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Warlords Make Peace in Axe’s Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

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Hot Flashes Often Last 10 Years After Menopause: Study

New Max Health Many women continue to have hot flashes for years after menopause, a new study finds. Researchers looked at 255 older women and found that 80 percent of them had moderate-to-severe hot flashes during menopause, 17 percent had … Continue reading

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Salt Restriction Increases Mortality Risk

News Max Health – by Dr. Brownstein There are studies that dispute the “salt equals hypertension” theory. Fifty-seven trials reviewed over a 25-year period (1966-2001) showed that in individuals with normal blood pressure, a low-sodium diet resulted in an average decline … Continue reading

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Sellafield nuclear plant staff told to stay home after ‘elevated levels of radioactivity’ detected

The Telegraph – by Alice Philipson The Sellafield nuclear plant has been evacuated after “elevated levels of radioactivity” were detected. More than 10,000 non-essential staff have been told to stay at home following problems at the site in Cumbria, which is … Continue reading

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American Anthrax

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Geoengineering Whistleblower ~ Ex-Military ~ Kristen Meghan, Hauppauge, NY, January 18th, 2014

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“Cooperate” With the Police — Or Be Assaulted in Front of Your Children

Pro Liberate “See – this is what happens when you don’t cooperate with the police!” snarled Neil Uhrig as he pinned Melissa Miller to the floor of her home. It’s not clear whether  Officer Uhrig was expressing satisfaction at the expense … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi Tells Jon Stewart the ObamaCare Debacle is “Not My Responsibility”

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Obama and the State of the Onion Address

Jon Rappoport Apparently, the President had ingested some kind of weird drug, because when he stepped to the podium he didn’t look at the teleprompter. He just started talking. “…like every other recent President, when I take to this platform … Continue reading

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Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced in Missouri

The Daily Chronic – by Thomas H. Clarke JEFFERSON CITY, MO — On Wednesday, Rep. Chris Kelly (D-Columbia) introduced House Bill 1659, which would allow adults to possess and grow small amounts of marijuana and set up a taxed and regulated marijuana commerce. … Continue reading

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For Hospital Patients, Observation Status Can Prove Costly

NPR – by Ina Jaffe If you’re on Medicare and you’re in the hospital for a few days, you may think you’re an inpatient. The hospital may have other ideas. Increasingly, hospitals are placing older patients on “observation status.” They … Continue reading

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Why is the Fed tapering?

  Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler On January 17, 2014, we explained “The Hows and Whys of Gold Price Manipulation.”  In former times, the rise in the gold price was held down by central banks selling gold or leasing … Continue reading

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Cops get all Big Brother on one town’s Broncos fans

The Daily Caller – by Greg Caller Police in Fort Collins, Colo., are asking Super Bowl partiers to let them know how many people you’re expecting for the big game, what time the festivities will get under way and — … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Alert, Letters Containing White Powder Delivered To Hotels Hosting The Super Bowl

Before It’s News – by Josey Wales Reported moments ago by the New Jersey Journal, a white substance found in envelopes mailed to hotels near Met Life stadium. Update: It was first reported that three hotels were targeted, now the hotel count … Continue reading

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Anger Rising: Obama’s an ‘Enemy Combatant’

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Suspect in Utah deputy’s killing was fugitive, 27 SPANISH FORK, Utah (AP) — A man accused of killing one Utah deputy and wounding another was a fugitive who previously served 4 1/2 years in prison for attempted homicide, authorities said Friday. Jose Angel Garcia Juaregui, 27, is … Continue reading

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Armored TV: The M1A2 – SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank

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The History of Explosives

Always good to know how to make your own 🙂 – by Mary Bellis An explosive is a substance or a device that produces a volume of rapidly expanding gas that exerts sudden pressure on its surroundings. There are three … Continue reading

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Louisiana Methane Leak in New Madrid Complex, Emergency Evacs

Before It’s News – by Deborah Dupre Methane gas is spewing near Louisiana’s coast as workers battle to kill an out-of-control well. Air-lifted evacuations of all non-essential personnel have been conducted and Coast Guard HU-25 crews are responding. The oil rig and platform are in the … Continue reading

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Driverless Trucks Will Keep Army Safe From IEDs

Wired – by ALLEN MCDUFFEE U.S. Army convoys will soon be able to roll into even the roughest of unfriendly foreign urban areas and combat zones without the worry of loss of life, thanks to new technology that will make large … Continue reading

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