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As far as what all of this means to all of us, I’ll leave that up to each one’s Higher discernment. I received this link from Neil Keenan, which is unusual for him to include me on his list, so clearly he feels this is important.

Continue reading “Neil Keenan Update 3-30-15… “The Black Book Is Available!””

Silk RoadUSA Today – by Donna Leinwand Leger

A Secret Service agent and a DEA agent with lead roles in the investigation to take down the Internet drug bazaar Silk Road allegedly stole proceeds from the underground site and hid their booty in offshore accounts.

Former DEA agent Carl Force, 46, of Baltimore, the task force agent charged with going undercover to communicate online with Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht, known as Dread Pirate Roberts, allegedly used several online aliases to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin from Ulbricht, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Monday. Force is charged with money laundering, wire fraud, theft and conflict of interest.   Continue reading “Former feds charged with stealing Silk Road bitcoin”

bloomberggodfatherGun Owners of America

Kooky Legislative Proposal Appears to have been Drafted by Clowns

In the “Old West,” hucksters prided themselves on being able to sell useless “bottles of nothing” to ignorant rubes.  But it would take a world-class rube to fall for Michael Bloomberg’s Senate Bill 941, a buffoonish bill being hocked in the Oregon Senate, but chock-full of laughable errors and clownish mistakes.   Continue reading “Bloomberg Tries to Buy Oregon and Expand his Gun Control Web”

Bald's LeechbookBBC

A 1,000-year-old treatment for eye infections could hold the key to killing antibiotic-resistant superbugs, experts have said.

Scientists recreated a 9th Century Anglo-Saxon remedy using onion, garlic and part of a cow’s stomach.

They were “astonished” to find it almost completely wiped out methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, otherwise known as MRSA.   Continue reading “1,000-year-old onion and garlic eye remedy kills MRSA”

An Oxnard Police Department squad car sits in front of an apartment complex where a woman was killed in an officer-involved shooting on Saturday, March 28, 2015.CopBlock – by Janel

Around 1am on Saturday morning police were called to a resident’s home by the boyfriend of 26 yr old, Meagan Hockaday, regarding a “domestic dispute”. Two officers from the Oxnard, CA Police Department showed up, and as they were speaking to the man who called, Meagan entered the room with a knife and was immediately shot. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to Oxnard Police Chief Jeri Williams:   Continue reading “Police Shot and Killed Woman 20 Seconds After Entering Her Home”

AlterNet – by Michael Arria

Nashville’s district attorney recently banned his staff from using invasive surgery as a bargaining chip, after it became apparent that local attorneys had been using sterilization as part of plea bargains.

In the most recent case, a woman with a long history of mental illness was charged with neglect after her young baby died. Jasmine Randers, 26, suffers from paranoia and had fled from a Minnesota treatment facility where she was under state commitment. The district attorney refused to go forward with a plea unless she agreed to be sterilized.    Continue reading “Nashville Prosecutors Have Made Sterilization of Women Part of Plea Deals”

Independent – by Andrew Griffin

A new report claims that Facebook secretly installs tracking cookies on users’ computers, allowing them to follow users around the internet even after they’ve left the website, deleted their account and requested to be no longer followed.

Academic researchers said that the report showed that the company was breaking European law with its tracking policies. The law requires that users are told if their computers are receiving cookies except for specific circumstances.   Continue reading “Facebook accused of tracking all users even if they delete accounts, ask never to be followed”

Ole, the smoothest-talking Norske in the Minnesota National Guard and a natural born salesman, got called up to active duty.

Ole’s first assignment was in a military induction center.

Because he was a good talker, they assigned him the duty of advising new recruits about government benefits, especially the GI life insurance, to which they were entitled.   Continue reading “Square Head Ole Olson”

Buckeye Firearms – by Chad D. Baus

The Washington Post is reporting that shooting sports teams are seeing a surge on a diverse range of campuses across the country, and have become so popular that some are forced to turn away interested students.

From the article:

Teams are thriving at a diverse range of schools: Yale, Harvard, the University of Maryland, George ­Mason University, and even smaller schools such as Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania and Connors State College in Oklahoma. Continue reading “Report: College shooting sports teams becoming so popular some turn people away”

Buckeye Firearms

On March 13, 2015, three days after the BATFE rescinded its proposed ammo ban framework regulation, anti-gun U.S. Representative Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) introduced H.R. 1358, a bill designed to ban civilian use and possession of M855 ammunition. This is the same round that the BATFE, after meeting fierce bipartisan opposition from Capitol Hill and from NRA members and supporters across the country, decided to rescind its framework to ban M855 ammunition.    Continue reading “Anti-gun U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel Introduces Ammo Ban Legislation”

The Organic Prepper

You can have enough food to ride out 15 years of Armageddon. You can have a fully stocked retreat or a bunker. You can have so much ammo stashed that your floorboards are groaning.  You may have followed your favorite preparedness book’s guidelines to the letter, and thus have all of the physical aspects of survival in place.

But regardless of this, you may not be fully prepared.   Continue reading “How to Survive Anything in 3 Easy Steps”

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)CBS St. Louis

Lincoln, Neb. (CBS ST. LOUIS) – Nebraska State Sen. Ernie Chambers made a series of controversial comments regarding police officers, saying that if he carried a gun he’d shoot an officer first and ask questions later.

An audio recording from KFOR 1240 uncovered Chambers, who represents North Omaha’s 11th District and is the state’s only African-American senator, comparing law enforcement to Islamic State militants and saying he’d shoot a cop if he owned a weapon.   Continue reading “Nebraska State Senator Says He’d Shoot A Cop ‘And Then Ask Questions Later’”

Information Liberation – by Chris

The jig is up. One of the state’s oldest scams for generating revenue is issuing “traffic tickets” for non-crimes like “speeding” under the guise doing so keeps the road safer (of course, this is a total lie), yet for a multitude of reasons ticket revenue is plummeting across America. While Hillary Clinton called for speed limits across the U.S. to be lowered to 55 mph a few years back, a number which coincidentally maximizes revenue, states have gone the other way, raising average speed limits to around 70, and in states like Texas the limit is as high as 85. Did all this new “speeding” translate to more dangerous roads? No, in fact it’s the opposite, the roads are safer than ever, and just as important, you’re less likely to be extorted by road pirates.    Continue reading “Bureaucrats Panic As Traffic Ticket Revenue Plummets Across U.S.”

The Free Thought Project – by Cassandra Fairbanks

Owego, NY– Steven and Cindy Dunlap of Owego, NY, were expecting a normal evening as Steven Dunlap left his home for his weekly pizza night with his friends on February 11. Unfortunately, their normal evening became a nightmare when the police decided that the traffic at their home from the elderly woman’s quilting business was indicative of a meth lab.

Cindy Dunlap says she no longer feels safe in her own home. She believes her reputation has been tarnished since the day her husband was pulled out of his car and arrested at gunpoint by six officers last month.  As Steven was taken into custody he repeatedly asked why he was being arrested; the officers would not provide any answers.   Continue reading “Cops Raid Elderly Couple Looking For A Meth Lab and Guns- Find Only Quilting Supplies”

Channel News Asia

GENEVA: Members of the Saudi-led coalition conducting air strikes in Yemen are preventing a Red Cross plane from delivering urgent medical supplies in Sanaa, an ICRC spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

In a statement, the independent aid agency “called for the urgent removal of obstacles to the delivery to Yemen of vital medical supplies needed to treat casualties from a week of deadly clashes and air strikes”.   Continue reading “Coalition preventing Red Cross from delivering medical aid in Yemen: spokeswoman”