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Live Stream Tornado Hitting Oklahoma City and MIdwest

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Bloomberg huffs, puffs at plan to legalize pot: ‘Greatest hoaxes of all time’

New York Post – by DAVID SEIFMAN Mayor Bloomberg got huffy and puffy today discussing medical marijuana, describing efforts to legalize it as one of the greatest scams in history. “Medical, my foot,” the mayor said, clearly not referring to … Continue reading

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Fewer Rain Forests Mean Less Energy for Developing Nations, Study Finds

New York Times – by FELICITY BARRINGER The loss of tropical rain forests is likely to reduce the energy output of hydroelectric projects in countries like Brazil that are investing billions of dollars to create power to support economic growth. That … Continue reading

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5-Year-Old Wets His Pants After 2-Hour-Long Interrogation Over Toy Gun

The D.C. Clothesline – by Dean Garrison Another story from the files of the outright insane… Did you own a toy cap gun as a child? I did. Did you play “cops and robbers” when you were young? I did. What … Continue reading

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AZ:”Assault Rifles” of the May 2013 Turn in Events in Phoenix

Gun Watch – by Weingarten One Colt Sporter like this one was turned in; another AR15 type rifle went to a private buyer At the turn in events this May in Phoenix, a premium was offered for the turn in … Continue reading

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Starbucks Bans Smoking – No More Coffee and a Cigarette with your Morning Paper

The Guardian Express – by Ryan Ross Starting Saturday, Starbucks Corporation will enforce a no smoking policy that will force smokers to move 25 feet away from the building premises. Previously being an employee of Starbucks, I am very interested to … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Atlantic Forest Deforestation Is Causing Rapid Seed Evolution, Study Shows

Live Science – by Stephanie Pappas The deforestation of the Brazilian rain forest has created a hidden consequence: The seeds of palm trees have evolved rapidly to be smaller. The change is the result of a domino effect that begins with … Continue reading

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Syria Receives First Missile Shipment From Russia

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die Despite Israel’s recent warning to Syria and Russia that any future missile shipments to Syria from Russia will be perceived as a threat and struck, Syria has taken possession of its’ first shipment … Continue reading

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Effort to Oust Sheriff Joe Fails

WND The effort to recall “America’s toughest sheriff,” Maricopa County, Arizona’s Joe Arpaio, fell short of the 355,000 voter signatures needed by yesterday afternoon. Arpaio reacted to the outcome in a statement.  

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Obama’s DOJ: Using Husband & Wife Now Considered Hate Speech

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die What in the world has happened to America? In Barack Obama’s ‘new America’, according to this video and story from Infowars, the usage of the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ is now … Continue reading

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Judge orders Google to comply with FBI national security investigation

Daily Caller – Josh Peterson A federal judge in California ordered Google to comply with an FBI national security investigation after the search giant launched a protest against the bureau’s request. U.S. District Judge Susan Illston rejected Google’s petition to modify or … Continue reading

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IRS Ignores Senate Deadline to Answer Questions about Scandal

Breitbart – by Joel B. Pollak The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) declined Friday afternoon to meet a Senate Finance Committee deadline for answering detailed questions about the origins of the IRS scandal. The questions had been submitted jointly nearly two weeks ago by … Continue reading

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NWS to Issue Particularly-Dangerous-Situation (PDS) Warnings over 3 areas shortly. OK City Under High Risk!!

Investment Watchblog Just coming in – will post updates. PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) tornado watch will be issued soon The NWS Norman has issued a public information statement. Probably the strongest wording I’ve ever seen  

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Obama to Sign U.N. Firearms Treaty Rejected by Senate

Infowars – by Kit Daniels President Barack Obama will soon sign an international arms trade treaty previously rejected by the United States Senate. The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) establishes regulations for international arms sales. Categories of firearms listed in the … Continue reading

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Customs and Border Agents Corner & Draw Gun on Washington Resident Open Carrying

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Canadian relief for Moore tornado victims denied at border

CBC A Canadian shipment of relief goods bound for storm-ravaged Oklahoma has been stopped at the Canada-U.S. border in Windsor, Ont. American officials will not allow the 20,000 kilograms of food, blankets and diapers into the country until every item … Continue reading

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California lawmakers OK a dozen gun-control measures

LA Times – by Patrick McGreevy and Chris Megerian SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers Wednesday advanced a dozen gun-control measures, including background checks for ammunition buyers, and gave early approval to a tax penalty on the Boy Scouts for barring openly gay … Continue reading

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America’s Tax Money Funding Monsanto To Promote GMO’s!

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The IRS: Destroying Liberty Since before You Were Born

American Thinker – by Todd Keister In the fallout from the recent revelations about the Internal Revenue Service systematically persecuting conservative political groups and other enemies of President Obama, the establishment is putting on a good show of being shocked by … Continue reading

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GMO wheat in Kraft Mac & Cheese

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