Guns of America – by PAUL HELINSKI

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The practice of objective journalism has been effectively banned from the body politik. The social culture is driven by the embodiment of an unceasing drumbeat of disinformation; spoon fed prevarications and carefully shaped distortions, projected by a mass media that is in the tank for protecting the ruling elite. The myth that the press is endowed with an inherent courage to confront the establishment has been laid bare for any honest observer to witness. However, the problem is that the bulk of the marginally functioning intellects that still accept the mind control of the corporate media, continue to linger on in their dream world of obeying the prevailing order.   Continue reading “Mainstream Media Goes Berserk”


Another huge blast at a chemical facility has reportedly occurred in the Chinese province of Shandong. The explosion, located in an industrial zone in Lijin, Dongying City, happened late on Monday, China’s People’s Daily reported.

The blast was so massive it could be seen and heard from a great distance. A chemical factory is believed to have been in the area. According to People’s Daily, the blast happened at around 11:30pm local time (3:30pm GMT).   Continue reading “Enormous new factory blast rocks Chinese industrial region – reports”

Natural News – by David Gutierrez

Dementia and other neurological brain diseases are striking people younger and younger, according to a new study conducted by researchers from Bournemouth University in England and published in the journal Surgical Neurology International. These diseases have reached levels that are “almost epidemic,” the researchers said, and they reached them so quickly that environmental factors must be largely to blame.

“The rate of increase in such a short time suggests a silent or even a ‘hidden’ epidemic, in which environmental factors must play a major part, not just ageing,” lead researcher Colin Pritchard said. “Modern living produces multi-interactional environmental pollution but the changes in human morbidity, including neurological disease is remarkable and points to environmental influences.”   Continue reading “Dementia now striking people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage”

— The Illinois Department of Public Health is reporting two more deaths from Legionnaires’ disease after an outbreak at a western Illinois veterans’ home.

The new cases increase the number of residents contaminated at the Quincy veterans’ home to 29. An agency spokeswoman confirmed the recent fatalities to The Associated Press on Monday.   Continue reading “4th Legionnaires’ disease death at Illinois veterans’ home”

Natural News – by Joel Edwards

Ecologists refer to bees and a few other select organisms as keystone species. This term is analogous to the keystone of an arch. Remove the wedge-shaped stone at the top, and the entire structure collapses.

Bees are a keystone species because they are the world’s primary pollinators and are therefore crucial to the environment. While Monsanto claims bees only pollinate about a third of the world’s crops, others estimate their contribution to be closer to 90%. But the startling decline of the bee population isn’t just threatening our crops, it is also threatening varied and diverse wild plants across the globe that provide food for countless animal species. If we lose the bees, the loss to our ecosystems will be catastrophic.   Continue reading “Monsanto wants to replace the bees they are killing with genetically engineered flying ants”

USA Today – by John Bacon and Peter Eisler

The man accused of fatally shooting a Texas deputy sheriff execution-style at a Houston-area gas station was arraigned Monday on a capital murder charge that could bring the death penalty.

Also Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott ordered Texas flags be flown at half staff who honor Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth, 47, who was shot in the back while filling his cruiser Friday night.   Continue reading “Prosecutors: Killer fired 15 shots at Texas deputy”

Progressives Today – by Aleister

Every single time there’s a high profile incident of gun violence, the first impulse of progressives is to interfere with the rights of the millions of law abiding, responsible gun owners who didn’t commit the crime.

Josh Barro of the New York Times is no different. He thinks America could prevent gun violence if we had stricter gun laws like Australia.   Continue reading “NY Times Writer: CONFISCATING GUNS Would Be Only Real Way to Reduce Violent Crimes”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Much as Brazil is the poster child for the great EM unwind unfolding across emerging economies from LatAm to AsiaPac, Illinois is in many ways the mascot for America’s state and local government fiscal crisis.

Although well documented before, the state’s financial troubles were thrown into sharp relief in May when, on the heels of a state Supreme Court ruling that struck down a pension reform bid, Moody’s downgraded the city of Chicago to junk.    Continue reading “Illinois Pays Lottery Winners In IOUs After $30K/Month Budget “Guru” Fails To Produce Deal”

Jon Rappoport

I have nothing against hope, but the brand of naïve hope that surfaces during every presidential election season is truly ridiculous.

Candidate after candidate lies through his teeth, and the people buy in.

Now some are saying The Donald is running to form a third party and thus hand the election to Hillary. Whereas the preferred alternative would be what? Prince Jeb? There’s a difference between Hillary and Jeb? Who’s kidding who?   Continue reading “The Donald Trump phenomenon: hidden meanings”

The Sleuth Journal – by Lisa Haven

American citizens are soon to become endangered species under the current tyrannical regime that is now in charge of our country. Secretly and behind closed doors the United Nations is gearing up for gun confiscation in the event of an economic collapse in numerous countries by hiring “disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration” officers who will be trained to seize guns from the civilian population. Not only that but laws are being shoved through that specifically restrict certain firearms, armor, ammo and the like. The Obama administration has made it clear that their agenda is to disarm American patriots. Just like Hitlter, Stalin, Pot, and Mao, Obama is taking a play straight out of their playbook, and we are headed for disaster:   Continue reading “Disturbing Tyrannical UN Document Hidden From The Public”