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US Supreme Court To Argue Use Of K9 Search Outside Your Home

Infowars – by Donna Anderson They’re already allowed to search your car, your crotch and your luggage. Now, man’s best friend is about to be allowed to sniff around outside your home, too. And if they smell something they don’t like, … Continue reading

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First They Came For The Anarchist…

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Americans Unite Behind Sandy

The water has settled from Hurricane Sandy, minimum $20 billion in damages, millions without electricity, massive destruction to the infrastructure in the states affected, so let the stealing begin.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, is literally licking his chubby little … Continue reading

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Who Killed Lucia and Leo Krim?

Dissident Voice – by Moti Nissani On 10/25/2012 two corporate financial media bastions,  MarketWatch  (an affiliate of the Wall Street Journal) and CNBC, presented their readers with a bombshell.  In a too-good-to-be-true lawsuit, the top echelons of the USA’s banking and civilian government … Continue reading

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Iceland’s Economy now growing faster than the U.S. and EU after arresting corrupt bankers

American Livewire So Iceland decided not to follow the rest of the world by bailing out the bankers. Instead, they chose to arrest them. Now their economy is recovering faster than the EU and the United States. Hmmmm. Remember when the … Continue reading

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Will Sandy be used to Cancel the Election?

Approximately 6 million people have been affected by the big storm known has Hurricane Sandy.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christy is saying the damage in his state is incalculable but predicts electricity will be turned back on by next week … Continue reading

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Increase in seismicity around Salton Sea region linked to rifting of California

The Extinction Protocol Earthquake swarms and a region-wide rotten egg smell recently reminded Southern California residents they live next to an active volcano field, tiny though it may be. At the time, scientists said the phenomena did not reflect changes … Continue reading

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Alert: President Obama Suspends Campaign, Travels to Cone of Hurricane

Daily Paul – by Bill 3 Today at 1:00 PM eastern time President Obama and his opponent Mitt Romney announced a joint plan to suspend their campaigns and convene an emergency meeting in the epicenter of hurricane Sandy. The purpose … Continue reading

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Crane Collapse In New York: Boom Hanging Off One57 Building Due To Winds From Hurricane Sandy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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New York City Flooding: Storm Surge At Irene Levels, Says Cuomo, Before Hurricane Sandy Has Even Hit In Earnest

Huffington Post Even before the superstorm fueled by Hurricane Sandy has hit New York City in earnest Monday, parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn have experienced flooding. At a press conference Monday morning, Governor Cuomo said the storm surge in New … Continue reading

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What in the One World is going on in Timbuktu?

The surge to acquire control over all the resources on the planet is intensifying, literally everywhere, from Alaska to Timbuktu.  The country of Mali has come onto the world stage.  It looks like there is going to be another war, … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy will Foster More Government Dependence and Power

As of the publishing of this article, Hurricane Sandy will be poised to make landfall.  It is interesting how a Category 1 hurricane could be of such a concern.  Category 1 hurricanes have hit the East Coast many times in … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Replaces Top Generals Following Benghazi Disaster

The Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft The latest rumor making the rounds is that Barack Obama replaced General Carter Ham at AFRICOM after the general made a move to help the US security officials at the Benghazi consulate and … Continue reading

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Alex Jones is a Big Fish

The propagandists are putting forth some of the most unbelievable assertions to date.  Our economy has stabilized.  2% growth in GDP.  7.8% unemployment rate.  Existing home sales up.  Millions of jobs created.  Some are saying these assertions are just election … Continue reading

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Class Action Lawsuit against the Federal Reserve Bank

Zero Hedge – by Paul Leo Faso 1. File on behalf of the American People, a class action lawsuit against the private Federal Reserve Bank and its’ shareholders for a total of $300 Trillion dollars for criminal acts of Fraud, … Continue reading

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CNBC article on 43 Trillion Lawsuit has been taken down just as I thought it would be. Link goes to an empty page now. CNBC Sr. V.P. digital executive two kids killed hours after being put on net

Yesterday – CNBC page linked below

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Obama versus Romney – The Perfect Storm

Ten days until the election as Hurricane Sandy bears down on the United States on a collision course with a nor’easter  creating the proverbial Perfect Storm.  It is being reported that HAARP readings are off the map and that Washington DC … Continue reading

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Highest HAARP Readings Ever 10+ In The Northeast

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Why is Henry no Longer at Republic Broadcasting Network?

Considering the situation we are all in, many of you are asking why things seem to be so screwed up in the patriot movement.  Henry stepped up and said, “People, we are the American nationals of the American race.  This … Continue reading

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“Frankenstorm” Sandy: Man Made Monster Or An Act Of God?

Before It’s News- by Live Free or Die Is Hurricane Sandy being steered to the East coast of the United States using the weather modification technique known as HAARP? The government has dubbed this storm ‘Frankenstorm’. Sure connotates a ‘man … Continue reading

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