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U.S. Troops In Neighboorhood Streets Fully Armed

Libertarian Review  The photo shown at left was taken by a subscriber in the city of Crookston, MN from the front porch of her suburban home.  No, the men pictured aren’t from the local high school’s J.R.O.T.C sqaud – they are … Continue reading

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Evil is Triumphing as Good Men do Nothing

Osama Bin Laden has found his way back into the mainstream media as today marks the one year anniversary of his latest death.  It is indeed amazing how things change from year to year to year.  In 2009, Barack Obama … Continue reading

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The Mechanics for the Destruction of the US Economy

It has been almost four years since the crash of the mortgage derivatives Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme.  Simultaneously and as a part of that crash, credit lines for small businesses were revoked, causing factory shutdowns and job losses, which caused … Continue reading

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Bait and Switch – The Recession Depression Con Game

There is a poll out that says that 83% of Americans believe we are still in a recession.  Indeed it is being reported that the latest negative economic reports show signs of what is being labeled a “New Recession”.  Haven’t … Continue reading

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From the Trenches Wants to Expand Communications

Micro-Broadcast is a significant link in our patriot communications.  With the addition of our broadcast, The Word From the Trenches, we are now reaching many more of our fellow Americans.  Micro-broadcasting networks are now an alternate information source all across … Continue reading

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GDP Down, Unemployment Headed Up, Time to Balance the Books

The US Gross Domestic Product came in at 2.2%, affirming the fact that not only are we not experiencing a recovery in the recession, but are and have been all along falling deeper into depression.  The number of workers that … Continue reading

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Just Say No to GOP and their Election Fraud

The Republican Party has released its first commercial piece for Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama for the national election in an attempt to ram this fraud down the American people’s throats while at the same time it is not being … Continue reading

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Mark Koernke Exposing NORTHCOM

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Obama Thinks Youth Equals Ignorance

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat has taken his con game to the colleges in an attempt to con our young people trying to get an education into voting him back into office.  It is obvious that … Continue reading

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Romney Accepts Fraudulent GOP Nomination Procured Through Voter Fraud

The mainstream propaganda machine is reporting that Mitt Romney accomplished a complete sweep in the primaries for New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, after which he gave a speech wherein he accepted the Republican nomination for president.  Once … Continue reading

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NY GOP Chairman Lies to Voters, Says Ron Paul is out of the Race

Digital Journal – by Victoria N. Alexander  One day before the NY GOP Presidential primary, Vincent Reda, the First Vice Chairman of the NY Republican Party, made robo calls to voters declaring that all other candidates had dropped out of the … Continue reading

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Will Obama Move for Amnesty for Illegals before 2012 Election?

It would seem that the insurgent Obama, in response to Mitt Romney’s play for the so called Hispanic vote is unleashing an emergency propaganda blitz in preparation for an amnesty push through the House and Senate.  Yesterday it was announced … Continue reading

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Benjamin Netanyahu, the Serpent Within

CNN has traveled to Jerusalem apparently to film an all-day infomercial called “Israel Good, not Bad.”  As a part of one of the interviews, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hissed through his fangs, “I’m not interested in America’s politics; I have … Continue reading

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Occupy Every Port for the 4th of July

The neo-con arm of the propaganda machine is now hyping the slogan, “If the government would just give blanket approval for any and all drilling in the United States, gas prices would fall.”  I am beginning to wonder if every … Continue reading

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Obama Promotes Genocide at Holocaust Museum

Yesterday, Barack Obama spoke at the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.  Question:  When did the US holocaust occur?  What is that you say?  You mean this museum has nothing to do with any holocaust in the US?  As I … Continue reading

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There will be More Election Fraud Tuesday

Romney has filed an extension that will allow him to forgo filing his taxes for 2011 until after the election.  Mitt Romney is still receiving revenues from Bain Capital as a part of his CEO severance package.  I guess it … Continue reading

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United Nation’s Back Door to Start War in Syria

Russia and China are conducting six days of joint naval exercises in the Yellow Sea off China’s eastern coast as the US and Philippines do the same in the South China Sea.  These exercises are being billed as a measure … Continue reading

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Will Marco Rubio Capture the Vice-Presidency for the Hispanic Invasion

Will Mitt Romney name Marco Rubio as his running mate for 2012?  This is the big question in the mainstream media as half of this nation still has yet to vote on whether Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate.  … Continue reading

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Occupy Alert: Soviet Socialists will Attempt to Hijack the Occupy Movement on May Day

On May 1st/May Day the soviet labor unions in the United States will be making a nationwide attempt to hijack our patriotic revolution.  They have been working diligently in the shadows all winter long to organize protests across the country, … Continue reading

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Sound the Alarm: The Soviets are Coming for our Guns

On October 26, 2001, as a consequence of the 9/11 false flag event perpetrated by the US CIA and Israeli Mossad, the Patriot Act is signed into law, nullifying the 4th and 5th Amendments of the people’s Bill of Rights. … Continue reading

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