The hordes coming out in support of Ron Paul cannot be denied.  Considering that the caucuses and primaries are a focus on the Republican Party, I think it is plain to see that in a national election Dr. Paul enjoys a majority of the support from we the American people of the American race.

More election fraud is being revealed every day as the incidences become more blatant and criminal in their essence.  So what is the response from the Ron Paul patriotic revolutionary force?  Well, I personally have been receiving emails from other websites claiming to be pro-Paul, suggesting that we should settle for a ticket with either Rand Paul or Ron Paul as vice president.
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As the US government continues to fail, the people, by necessity, have been taking more responsibility for their lives and security.  Hence, slowly but surely, our laws from the past which allow us to protect ourselves have been returning.  The soviet socialists and neo-cons, as a part of their power grab are becoming increasingly fearful of a return of power and authority to we the people, hence the present attacks on the Stand your Ground Law, which stems from the English Common Law Castle Doctrine, upon which US law is based.

The Stand Your Ground Law has been enacted in seventeen states and other states are working on similar legislation.  It is indeed amazing how far out of hand things had to get before the people woke up to the reality of the situation.  Think about it.  We had reached the point to where a man was sued when a burglar fell through his skylight and broke his leg in an attempted robbery.
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It is being reported that durable goods sales are up 2.2% and of course the propagandists are attributing the sales to businesses buying more durable goods because we are in a recovery, don’t you know.  So what is the truth?  Well, durable goods sales are up as the durable goods being sold are guns.

We are seeing record sales in our country right now with the passage of Section 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act, the Emergency Resources Executive Order, and the no-Trespassing Legislation.  It has become apparent even to the most ignorant among us that we are seeing the implementation of a totalitarian dictatorship being established through legislative coup, to be followed by a military coup in the form of gun confiscation and mass executions.
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The Supreme Court has taken up the issue of the constitutionality, or lack thereof, of Obamacare.  Being examined at present is the individual mandate.  The question being can the government, using the Commerce Clause, order individual citizens to purchase a commercial product (medical insurance) and punish that citizen if he or she fails to do so.  Again, at issue is the government authority under the Commerce Clause.

The founders of our Constitution inserted the Commerce Clause to allow the federal government to protect our industry using tariffs on foreign goods and anti-trust laws to prevent monopolies within the United States.  I think the question that should be before the Supreme Court today is whether the implementation of CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT are an act of treason under the Commerce Clause.
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Trayvon Martin was killed on February 26th.  The initial reporting on the incident was vague, even to the point of appearing suppressed.  The question must be asked were there powers behind the scenes that groomed this killing with the intent of causing a racial strife among the people of the United States at a time that we were uniting in opposition of the totalitarian dictatorship being put in place in our country by the international elite?

Look at how the protests broke out with children, all over the country and as far away as Seattle, walking out of class as if on cue.  These actions have been organized and coordinated for maximum effect.  How long did it take the Occupy Movement to grow from sixty people in Zuccotti Park to a nationwide movement?
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Paul Ryan is front and center once again, calling for cuts in Medicare and food stamps.  Ryan said that spending on food stamps had increased by 40% in the last four years, trying to put forth the notion that those on food stamps are getting 40% more than they were four years ago.

The fact is the increase in spending is due to the increase in those who have been forced onto food stamps because the corporate elitists that own Paul Ryan exported their jobs through NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT.  The truth is the amount the individual food stamp recipient receives has been decreased by 30% in the last four years due to a 30% decline in the value of the dollar.
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We have probably all noticed that the issues of Syria, Iran, and the push for a third world war have been pulled back in the mainstream media and I believe that when the Zionists become quiet, this is when they are the most dangerous, as they have stepped back into the shadows to plot their next move.

As recently as four days ago, the Israelis were dropping bombs once again on the Gaza Strip, which is in reality the equivalent of bombing a concentration camp.  When they began their latest campaign of terror against the Palestinians back in early February, the news reports were trying to equate Palestinian rockets, with no more effect than a pipe bomb, being launched in retaliation for hell fire missiles delivered by Israeli aircraft, as an equitable act of war.
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In fighting the battle against the mainstream propaganda machine, the task can sometimes seem overwhelming because every incursion on the truth must be met head on and turned away.  In having to counter punch, it slows down the drive to stay on the offensive.  One must understand that the mainstream does not consist of individual reporters seeking to reveal facts in an effort to inform the public.  The fact is the propaganda machine is just that.

CNN, MSNBC, Headline News, FOX Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, FOX News, NBC, CBS, and ABC are all a part of the attempt to create a false reality that will allow the continuance of the status quo.  At any hour of the day you can go from one broadcast that is supposed to be far left to another broadcast that is supposed to be far right, and hear the same dialogue, almost word for word, in sync, and with the same spin towards the same conclusion.
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Considering the blatant election fraud being exhibited in the GOP Primaries and Caucuses, should not the question be raised as to why those in the Democratic Party are not jumping on the issue in an effort to discredit the Republican Party,, and their bid for the Presidency in 2012?

Has the fraud and duplicity in the US reached such heights and become so omnipresent that there could actually be deals between the Democrats and Republicans, establishing such bizarre agreements as the Republicans saying, “You keep quiet about the voter fraud we are committing in our Primaries and Caucuses, and we will keep quiet when you bring your illegal aliens in to vote in the general election”?  The idea being that so long as Ron Paul is stopped the worst eventuality for either side lies in whose corporate controllers will get to steal the most through their government contracts.  And of course if Dr. Paul is elected, God forbid, both sides might be stopped from stealing.
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Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the south side of Chicago mafia con man, has come forth to claim Trayvon Martin, the youth killed in Florida, as his son.  The Florida State Attorney General has appointed a prosecutor to investigate Trayvon Martin’s death and the federal Attorney General’s Office has also assigned personnel to make sure a lawful investigation is accomplished.  And yet the protests are growing.

So what is the new call?  Well it is for prosecution, a guilty verdict, and punishment…or else.  Anyone who cannot see what is going on here is beyond help.  Trayvon Martin’s death is being used to bury many issues in the mainstream media like the election fraud that is disenfranchising we the American people.  But just forget about that.  This election should be about racism, regardless of the fact that not one of our votes will count, no matter what the pigment of our skin.
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The socialist international insurgent Obama nominated Jim Yong Kim for President of the World Bank yesterday, and this is no surprise as Jim is a globalist who has participated in the division of the American people of the American race through the Zionist multi-culturalism.  We had better realize that there is a massive propaganda push at present in our country designed to divide us by race, religion, gender, and age.  The corporate elite have seen us unite and they know that our unity spells their doom.

As for Jim Yong Kim, he came to our country from South Korea when he was five years old.  After which he was propelled straight to the top through our education system and his socialist handlers.
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