Americans are most forgiving of their former Presidents. When they leave office, most people forget about all the shenanigans and sweet heart arrangements. On the surface, Obama looks like a relative novice when compared to the Bushes and Clintons. Hey, give him a little slack. He is just ready to get started. By any evaluation, the net worth of the Obama’s is mere chump change from the rarified air of the Trump Towers. Making money at the end of the office term is understandable. Few folks would expect Obama to be the next Jimmy Carter, when he has to pay for his own golf vacations.   Continue reading “How much did Barack Obama rip-off while President?”

USA Today – by Greg Toppo

The police shooting of a 24-year-old man south of downtown Raleigh, N.C., early Monday afternoon generated a tense, impromptu protest of more than 100 people and questions about excessive use of police force.

Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown said the shooting took place shortly after noon as officers tried to arrest a man on a felony drug charge. She said one of her officers was chasing the man when the man was shot and killed, The (Raleigh) News & Observer reported.   Continue reading “Raleigh police kill fleeing drug suspect”

Apple Insider – by Mikey Campbell

In his ruling, New York Magistrate Judge James Orenstein decided the government lacks legal authority to force Apple, or indeed any company, to break its own digital security protocols. Echoing Apple’s arguments against Department of Justice overtures in the high-profile San Bernardino attack investigation, today’s decision noted the “unreasonable burden” in inventing, coding and distributing a purposely vulnerable operating system in hopes of cracking existing device security.    Continue reading “Federal judge rules Apple cannot be forced to aid in NY iPhone unlocking, cites ‘unreasonable burden’”

New York Times – by Adam Liptak

WASHINGTON — Breaking a decade-long silence, Justice Clarence Thomas on Monday asked several questions from the Supreme Court bench. He spoke just weeks after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, whose empty seat next to Justice Thomas’s remains draped in black.

It was hard to escape the conclusion that the absence of the voluble Justice Scalia, who had dominated Supreme Court arguments for nearly 30 years on the bench, somehow liberated Justice Thomas and allowed him to resume participating in the court’s most public activity.   Continue reading “Clarence Thomas Breaks 10 Years of Silence at Supreme Court”

Fox News

A gunman burst into a the lunch room of an Ohio high school Monday morning and opened fire, wounding four students before officials caught him and put him in custody, investigators confirmed.

The shooting unfolded at Madison High School in Butler County. Investigators say the suspect is student-age but they’re not certain whether he attended that school. They did not name him.   Continue reading “Shooting in Ohio high school lunch room wounds 4 students”

Jon Rappoport

Note: I include a very simple and basic logic-course starter in my collection, The Matrix Revealed. I present a long audio section, “Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation,” in my collection, Power Outside The Matrix.

Modern propaganda, PR, and advertising use non-logic to sell their ideas and products. They rely on nudging people into making associations between images and ideas and feelings. X=Y. A summer afternoon in a pasture equals a pill for arthritis. Three men in suits shaking hands in a boardroom equals making money in the stock market, if you use broker A. Citizen safety equals men-in-black policemen driving Pentagon armored vehicles down a city street. A brand of SUV packed with giggling kids equals a happy warm family forever.   Continue reading “Logic: how to introduce it and improve mush-minds”

Maryland Reporter – by Rachel Bluth

Deer season may be over in Maryland, but lobbying season is well underway in Annapolis.

Hunters and gun enthusiasts have held signs this week around the State House, protesting two bills that were debated in the House of Delegates Judiciary Committee Friday.   Continue reading “Maryland hunters protest new gun control measures”

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown

There is only one reason for Hillary Clinton even having a shot at the Oval Office, a Congress that has failed to indict her and see that she receive justice.  Yet, America is facing the very real possibility of Clinton entering the White House and more of her attacks on the Constitution and the rights of the people.  Last week in South Carolina, Clinton vowed more gun laws.   Continue reading “Hillary Clinton Threatens More Radical Gun Laws”

Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish

On the anniversary of the first bombing of the World Trade Center, it’s necessary to revisit Hillary Clinton’s role in banning a film which cast her and former President, Bill Clinton, in an accurately unfavorable light.

Multiple award-winning filmmaker Cyrus Nowrasteh directed the 2006 miniseries, The Path to 9/11, which covered the period of time from the first bombing of the Trade Center on February 26, 1993, to the attacks of September 11, 2001. Nowrasteh included a critical examination of the former President’s inexplicable failure to capture or kill Osama bin Laden on multiple occasions. Despite the series’ popularity and critical acclaim, the Clintons managed to ‘disappear’ the film — essentially banning it in the United States.     Continue reading “How the Clintons “Disappeared” a Film that Exposed their Role in US Terror Attacks”

Washington Post – by Radley Balko

Another day, another regrettable decision from a federal court. This one comes from a panel of judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit granting summary judgment to the police officers who shot and killed Marcus Cass, a resident of Abilene, Tex.

Cass and Charles Camp were owners of the Abilene Gold Exchange, a business that bought jewelry and other precious gems and metals and paid the owners in cash. Like pawn shops, these are businesses where thieves often try to unload stolen merchandise, but the opinion itself points out that the two men had cooperated with police investigations in the past. Neither man had much of a criminal past. The only charge between them was a 30-year-old felony conviction against Camp for possession of marijuana.   Continue reading “Federal appeals court finds fatal raid was bad policy, but declines to hold officers accountable”


Five Mexican states have been put on alert after a truck carrying a container of potentially dangerous radioactive material was stolen, the Interior Ministry says.

The National Co-ordination of Civil Protection issued the warning after a company in the central state of Queretaro reported that a ute carrying radioactive iridium-192 had been stolen.   Continue reading “Mexico issues alert after theft of radioactive material”

Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish

A suicide epidemic now grips the United States, but that news comes in conjunction with several alarming reports — including underreporting by pharmaceutical companies of the scope of suicides related to antidepressant use, as well as an increase in overdoses by those prescribed anti-anxiety medication.

“An estimated 9.3 million adults (3.9% of the adult U.S. population) reported having suicidal thoughts in the past year,” said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in their 2015 suicide statistics. In fact, “suicide was the tenth leading cause of death for all ages in 2013.”   Continue reading “Suicides Skyrocketing Alongside Climbing Antidepressant Use & Big Pharma is Covering it Up”

The Daily Sheeple – by Joshua Krause

When it comes to whatever social media platform we use on a regular basis, most of us take it for granted that these websites are spying on us in some capacity. Granted, many social media users don’t know or don’t care, but everyone else at least implicitly agrees that in exchange for using these website for free, their posts will be data mined for information that can be used to target them with ads.   Continue reading “Beware Twitter Users: Your Tweets Help The Government Predict The Future”

Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish

Detroit, MI — Citizens are on the hook yet again for police misconduct, this time because an officer shot a dog — which was tethered to a steel cable.

Detroit Police Officer Darrell Dawson and other officers responded to a call of an active shooter in the area near Daryl Lindsay’s home on the city’s south side. Looking for the suspect, officers then surrounded Lindsay’s home. In the yard was Lindsay’s dog — securely tethered to his home by a ten-foot, steel cable leash.   Continue reading “Coward Cop Caught on Dashcam Walking Up to a Leashed Dog and Killing Him for No Reason”


Three men of Sudanese origin were found dead inside an abandoned house in Fort Wayne. Police said they had been shot multiple times “execution style,” but no hate crime is suspected. The killings occurred the same week as the mass shootings in Kalamazoo.

Police found the bodies of Mohamedtaha Omar, 23, Adam Kamel Mekki, 20, and Muhannad Adam Tairab, 17, all of Sudanese origin, on Wednesday evening, AP reported. The crime scene was an abandoned house in Fort Wayne, Indiana, known among locals as a hangout spot for younger immigrants living in the town.   Continue reading “3 Sudanese men shot ‘execution style’ in Indiana, police see no hate crime”

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A 17-year-old boy who authorities say was wielding a metal stick was shot and critically injured by Salt Lake City officers Saturday night, touching off unrest downtown as officers donned riot gear and blocked streets and bystanders threw rocks and bottles.

The teenager shot by two Salt Lake City Police officers was in critical condition at a local hospital Sunday after being struck twice in the torso, according to Detective Ken Hansen with the Unified Police Department, which is investigating the shooting.   Continue reading “Salt Lake City police shoot teen, face rock throwers”