being committed by international elitists.  Common people around the world are suffering as their governments tighten up on resources in order to transfer more wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich elite .
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“I think he [Obama] threw Israel under the bus with regards to defining the ’67 borders as a starting point of negotiations,”

“I think he [Obama] has time and time again shown distance from Israel, and that has created, in my view, a greater sense of aggression on the part of the Palestinians,”

“I will stand with our friend, Israel.”
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Another taxpayer backed clean energy business filed for bankruptcy Thursday.  Ener1 has filed for Chapter 11 after receiving 118 million stimulus dollars from the United States taxpayers.  So why are all these clean energy companies failing?  I’ll tell you why.  It is because they are supposed to fail.

It works like this.  New technologies for clean energy are patented in the United States.  The international corporate elite want to capitalize on the technologies.  But they do not want to enrich the people of the United States, who financed the development of the technology, in doing so.
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Except for a few clips from Thursday night’s CNN debate, Ron Paul has been effectively removed from the mainstream false reality.  Right off the bat the chant began again, “Ron Paul can’t win.”  But then what does that mean?  Is it Ron Paul can’t win because he lacks the ability and support?  Or is it Ron Paul can’t win because the elitist status quo will be destroyed if a way is not found to stop him?

In listening to the chants of the people outside the Florida debate, who were not elite and thus not allowed to go inside and be a part of the audience, I would have to defer to the latter.  Though those in the audience of the debate were pushing the notion that it must be one of the three stooges, the much larger crowd outside was chanting, “End the Fed”, “Don’t listen to the media”, and “Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul”.
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The CNN GOP debate in Florida last night was very informative indeed as Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich established beyond a shadow of a doubt that they both profited from the bailouts of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac.  The fact is both are elitists who were instrumental in, and profited from, millions of Americans losing their jobs, homes, and retirements.

Of course Rick Santorum established that his greatest want is to be as successful as Romney and Gingrich and procure his own pile of wealth in selling out our people through the presidency.
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