AOL – by Sue Manning

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Young people aren’t the only ones who get back-to-school blues. Pooches used to months of constant playtime can get upset when their best buddies disappear with the dog days of summer.

Many dogs whine and wait eagerly at the front door but eventually adjust to the absence of their young owners when they are in class. But millions of dogs can feel abandoned, sad and unable to cope – and they look for ways to lash out.    Continue reading “Dogs get the blues when kids go back to school”


BEIJING (AP) — China’s legislature on Sunday ruled out allowing open nominations in the inaugural election for Hong Kong’s leader, saying they would create a “chaotic society.” Democracy activists in the Asian financial hub responded by saying that a long-threatened mass occupation of the heart of the city “will definitely happen.”

In setting tight limits on how far electoral reforms can go in Hong Kong, Beijing issued its firmest reminder yet that it’s still in charge despite the substantial autonomy it promised the city after taking control from Britain in 1997.    Continue reading “China: No Open Nominations For Hong Kong Leader”

Feral Cat Causes School ClosureOdenton-Severn Patch – by Elizabeth Janney

With a feral cat loose in one Anne Arundel County elementary school, administrators have decided to close school early on Friday.

Richard Henry Lee Elementary School in Glen Burnie will close at 9:45 a.m. on Friday, according to Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

Typically, the school day at Richard Henry Lee Elementary starts at 8:45 a.m. The feral cat was discovered before the school day began, according to The Capital.   Continue reading “Feral Cat Causes School Closure”

So many people limit their preparations because they're so laser-focused on what they think will happen when SHTF. They're wrong, and here's why... to us by the author.

Graywolf Survival

I see this crap all the time and it really bugs me. Too many people think they have the answer to what will happen after SHTF and that thinking makes their plans suck. Does your plan really make sense?

I write an article like 60 bug out bag gear items you probably don’t have orAlmost unlimited power for your camping or bug out bag electronics and inevitably, some idiot pipes up with, “That’s stupid. There won’t be any electricity after SHTF” or after Just what is the ultimate bug out vehicle?, I kept hearing, “You have to have a pre-XX car or it won’t work when SHTF.”   Continue reading “You DON’T know what will happen after SHTF so stop acting like you do”

Huffington Post – by Stephanie Nebehay

GENEVA, Aug 29 (Reuters) – The U.N. racism watchdog urged the United States on Friday to halt the excessive use of force by police after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman touched off riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

Minorities, particularly African Americans, are victims of disparities, the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) said after examining the U.S. record.   Continue reading “UN Condemns U.S. Police Brutality, Calls For ‘Stand Your Ground’ Review”

Wall Street Journal – by ALEJANDRO LAZO

A bill banning plastic bags in California grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor stores and other businesses is headed to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk after the state legislature passed the measure Friday.

If signed by Mr. Brown, the bill would institute the first statewide ban on plastic bags in the U.S. A spokesman for the governor said Friday he hasn’t taken a position on the issue.   Continue reading “California Legislature Passes Ban on Disposable Plastic Bags”

IHS Janes 360 – by James Hardy

China continues to expand Woody Island, the largest of the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

Satellite imagery shows that since October 2013 China has undertaken substantial land reclamation, harbour redevelopment and other infrastructure construction on the island, which is known as Yongxing Dao by China and Phu Lam Island by Vietnam.   Continue reading “China expands runway, harbour at Woody Island”

Press TV

Press TV has conducted an interview with Webster Griffin Tarpley, an author and historian, from Washington, to discuss the crisis in the Middle East.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: In your perspective, if the United States and its Western and regional allies had not actually supported and created armed groups in Syria to fight against the Syrian government would we be seeing the same situation as we’re witnessing today with ISIL?   Continue reading “NATO behind creation of ISIL: Webster Tarpley”

U.S. Drought Monitor forCaliforniaI live in the D4 region here in California according to this Drought Monitor. Where I live, our faucets are still running and we have not been asked to ration our water in our homes. However, lawn watering and car washing is discouraged but not prohibited.

Our water comes from the Salinas River – dry above ground – but pumped from underground as it still flows. The Salinas River is the largest river of the Central Coast of California and flows north-northwest, drains into the Salinas Valley and empties into the Monterey Bay.   Continue reading “U.S. Drought Monitor”

let them eat cakeThe Organic Prepper

Ahhh…fall.  The last long weekend of summer is here.  The weather will begin to be crisp. Fall colors will begin to peek out of the trees.  Kids are going back to school.

This year, the kids have something new to rejoice over. Students can be very thankful that First Lady Michelle Obama has become the unelected Food Nazi of school cafeterias across the nation. They can look forward to delicious meals at the cafeteria and glowing good health because of the fare they will be served.    Continue reading “Let Them Eat Cake: The First Lady’s “Improved” Public School Lunches vs. The Obama Girls’ School Lunch Menu”

109361Front Page Mag – by Daniel Greenfield

Obama has no strategy for ISIS, but he does have a strategy for shutting down every coal plant in America.

Obama has no strategy for dealing with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but he does have a strategy for mass illegal alien amnesty.

Obama has no strategy for defeating Islamic terrorism, he does however have a strategy for defeating the Republicans in the midterm elections.   Continue reading “Obama has a Strategy for the Things He Cares About”

rice radiation 263x164 Govt OKs Growing Rice for Public Sale Within Fukushima Contamination ZoneNatural Society – by Christina Sarich

Just recently, farmers in the city of Tamura, Fukushima Prefecture, have begun planting rice in a district previously designated as a ‘no-plant zone’ due to of radioactive fallout. This will be the first time since March, 2011’s core meltdowns that rice intended for public sale will be planted in fields that are possibly still contaminated with radioactive cesium and other toxic materials.  

While the Japanese public is vehemently opposed to GMO, do they really want to eat radioactive rice? The government of Japan seems not to care.   Continue reading “Govt OK’s Growing Rice for Public Sale Within Fukushima Contamination Zone”

ImageLas Vegas Sun – by Ian Whitaker

Citing the “communistic mentality” of county school administrators, Cliven Bundy’s son has withdrawn his children from county schools.

Ryan Bundy said he made the decision following a disagreement this week with administrators at Virgin Valley High School, where his daughter was set to attend. School officials refused to let the girl carry a pocket knife on school grounds, citing safety concerns. Bundy said he feels that’s a violation of his children’s rights, and has decided to pursue education for them elsewhere.   Continue reading “Citing ‘communistic mentality,’ son of Cliven Bundy withdraws children from county school”

The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore (above) was apocalyptic. He said that the North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff and could be gone in seven yearsDaily Mail – by David Rose

The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore was apocalyptic. ‘The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff,’ he said. ‘It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.’

Those comments came in 2007 as Mr Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaigning on climate change.   Continue reading “Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago…despite Al Gore’s prediction it would be ICE-FREE by now”

Screenshot from YouTube user Ella oursaRT

The Dawn of Libya, an Islamist militia group, has said that it has secured the US embassy compound in the Libyan capital Tripoli, more than a month after US staff evacuated the building.

Although windows at the compound have been smashed, most of the equipment that had been left by the Americans remained untouched, according to an AP journalist who was invited by the militants to have a look around.   Continue reading “Libyan militia occupies US embassy in Tripoli to ‘secure’ it”

woman_fights_to_keep_her_flag_in_her_houseTruth and Action

Julia Lease from Whitehall, OH has been ordered by her leasing company to take her new American flag off her porch because they state it is “making this complex look bad. It’s detracting from the beauty of everything else.”

“I’ve lived here 36 years and I’ve flown a flag every day since and now all of a sudden they want this flag taken down because they say it detracts from the looks of the apartment complex. Well I can’t see how an American flag can detract from anything. After all, this is our country,” states Lease.   Continue reading “Leasing Company Orders Flags Removed, States it Makes the Complex “Look Bad””

Donbass regionGlobal Research – by Colonel Cassad LiveJournal and (original in Russian)

Novorossiya Military Briefing – Novorossiya Shall Be!

We are currently witnessing an epic and in its own way historic event. The Ukrainian regular army and the punitive battalions are suffering a catastrophic defeat to the south of Donetsk. Only a short time ago the Republics were in dire straits: the DPR was hanging only by a thin supply thread, which the Ukrainian army was attempting to sever near Shakhtersk and Krasnyi Luch; the summit of Saur-Mogila has been abandoned, and Bolotov’s counteroffensive had failed to bring decisive victories.    Continue reading “Ukraine Troops Suffer Catastrophic Defeat in Novorossiya. Kiev Regime in Disarray”