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Self-Reliance Doesn’t Have to Mean Being By Your Self

Its been a long, strange trip.  We didn’t grow up on a farm.  We grew up in the city, a walk away from the grocery store, schools and friends. Our only training about self-reliance was that we were self-employed, but … Continue reading

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Political Rhetoric While the US Burns

Finally, MSNBC is launching the Democratic attack on their right wing nemesis, the Republican Party.  You see there has been very little discussion of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars in Tampa, and god damn it, the Israeli people have a … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Keep Your Power and Computers Operational When TSHTF

One of the biggest questions we get on our website,, is how to begin achieving off-grid/energy independent status.  Not everyone can afford to go out and buy a 5 kilowatt solar array and the associated batteries.  This article is … Continue reading

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Romney Party Yacht ‘Cracker Bay’ Flies Cayman Islands Flag in Tampa

Rumor Mill News  Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign on Wednesday partied with wealthy donors on a 150-foot yacht that flies the flag of the Cayman Islands, according to an ABC News report. Members of the Romney Victory Council, who … Continue reading

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Communist Rally Set for September 17th

September 17th will mark the one year anniversary for the Occupy Movement and of course the commies are coming out of the woodwork for another attempt at hijacking the movement.  We haven’t heard a lot about Occupy for quite a … Continue reading

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Why Does The U.S. Government Treat Military Veterans Like Human Garbage?

End of the American Dream  The way that the U.S. government treats military veterans is absolutely disgraceful.  Men and women that have given everything for this nation are literally being treated like human garbage by their own government. After watching how vets are treated, … Continue reading

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The Treasonous Elite Have Laid Down the Gauntlet

The corporate elite yesterday affirmed their declaration of a new form of government in the United States.  On the Republican Convention floor it was declared that the United States is no longer a constitutional Republic of, for, and by the … Continue reading

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Ron Paul’s Maine delegates erupt after getting barred from Republican convention.

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Choosing a Chief

As the nation readies to choose a leader, to choose the one “on top” of the country, forget about the choices you have been given and consider what the criteria for a leader should be. Here’s a concept to consider: … Continue reading

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The Elite Fiddle as the US Crumbles

The elite in this country have at this point completely separated themselves from the rest of us.  In times gone by, this was not the case as the elite needed to keep alive the illusion of one people as they … Continue reading

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Why Cops Fear SHTF

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What to do with a Fraudulent Ballot for a Fraudulent Election? Burn It!

The so called shenanigans/treachery at the GOP Convention in Tampa, Florida has already begun.  First the election of the GOP Presidential Candidate was moved up to Monday when Hurricane Isaac was estimated to be in full swing.  It was announced … Continue reading

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What Happens if the Status Quo Survives Tampa?

This week we will see if civil control over we the people can be maintained in the face of the blatant fraud that is to be perpetrated enforcing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as the Republican ticket upon we the … Continue reading

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The Internet – Entertainment or a Weapon

CNN did a piece yesterday entitled, “Choreography vs. Journalism, Romney, Ryan want scripted convention” and in reality this is what the good ole boy Republican private association party wants.  And the convention will have nothing more to do with reality … Continue reading

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FULL UNEDITED Ron Paul Speech @ We Are the Future Rally – Tamp Sun Dome – Aug 26 2012

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The Empire State Building Mass Shooting – Truth in Opposition of Propaganda

The reality behind what was originally reported as a mass shooting near the Empire State Building in New York City on Friday morning is being manipulated in an effort by the international soviet socialist, Michael Bloomberg, to blame the existence … Continue reading

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Monsanto – Menace to Society

Monsanto. If ever there was a corporation spawned in the deepest pits of hell, in my opinion, it would be this one. The only other company I can think of that could rival their evil would be the I.G. Farben … Continue reading

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How about a little gun control, Mayor Bloomberg?

But instead of touring the country exposing your complete lack of knowledge concerning firearms, maybe you should clean up your own house first, starting with the gang of idiots you call a police force. Every child who learns to shoot … Continue reading

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Is Everyone Ready for the GOP Convention?

Well it looks like Tropical Storm Isaac will be morphing into a hurricane and arriving in Tampa right on time for the Republican Convention.  Florida Governor Scott has announced that the National Guard is ready to step in if the … Continue reading

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Propaganda Alert: Bloomberg Called For Gun Limits Minutes Before NYC Shots

Know the enemy. Bloomberg  About 30 minutes before two people were shot dead and nine were injured near New York’s Empire State Building, the mayor of America’s largest city was on the radio talking again about guns. “It is just too … Continue reading

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