There were 359,000 new claims for unemployment last week and the propagandists jumped on this number like flies on a rump roast.  We have seen a sneaky propaganda campaign being put together to support the fantastic assertion that somehow in the past few weeks our economy has begun to stabilize.  You see, as I have mentioned before, our enemies are attempting to lie the unemployment rate down under 8% before the election on November 6th and at this point in the ball game the lie needs to be intensified.

That being said, the propagandists must conjure up some supporting lies as a foundation for the main lie.  I mean how can the jobs number be getting better when every other facet of the economy is failing?
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As a result of the failed attempt by so called black leaders to direct black Americans to join with the Zionists against their fellow American nationals, another attempt is now being made to preserve what little is left of the racial divide in the United States.  The communist insurgents within are now once again bringing Affirmative Action back to the table.  This is a futile attempt and will accomplish nothing as we Americans of every race have come to the realization that the agenda for the international soviet insurgency is to bring every American national into a state of slavery, regardless of the color of our skin.

When an entire population is enslaved, any pretense of social order among the enslaved in reference to skin color is dispelled.  Maybe this is the equality the corporate elite have been talking about all along in that we will all be equally reduced to bonded servitude, regardless of race, creed, or color.
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Press TV  – Dr. Webster Tarpley  According to most public opinion polls, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is slowly increasing his advantage over Republican challenger Romney, both in the national popular vote as well as in the contests for the swing states which will provide the key to the Electoral College and to final victory on November 6. According to many of these polls, Obama is gaining because he is seen by the American public as more likely to maintain what remains of the US social safety net, as compared to the reactionary Republicans Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan, who have both made clear that social programs will be subjected to deep austerity cuts.
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