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DOJ Wants To Be Able To Fine Tech Companies Who Don’t Let It Wiretap Your Communications

Tech Dirt – by Mike Masnick We’ve talked a lot about how the Justice Department (DOJ), mainly via the FBI, has been pushing for years to change the laws in order to require tech companies to build wiretapping backdoors into any and every … Continue reading

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‘Plastic Bags, Tape, Broomsticks Fix San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Leak’

Blacklisted News – by 10 News NBC An inside source gave Team 10 a picture snapped inside the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) showing plastic bags, masking tape and broom sticks used to stem a massive leaky pipe. San … Continue reading

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Heresy: An Introduction to Combat Riflecraft

Mountain Guerrilla – by John Mosby (The following article is the first in a series that will discuss the Combat Rifle POI as I teach it.) –J.M.) “Shattering illusions, and crushing misconceptions…It’s just what I do.” –Me, to my mother-in-law recently. … Continue reading

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America Is The Land of Opportunity For ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! Gov’t Gives Free Phones, Free Health Care, Full Voting Rights, ‘IMMEDIATE’ ACCESS TO WELFARE For ILLEGAL ALIENS And $3,000 Hiring Edge Over Americans!!!

Investment Watchblog Immigration bill contains free cell phones… Bans racial profiling The 844-page immigration reform bill the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” dropped in the dead of night contains a lucrative handout that would give taxpayer-funded free cell phones to some … Continue reading

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Sheriff’s Department Takes Family’s Home and It’s Contents Using a Fake Eviction

Cop Block – by Theodore Visner Isabella County Michigan My wife and I (Theodore Visner and Kathy Smith) bought a home from Shelly Sweet on land contract, a sheriff department employee, that changed her mind after we had been in the … Continue reading

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Man arrested in rape of girl begs for DNA test, which later proves he’s innocent. Sheriff said he would not give test because it was a ‘waste of taxpayer dollars.’

Refreshing News A Sapulpa man who was held in jail for 84 days before DNA evidence cleared him in the brutal rape of his then-girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter plans to sue the Creek County Sheriff’s Office for wrongful arrest. Tommy Braden’s … Continue reading

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Pilot had passenger detained for not flushing toilet – by Sam Wood A passenger who flew from Philadelphia to San Francisco was detained on arrival by federal agents after a vindictive flight attendant claimed he had not flushed a lavatory toilet, according to a federal suit. The suit, … Continue reading

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5 Weapons of Mass Destruction the U.S. Military Uses Every Day

Forbes – by Michael Peck When most of us think of weapons of mass destruction, we think of nuclear bombs, or nerve gas, or biological agents. So it wassurprising to see accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev charged with using a … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Make Sure Your Activist Group Isn’t Set Up by the Feds

Truth Alliance – by Jason Charles The FBI and federal government have been caught red handed setting up groups, staging terrorists attacks,staging drills, creating patsies, and infiltrating activist groups. Here are 10 good tips to avoid the embarrassment of your group ending up in the … Continue reading

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Report: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s repeated requests for a lawyer were ignored

The Guardian – by Glenn Greenwald There is zero legal or ethical justification for denying a suspect in custody this fundamental right. The initial debate over the treatment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev focused on whether he should be advised of his Miranda rights or … Continue reading

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Dramatic Footage: Boeing 747 Crashes At Bagram Airfield

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Men vs Mice

Tomato Bubble MASSACHUSETTS: APRIL 19. 1775: “THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD” The Massachusetts Militia is storing weapons in the town of Concord, MA. About 700 British troops are sent to destroy the military supplies. Patriot leaders have learned of the … Continue reading

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Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston

Lew Rockwell – by Ron Paul Forced lockdown of a city. Militarized police riding tanks in the streets. Door-to-door armed searches without warrant. Families thrown out of their homes at gunpoint to be searched without probable cause. Businesses forced to close. Transport … Continue reading

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Parliament in Cyprus passes international bailout deal

BBC Parliament in Cyprus has approved the country’s international bailout after warnings that the alternative would be financial collapse. MPs voted through the loan package by 29 votes to 27. The tiny eurozone state secured a loan package worth 10bn … Continue reading

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Jersey City police brass identify a pro-militia clique in the department and say they’ve been stopped by Michaelangelo Conte A clique of officers who calls themselves “Three-Percenters” in the Jersey City Police Department’s Emergency Services Unit sprouted about two years ago, officials have told The Jersey Journal. “They were separating themselves from the others in the … Continue reading

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We are One False Flag Away from Gun Confiscation

The communists are making it quite clear that they have no intention of diverting from their drive to disarm the American people.  The background check  legislation that was recently defeated in the Senate is still very much alive and needs … Continue reading

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Review: The Prepper’s Cookbook

The Organic Prepper How many times have you heard that prepper’s advice? It’s repeated all the time because it is excellent, practical advice.  Sometimes it’s easier said than done, however.  While many of us store dehydrated foods, for example, do … Continue reading

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The Boston Marathon bombing: Failure of the police state

The Examiner – by Gregory Patin “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759 Since 9/11, Americans have willingly sacrificed constitutional rights, personal … Continue reading

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The Pro-Gun Billboard in Colo. That Has Some Residents Upset

Yahoo News – by Jonathon M. Seidl | The Blaze GREELEY, Colo. (TheBlaze/AP) — Two billboards in which images of Native Americans are used to make a gun rights argument are causing a stir with some residents who say the image is offensive and insensitive. The billboards in this northern … Continue reading

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Retailers to Regret Internet Sales Tax: Marc Andreessen

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