Counter Current News – by Jackson Marciana

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy was recently arraigned and charged with several felony counts that included setting fire to a domestic companion’s hair, threatening to murder her with his firearm and breaking her nose.

The allegations come from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, which tells us that Deputy Alejandro Flores, 33, a Buena Park resident, was investigated and subsequently arrested by the local police department over a domestic violence incident on June 29th.   Continue reading “Cop Caught On Video Holding Woman’s Head To Lit Stove, Breaking Her Nose”

The New American – by Alex Newman

Even as the Communist Chinese dictatorship ruthlessly oppresses the people of China while stepping up itsaggressive rhetoric, espionage, and military activities aimed beyond its borders, the Obama administration has been training Beijing’s troops in U.S. military tactics, techniques, and procedures. Critics have long opposed the high-level “mil-mil cooperation” between the U.S. Armed Forces and one of the most brutal autocracies on the planet. At least one U.S. lawmaker has been expressing concerns. But the Obama administration, which boasts of its actions and has called for even deeper military ties with Beijing, shows no signs of backing down from the highly controversial and potentially dangerous programs.   Continue reading “Obama Steps Up U.S. Training of Communist Chinese Military”

Reason – by Brian Doherty

Somewhere out there in America nearly every day, the Thin Blue Line of civilization are behaving like monsters. Yes, policing is hard, especially on the poor sucker who is being policed to within an inch of his life for no reason. Continue reading “Staten Island Cops Drag Man Out of His House at 5:30 a.m., Beat the Hell Out of Him, Charge Him With Nothing”

Waking Times – by Buck Rogers

Suburbanization and industrial deforestation are decimating the world’s trees, and there are only 2 intact giant forests remaining on planet earth. However, across the globe, some other phenomenon is causing standing trees to wither and die in record numbers, and at present, the problem is receiving considerable mention in California, where millions of trees are dying during the worst drought the region has seen in perhaps some 1200 years.

“We are seeing major tree die off everywhere in N. CA. On my property I’ve seen walnut, apple, cherry, mimosa, olive and pine trees die off in the past three months alone. I’m up in Tahoe and it’s the same with the mountain pines and my friends in Marin are seeing bay trees die off in strands.” – California farmer, Jamie L.

Continue reading “Massive Global Tree Die-Off Linked to Geoengineering”


HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Bullets whizzed past a woman’s head as she fled from an 18-year-old gunman who had posed as a stranded motorist to convince her family to help him on the roadside of a Montana Indian reservation, the woman recounted to relatives.

The man claimed he had run out of gas, then pulled a gun, demanded money and opened fire when Jorah Shane followed her mother’s order to run, Ada Shane said, relaying the story as told to her by her wounded niece.   Continue reading “FBI: Man killed parents because daughter laughed”

In watching this video I see a couple things that strike me as odd. For being in the ocean for a year the wing part seems cleaner than most things that have been in the ocean for a year. Also the bottle looks like it just came off a store shelf and not like it has been floating in the ocean for a year.

Fox News

Local workers on a Reunion Island beach in the Indian Ocean found more debris– including a bottle of laundry detergent from Jakarta, Indonesia Friday– which could be further evidence of wreckage believed to be from missing Malyasia Airlines Flight MH370.

A Malaysian official and aviation experts said Thursday that a sea-encrusted section of a plane wing found washed up on Reunion Wednesday is almost certainly part of the Boeing 777, potentially the biggest breakthrough in the search for the missing jet.   Continue reading “More debris on Reunion Island beach may unlock MH370 crash mystery”


An Ebola vaccine developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and tested in Guinea has turned out to be almost 100 percent effective, the World Health Organization said Friday, citing the British medical journal The Lancet.

The researchers used the newly-developed Ebola shot in so-called ring vaccination, the method that helped eradicate smallpox in the past. It is based on vaccination of all people who came into contact with an infected person, creating a so-called “protective ring” that prevents the disease from spreading.   Continue reading “New Ebola vaccine field trial shows up to 100% efficiency”


Salem, Oregon –-( On Tuesday, with very little fanfare or attention, the City Council of McMinnville, Oregon unanimously passed a pointless and unenforceable ban on loaded carry.

In an email to OFF, the McMinnville City Attorney said “We discussed that our police officers could not walk up to someone openly carrying and demand that they show whether the gun was loaded or not unless there were (sic) probable cause.  We discussed that, if someone wanted to, s/he could simply keep walking and not engage with an officer at all.” Continue reading “McMinnville, Oregon Passes Unenforceable Ban On Loaded Carry”


A town hall meeting in Ferguson, Missouri suddenly turned violent Thursday evening as police clashed with protesters and Mayor James Knowles quickly departed the scene. Several people were arrested, according to witnesses and local media.

Details are fuzzy, but the incident at the town hall began with protesters gathering outside and calling for Mayor Knowles to resign. Knowles, who has resisted calls for his job, has faced heavy criticism from many in the community ever since the officer-involved killing of 18-year-old African-American Michael Brown last year.   Continue reading “Arrests, violence at Ferguson town hall as protesters confront mayor, clash with police”

Jon Rappoport

“…the [CDC] co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the [MMR vaccine] study. The remaining four co-authors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can.” (William Thompson, CDC researcher)

On July 29, US Congressman Bill Posey made his last stand on the floor of the House. Granted five minutes to speak, he laid bare the lying of the CDC in a now-famous 2004 study that exonerated the MMR vaccine and claimed it had no connection to autism.   Continue reading “CDC destroyed vaccine documents, Congressman reveals; CDC whistleblower case is back”


The U.S. Senate Energy Committee on Thursday narrowly passed a bill to lift a 40-year-old ban on the export of crude oil, but the measure faces an uphill battle in getting passed by the full Senate.

The bill to allow the United States to export oil and boost state revenue-sharing for offshore oil and gas drilling passed along party lines by a vote of 12-10.   Continue reading “Senate energy panel votes to lift oil export ban”


A federal judge has rejected a legal challenge from a Guantanamo Bay inmate who said his continued imprisonment was unlawful since President Barack Obama had declared an end to the war in Afghanistan. The detainee has been held for 13 years.

The challenge brought by lawyers for detainee Muktar Yahya Najee al-Warafi said the Obama administration’s statement that the war in Afghanistan had come to an end made their client’s detention unlawful under the Authorization for the Use of Military Force of 2001. The authorization provides legal justification for imprisoning foreign fighters captured overseas.   Continue reading “‘Rubber stamp for endless detention’: Judge rejects Gitmo detainee’s legal challenge”

Washington Examiner – by Paul Bedard

The administration’s program to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program has given the green light to 664,607 since 2012, including several linked to fraud, terrorism and gangs, according to the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. Continue reading “Feds: 664,607 illegals granted amnesty, some linked to terrorism, gangs”

The Guardian – by Abigail Fielding-Smith, Crofton Black, Alice Ross and James Ball

The overstretched US military has hired hundreds of private-sector contractors to the heart of its drone operations to analyse top-secret video feeds and help track suspected terrorist leaders, an investigation has found.

Contracts unearthed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reveal a secretive industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars, placing a corporate workforce alongside uniformed personnel analysing intelligence from areas of interest.   Continue reading “Revealed: Private firms at heart of US drone warfare”


A suspected “price tag,” or retaliation, arson attack by right-wing Jewish settlers killed an 18-month-old Palestinian child in a house in the occupied West Bank and injured several other people, according to Israeli police.

The toddler died in a house fire which broke out in a village of Kafr Duma near the West Bank city of Nablus, Reuters reports.   Continue reading “Palestinian toddler burned to death in suspected Jewish ‘price tag’ attack”