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MOSCOW, December 30 (Sputnik), Ekaterina Blinova – A Mysterious Chinese blogger seemingly predicted the AirAsia QZ8501 catastrophe, providing warnings to potential travelers some two weeks before the tragic incident actually happened.

“There is a post on some Chinese forum that is blowing up right now because apparently a user 13 days ago made a post warning people not to go on AirAsia Airline. He explained that the people that brought down MH370 is going to target another Malaysian airline to destroy Malaysia’s Air travel industry or something like that and it all has something to do with the US (my Chinese is a bit rusty),” a Reddit member wrote, referring to the mysterious Chinese blogger.   Continue reading “A Mysterious Chinese blogger apparently predicted the fate of AirAsia flight QZ8501 two weeks before the tragic incident occurred.”

AlterNet – by Zaid Jilani

In addition to the mass protests nationwide against police brutality, incidents where ordinary citizens speak up, start recording and attempt to intervene when they see excessive and abusive cop behavior are being reported more frequently.

Earlier this month in New York City, a woman angrily denounced police who were beating an already restrained teenage boy as others made sure to film the incident to hold the plainclothes officer accountable. It is possible that the assembled and outraged crowd prevented further abuse, and with the help of the cellphone video, the cop faced at least some discipline from the department.   Continue reading “Fed Up: Florida Crowd Forms Human Shield to Protect Man Police Try to Arrest for Smoking Marijuana”

Photos: World Begins Celebrating 2015NBC – by Colleen Long

Revelers eager to claim spots to ring in 2015 in Times Square arrived hours early on Wednesday, enduring freezing temperatures and a scarcity of restrooms before the glittering ball drop at midnight at the Crossroads of the World.

“Well, this is a bucket list item you have to do once in your life,” said Caitlin Deavy, a tourist from Ottawa. “Come to Times Square and freeze for a couple of hours.”   Continue reading “Crowds Flock to Times Square for New Year’s Eve”


Protests against police brutality are planned across the country on New Year’s eve with police in Los Angeles, St. Louis and New York preparing for demonstrations.

Activist groups in New York City are planning to march at 9 p.m. ET from Union Square up to the city’s formal New Year’s celebration in Times Square and hope to get as close as possible before reaching police barricades.   Continue reading “Protests Prompt Increased Security Ahead of New Year’s Eve Parties”

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Counter Current News – by Moreh B.D.K

Tenth Circuit by Judge Neil Gorsuch is always known for his strong opinions. He recently let the increasingly militarized and Constitution-ignoring police have it in the ruling on United States v. Densonwhich addresses the use a Doppler radar device to determine if residents are present within a home to be searched or raided.

The case involved a home entry and arrest of a suspect.   Continue reading “Judge Weighs In On The Use of Radar Devices To Scan Homes For Police Searches”

imgAE 911 Truth – by Craig McKee

Video game blogger beats NASA engineer in TV physics contest

Sometimes the truth about 9/11 shows up in the oddest places.

On a recent episode of the TBS reality show King of the Nerds, a bubbly, pink-haired video game blogger named Danielle was the unlikely winner of one phase of a science-related competition that pitted her against a NASA engineer and three other contenders. The most intriguing aspect of her upset win was that Danielle used “9/11 conspiracy” websites to outsmart her rivals.   Continue reading “Pink-haired ‘nerd’ scores win, thanks to 9/11 Truth websites”

Common Dreams – by Andrea Germanos

Newly revealed documents show that NATO’s “kill list” for Afghanistan operations included not just senior Taliban leaders but those suspected of being low- and mid-level operatives as well as drug traffickers, Der Spiegel has reported.

Some of the secret documents, which are from 2009 to 2011, are from the trove released by Edward Snowden, the German paper states.   Continue reading “New Snowden Docs Reveal Wider Net of NATO ‘Kill List’ Targets”

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SHANGHAI (AP) – Thirty-five people have been killed in a stampede during New Year’s celebrations in downtown Shanghai, China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.

The report early Thursday cites the Shanghai government in saying that another 42 people were injured amid the chaos about a half-hour before midnight.

The deaths and injuries occurred at Shanghai’s popular riverfront Bund area, which can be jammed with spectators for major events.    Continue reading “Report: 35 killed, 42 injured in Shanghai stampede”

A new sign in the Bank reads: ‘Please note that this Bank is installing new Drive-through ATM machines enabling customers to withdraw cash without leaving their vehicles.  Customers using this new facility are requested to use the procedures outlined below when accessing their accounts.

After months of careful research, MALE & FEMALE Procedures have been developed. Please follow the Appropriate steps for your gender.   Continue reading “Male v Female at the ATM”

The price of a good job …Who What Why – by Ryan McNamara

The American system of financing higher education is broken. Instead of freeing students to use their talents in creative ways, it saddles them with a form of oppressive debt—to the detriment of themselves and of society.

Indentured servants made up a large part of the workforce in colonial America. These were typically young people from Europe who paid for their passage to North America by working for a set number of years (usually between four to seven) as virtual slaves.   Continue reading “Are Student Loans Bringing Back Indentured Labor?”

Prevent Disease – by APRIL McCARTHY

Even though incense is commonly used for religious and ritual purposes in some of the most populated nations in the world, few studies have ever examined incense burning as a potential health threat. Investigators have found a link between long-term incense use and increased cardiovascular mortality.

Just about any smoke is harmful to our lungs if it’s inhaled. Incense burns four times more particulate matter than cigarette smoke.   Continue reading “Incense Use Now Officially Linked To Cardiovascular Death”