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Kids say Michelle’s school lunch tastes like vomit

Fellowship of the Minds – by Eowyn This is a screenshot I took of the snot (red arrow) dribbling from M.O.’s left nostril at the 14:20 mark of a White House video of her speech at the National Governors Association … Continue reading

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‘What Is Government?’: 4th Grade Students Taught It’s Your ‘Family’

Pat Dollard Excerpted from THE BLAZE: Fourth-grade students in Illinois are learning that “government is like a nation’s family” because it sets rules and takes care of needs such as health care and education. So says a worksheet for social studies homework … Continue reading

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Even in 1898 – Explosion of the Maine

Document A: New York Journal (ORIGINAL) DESTRUCTION OF THE WAR SHIP MAINE WAS THE WORK OF AN ENEMY Assistant Secretary Roosevelt Convinced the Explosion of the War Ship Was Not an Accident. The Journal Offers $50,000 Reward for the Conviction of the … Continue reading

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Hilarious: White House Dared People To Photoshop Obama’s Gun Picture… And Did They Ever…

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Unbelievable–Farting In Public–Hilarious!

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Men Behind ‘Open Carry’ Demonstration in Texas Charged with Crimes Even Though What They Did Wasn’t Illegal – Here’s How Police Are Justifying It

The Blaze – by Jason Howerton The three men behind an “open carry” demonstration conducted outside of a San Antonio Starbucks are each facing charges of “disorderly conduct” because some observers reportedly complained about the stunt. The group posted video of the entire … Continue reading

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Syria Attack: ‘If It Comes, It Comes Tonight’

WND – by STEWART STOGEL UNITED NATIONS – Former U.S./U.N. Ambassador and State Department negotiator John Bolton tells WND he expects the White House to launch its attack on Syria this weekend. Bolton went on to suggest that such an attack … Continue reading

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C.R.A.B. Robot (London Riot Police – Prototype Sentry Mech)

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NROL652 Spy Satellite Spotted August 29 2013

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Reports: Saudi Prince using U.S. to topple Assad to consolidate own power

Ben Swann – by Joshua Cook According to reports in Mint Press News made by veteran Associated Press reporter Dale Gavlak, the chemical attack came from Syrian rebel arms by Prince Bandar, not the Assad regime. Gavlak writes, “The U.S., Britain, … Continue reading

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I Knew Him Once: “Seeing all that’s happening in Syria, it doesn’t equate to the Bashar al-Assad I knew”

The Daily Sheeple – by Chris Carrington I have been able to speak to a co-worker of Bashar al-Assad. Assad is a doctor by trade and spent time working in London. A nurse who worked with him routinely has agreed to … Continue reading

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For UN inspectors in Syria, samples hold answers

MSN News – by Anthony Deutsch of Reuters U.N. inspectors in Syria looking for evidence of chemical weapons attacks on civilians will carefully guard the samples they’ve gathered. AMSTERDAM — With the world watching and a U.S.-led strike on hold, U.N. inspectors investigating … Continue reading

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High Probability Of A Major Attack On The Financial System — Episode 150

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The LOOTING of Syria – ORGAN Trafficking, WOMEN for SEX trade, OIL theft & MORE

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Obama in trouble!

Arab World 360 Obama’s first electoral campaign was “Change”. The democratic candidate has come after George W. Bush who led two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush’s era costed the American people a lot. Not only Soldiers were returned home … Continue reading

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Obama Saying the U.S WILL STRIKE Syria because it is a National Security Issue, but will get Congressional Approval – Assad committed the Chemical Attack

Sherrie Questioning All Obama is saying the U.S. will strike Syria.   But he did just say he will go ahead and get Congressional Approval for the war.  He proclaimed he didn’t need Congress’s approval but will go ahead and … Continue reading

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Mantis – Two Tonne Turbo Diesel Hexapod Walking Machine

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Obama Reveals His Dictatorship – The Isolation of America

Paul Craig Roberts Washington preens itself on being “the world’s greatest democracy.” Washington uses the claim that it is spreading democracy as a justification for its naked aggression–a clear and unambiguous war crime–against other countries. Washington cloaks its illegality in … Continue reading

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Obama to seek Congress vote on Syria military action

BBC President Barack Obama says the US should take military action against Syria and he will seek congressional authorisation for intervention. The US says the Syrian government carried out chemical weapons attacks on 21 August in which 1,429 people died. … Continue reading

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Doubts regarding who used chemical weapons in Syria

Examiner – by Gregory Patin Yesterday, the White House released an intelligence report assessing “with high confidence” that chemical weapons were used in Syria on civilians by the Syrian government. There are serious doubts both within U.S. intelligence agencies and the international community as the whether … Continue reading

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