American Flag - Chinese FlagEnd of the American Dream – by Michael Snyder

Has the United States ever experienced a time when a foreign nation has attempted to buy up so much of our land all at once?  As you will read about in this article, the Chinese are on a real estate buying spree all over America.  In fact, in some cases large chunks of land are actually being given to them.  Yes, you read that correctly.  China is on the way to becoming the dominant land owner in the entire country, and that is starting to alarm a lot of people.  Do we really want a foreign superpower to physically own so much of our territory?   Continue reading “The Chinese Are Acquiring Large Chunks Of Land In Communities All Over America”

Cancer Causing Clothing ChemicalsNatural Health 365 – by Jonathan Landsman

The phrase ‘dressed to kill’ has taken on new meaning in the 21st century. Especially when you consider the materials use to make garments are heavily pressed with a variety of toxic chemicals including, formaldehyde.

Raise your hand if you would like embalming solution on your clothes … I didn’t think so.   Continue reading “Cancer causing chemicals found in clothes”

KTVB 7 News – by Jamie Grey

PAYETTE COUNTY — A Washington state man driving a car with Colorado license plates says police sought him out and accused him of having illegal drugs because he’s from a state where marijuana is legal. On Wednesday, he filed a lawsuit in federal court.

Darien Roseen says he was driving through Idaho on a snowy winter day in January 2013 when an Idaho State Police trooper stopped him, and Roseen claims, violated the driver’s civil rights.   Continue reading “Wash. man says ISP profiled him for being from state with legalized marijuana”

Aletho News – by Stuart Littlewood, Sept 15, 2009

“The Israel Project”, a US media advocacy group, has produced a revised training manual to help the worldwide Zionist movement win the propaganda war, keep their ill-gotten territorial gains and persuade international audiences to accept that their crimes are necessary and conform to “shared values” between Israel and the civilized West.

It’s a clever document.   Continue reading “How low will Israel stoop to win the propaganda war?”

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

With Yellowstone now venting helium, Dahboo7 explains to us via why this is so crucially important. Helium is one of the most accurate ways to determine whether or not a volcano is becoming active. Helium in fact is considered one of the most ideal geochemical indicators of anticipating when a volcanic eruption might take place.

“We believe that helium can anticipate the detection of magmatic movement even before those movements can be detected by seismic activity,” said Eleazar Padrón, a geochemist at Spain’s Technological Institute for the Renewable Energies, who led the work.   Continue reading “Yellowstone’s Belching Helium: Why’s This So Important?”

Syria Comment – by James McMichael

President Obama is considering supplying Syrian rebels with Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (Manpads).  These antiaircraft missiles are small enough to be carried and fired by a single person; they can destroy jet fighters and civilian airliners alike. If President Obama gives his approval for their supply to Syrian rebels, he will violate several international antiterrorism agreements that prohibit the supply of Manpads to non-state actors. This will negate a decade of U.S. anti-terrorism diplomacy, put air travelers at risk, and destroy the growing international anti-terrorism norm against supplying Manpads to non-state actors.   Continue reading “Obama Approval of Manpads for Rebels Would Violate US Agreements, Policy, and Endanger Airliners”

Sent to us by Dorothy who said: This is all with the North American Union.  I expect to see Chinese Troops coming down this road that is being built by American dollars.

Sierra Vista Herald – by CAROL BROEDER

WILLCOX — A district engineer from the Arizona Department of Transportation is scheduled to speak in Sunsites April 8 regarding changes to Highway 191.

ADOT Senior Engineer Bill Harmon, who will make a presentation at the The Pearce/Sunsites Chamber of Commerce meeting beginning at 5:45 p.m. at the Sunsites Community Center, 1270 Treasure Road, in Sunsites.   Continue reading “Increase in border truck traffic due to NAFTA will impact Arizona highway”