ZeekrewardsHuffington Post – by MITCH WEISS

LEXINGTON, N.C. (AP) — In the hardware store on South Main Street, the owner pulled Caron Myers aside to tell her about the best thing to happen in years to this once-thriving furniture and textile town.

Did she hear about the online company ZeekRewards? For a small investment, she could make a fortune. He had invested. So had his grandsons. And so were more and more people in Lexington, including doctors, lawyers and accountants.   Continue reading “ZeekRewards Ponzi Scheme Originated In Small North Carolina Town”

American’s Republic Party

a. Bank did not set off the account. Debt has already been taken care of.

b. violation of Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

c. an adverse claim found at UCC 8-105(b).

d. violation of 31 CFR 103.35 – FINANCIAL RECORDKEEPING AND REPORTING.   Continue reading “Damages unto you by the Bank (Debt Collector) in a Foreclosure”

A man removes belongings from a home where an underground crude oil pipeline ruptured in a subdivision in Mayflower,Arkansas March 30, 2013. REUTERS-Rick McFarland-Arkansas Democrat-Gazette-HandoutReuters – by Kristen Hays and Matthew Robinson

(Reuters) – Exxon Mobil on Sunday continued cleanup of a pipeline spill that spewed thousands of barrels of heavy Canadian crude in Arkansas as opponents of oil sands development latched on to the incident to attack plans to build the Keystone XL line.

Exxon spokesman Alan Jeffers said on Sunday that crews had yet to excavate the area around the pipeline breach, a needed step before the company can estimate how long repairs will take and when the line might restart.   Continue reading “Exxon cleans up Arkansas oil spill; Keystone plan assailed”

judge-roy-mooreFreedom Outpost – by Tim Brown

While many believe the “birthers” are “right wing extremists,” there is much evidence that demonstrates that Barack Hussein Obama is not only ineligible for office, but that he is knowingly a usurper to the highest office in the land. The Obama eligibility case is likely to be heard in a court room by a judge who questions Obama’s eligibility. Judge Roy Moore was elected chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court last November, a decade after he defied a federal order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state Supreme Court building. Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and now the head of Freedom Watch, is appealing to Moore’s court after the Montgomery Circuit Court dismissed the Obama eligibility case.   Continue reading “Obama Eligibility Appealed In Judge Roy Moore’s Court”

obama-socialist-changeFreedom Outpost – by Leon Puissegur

How can we even consider making a huge statement such as the title suggests in the most politically correct time in the history of what may be the last of the free United States? Actually it becomes a very simple task when anyone without a journalism background can find this truth just by doing a little digging into the Internet.

In today’s world we can become journalist by just doing some very basic research. Now if we can come up with what we are about to show, why is it that none of those so-called reporters out in the mostly lame stream media cannot find even more damaging documents and words?   Continue reading “Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Marxists – All the Same”

The New Yorker – by ANDY BOROWITZ

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Justice Antonin Scalia dropped a bombshell on the Supreme Court today, announcing his decision to resign from the Court “effective immediately” and leave the United States forever.

Calling this week “by far the worst week of my life,” Justice Scalia lashed out at his fellow-Justices and the nation, saying, “I don’t want to live in a sick, sick country that thinks the way this country apparently thinks.”   Continue reading “Bitter Scalia Leaves U.S.”

Servant of the Light – by Don Harkins (The Idaho Observer) 

Today, Donald Rumsfeld is known throughout the world as the zealous [ex-]U.S. Secretary of Defense who was waging a global “war on terror” in search of “terrorists” and …”weapons of mass destruction.” Most people, however, are not aware that Rumsfeld himself unleashed a chemical weapon of mass destruction upon the world in 1981-and it,s still out there destroying people all over the world. That “WMD” is aspartame and it has been scientifically and anecdotally linked to millions of chronic illnesses and deaths.    Continue reading “Aspartame is Rumsfeld’s Disease: A Politically-Induced Biochemical Disaster Of Global Proportions.”

Common Dreams – by Glenn Greenwald

The use of drones by domestic US law enforcement agencies is growing rapidly, both in terms of numbers and types of usage. As a result, civil liberties and privacy groups led by the ACLU – while accepting that domestic drones are inevitable – have been devoting increasing efforts to publicizing their unique dangers and agitating for statutory limits. These efforts are being impeded by those who mock the idea that domestic drones pose unique dangers (often the same people who mock concern over their usage on foreign soil). This dismissive posture is grounded not only in soft authoritarianism (a religious-type faith in the Goodness of US political leaders and state power generally) but also ignorance over current drone capabilities, the ways drones are now being developed and marketed for domestic use, and the activities of the increasingly powerful domestic drone lobby. So it’s quite worthwhile to lay out the key under-discussed facts shaping this issue.   Continue reading “Domestic Drones and Their Unique Dangers”

Dinarvets – by Don Paul


According to in-house memos now circulating, the DHS has issued orders to banks across America which announce to them that “under the Patriot Act” the DHS has the absolute right to seize, without any warrant whatsoever, any and all customer bank accounts, to make “periodic and unannounced” visits to any bank to open and inspect the contents of “selected safe deposit boxes.”   Continue reading “Do not use Safety Deposit Boxes”

France 24

‘How to catch an illegal immigrant’: the politically-loaded slogan restaurant owners in South Carolina chose to print on staff t-shirts. The slogan is accompanied by a drawing of two tacos under a box, depicting a mouse trap.

Accused of racism, the owners of Taco Cid have hit back saying the t-shirts are a humorous and reasonable political statement not designed to single out a particular ethnic group. They say the t-shirts target all illegal immigrants, who they accuse of draining the US welfare system.   Continue reading “US restaurant under fire over ‘racist’ staff t-shirts”

Is Government Readying For A Shooting War Against Gun Owners?Personal Liberty – by Bob Livingston

Gun grabbing lawmakers at both the State and Federal level continue to push forward with their anti-American, anti-2nd Amendment, anti-gun agendas, even as more individuals, State legislatures and manufacturers of weapons, weapons accessories and ammunition push back. It almost seems as if the elected class is itching for a fight.

And when one considers that the Department of Homeland Security has contracted for 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition — much of it hollow points or for use in sniper rifles — for its 55,000 armed agents, plus 2,717 armored personnel carriers and 7,000 select fire “personal defense weapons,” it seems even more apparent that’s the goal. For perspective, 1.6 billion rounds is enough to fight the Iraq war for 20 years. It’s enough to shoot every American five times. It’s 28,000 tons, or the equivalent of three guided missile destroyers. It’s almost 30,000 target practice rounds per armed agent — but of course, because they are more expensive, hollow points are not used for target practice.   Continue reading “Is Government Readying For A Shooting War Against Gun Owners?”

canadian dollar 400Zero Hedge – by Reggie Middleton

Continuing my series of banks ready to “Cyprus” their depositors, I offer this reader contribution from Don from Canada 2013-03-29 23:11:

As part of the 2013 budget in Canada, the Minister of Finance tabled the Economic Action Plan 2013 which included the newest buzzword ‘bail-in’.   Continue reading “The Canadian Government Offers “Bail-In” Regime, Prepares For The Confiscation Of Bank Deposits To Bail Out Banks”


Masked thugs abducted a man and woman at gunpoint off the street in a leafy section of Washington Heights — pulling the pair into a van and speeding off with barely a trace.

The victims were last seen on a surveillance video walking together on a sidewalk on Haven Avenue near West 173rd Street at 7 p.m. Friday — right outside a building that houses Columbia University dental students.    Continue reading “Couple abducted at gunpoint in Washington Heights; witness hears screams & they vanish”

Mike McLelland, district attorney of Kaufman County, Texas, and his wife were found dead in their home.CNN – by Holly Yan and AnneClaire Stapleton

Two months ago, a Texas district attorney vowed to put away the “scum” who had killed one of his top deputies.

Now, the district attorney and his wife are dead. And authorities aren’t sure whether their killings are part of a broader scheme targeting criminal justice officials.   Continue reading “Texas DA, wife killed — 2 months after his deputy is gunned down”

A box of ammunition casings is positioned above the brass deformer at Fort McCoy.Examiner – by David Codrea

Shortages resulting from an unprecedented demand for ammunition by federal agencies and the civilian market are causing some police departments to look at cutting back training, KCENTV reported Thursday.

“Depending on what happens with the supply shortage, we may have to start cutting back somewhere,” Sgt. Patrick Swanton of the Waco Police department told reporter Amanda Kenney.   Continue reading “Military installations sidestep questions on brass destruction”

Gains, Pains, & Capital

The news coming out of Cyprus only gets worse.

It was bad enough that the political class even promoted the idea of STEALING depositors’ savings. But now we’re finding out that they lied time and again about how much they’d take.

Initially the plan in Cyprus was the following:   Continue reading “An 80% Wealth Confiscation Scheme?”

12098997SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

When SunTrust Bank bank foreclosed on the Laney Supermarket grocery store, managers were left with thousands of pounds of food and nowhere to put it. So, they decided to move non-perishable items to the parking lot for those who might need it. As news of the give-away spread throughout the neighborhood, a crowd numbering in the hundreds quickly swooped in.   Continue reading “An American Recovery: Police Restrain Hundreds of People Begging For Food As Officials Opt To Throw It In the Trash Rather Than Help”