The Daily Signal – by Natalie Johnson, January 25, 2016

Lawmakers from Utah are backing a public lands bill they say will scale back roughly 660 million acres owned by the federal government to balance conservation with economic development in their state.

The Utah Public Lands Initiative encompasses 18 million acres of federal land in Utah and includes provisions to expand Arches National Park, designate acreage for recreation and economic development, and build a new national monument.   Continue reading “Utah Plan Would Reduce How Much Land the Federal Government Controls”

Natural Society – by Julie Fidler

Government officials put the lives and safety of Flint, Michigan, residents in jeopardy to keep a dollar in the bank and save face, but the story of what hundreds of plumbers did to help those residents will restore your faith in humanity.   Continue reading “300 Plumbers Volunteer to Help Those Affected by Flint Water Crisis”

Natural News – by Daniel Barker

In recent years, a new approach to treating breast cancer with radiation therapy has been developed. The introduction of hypofractionated whole breast irradiation (as opposed to conventional whole breast irradiation) has reduced the length of treatment by about half — from between five and seven weeks to only three or four.

The treatment is just as effective, costs less and is vastly preferred by women undergoing radiation treatment after lumpectomies. The reduced duration of treatment means less time away from families and workplaces, so it’s no surprise that the women being treated are in favor of it.   Continue reading “Doctors subject early-cancer patients to excessive radiation because it makes them more money”

Activist Post – by Nicholas West

Apparently a tech company called Chaotic Moon is looking to take advantage of the 20% of humans who already have a proclivity toward tattoos. For the rest? An appeal to safety and security, of course, and an assurance that a future offering could be a “Band-Aid-like package.”

Chaotic Moon’s dual-purpose tattoo is comprised of electro conductive ink embedded with sensors and microchips. Here is the reasoning why this product is so desirable according to one of the developers, Eric Schneider, who mentions the banking aspect to CBSNewYork:   Continue reading “New “Tech Tattoos” Will Be Tied To Medical And Banking Information”

Tech Dirt – by Tim Cushing

Apparently, the only way to stop terrorists from hating us for our freedom is to strip away those offensive freedoms.

Erik Barnett, the DHS’s attache to the European Union, pitched some freedom-stripping ideas to a presumably more receptive audience via an article for a French policy magazine. Leveraging both the recent Paris attacks and the omnipresent law enforcement excuse for any bad idea — child porn — Barnett suggested victory in the War on Terror can be achieved by stripping internet users of their anonymity. You know, all of them, not just the terrorists.    Continue reading “DHS Official Thinks People Should Have To Give Up Their Anonymity To Use The Internet”


RICE VALLEY, Ore. – The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says at about 8:45 a.m. on Saturday, it received a report of a stolen four wheeler from a barn in the 800 block of Thurman Road.

Deputies and Oregon State troopers spotted the stolen vehicle, but were unable to pursue it due to the terrain. The suspected driver of the four wheeler, 24 year old Ryan Scevers, had a dog with him at the time.   Continue reading “1 Man, 2 Dogs Dead In Shootout in Rice Valley Area”

Activist Post – by Catherine J. Frompovich

Everyone probably is familiar with the world population growth clock. Likewise, there’s the time-bomb-like clockwork for the United States national debt. But has anyone ever imagined what a clock would be like that ticks off Big Pharma’s impressive records?

Such a clock would not tick off Big Pharma’s earnings or profits, though. Much to everyone’s probable utter shock, a ‘clock’ has been developed and posted online titled “Pharma Death Clock”, which lists “Total deaths in the United States since January 1, 2000…Big Pharma’s chemical warfare on humanity dwarfs the number of victims killed by all world wars and acts of terrorism combined… While drug companies profit billions, people are dying by the millions.”   Continue reading “Are You Aware Of Big Pharma’s Impressive Records?”

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A video which claims to be made by Anonymous is demanding justice for killed Oregon rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum and for the IDs of the FBI agents who shot the protester with his hands in the air to be published.

The alleged Anonymous video was sent exclusively to News2Share online media outlet, based in Washington DC, early Sunday morning by an individual claiming to be a member of the Anonymous hacker community.   Continue reading “‘Anonymous’ video demands justice for killed rancher LaVoy, publication of FBI agents’ IDs”

The Guardian

An emergency World Health Organisation committee is meeting on Monday to advise on the response to the Zika virus, as the number of infected people continues to soar.

The committee will decide whether to designate the mosquito-borne virus – which has been linked to serious birth defects – a global emergency meriting immediate coordinated international action,amid criticism that it has been too slow to act.   Continue reading “WHO holds emergency meeting to advise on response to Zika virus”


Over 150,000 US households were left without electricity as gusts of an El Nino-driven storm downed trees and power poles is Southern California. Gusts of wind up to 115mph were recorded, with locals taking to social media to share the aftermath.

The storm, accompanied by heavy rain, hit the west coast, causing massive outages and flooding on Sunday night.    Continue reading “150,000 homes without power, gusts up to 115mph as El Nino storm hits US southwest”

BERLIN (AP) — The Latest on the huge influx of asylum-seekers to Europe (all times local):

4:20 p.m. In a protest that has gone viral online, Greek soccer players sat down on the field over the weekend to protest the growing death toll of refugees trying to reach the Greek islands from nearby Turkey.   Continue reading “The Latest: Greek soccer clubs protest refugee drownings”

NAYPYITAW, Myanmar (AP) — For a generation and more, they were the persistent, often persecuted opposition. On Monday, Aung San Suu Kyi’s pro-democracy party took a momentous step toward becoming Myanmar’s government.

Led for the first time by the National League for Democracy, parliament began a heady and historic session that will install the country’s first democratically elected government in more than 50 years.   Continue reading “Myanmar house begins new session dominated by Suu Kyi party”

The Daily Sheeple – by Melissa Dykes

The Colorado Supreme Court is forcing Judge Gilbert Martinez to explain why he should not have to release records in the case of the Planned Parenthood mass shooting.

Dozens of media outlets have complained to the state’s Supreme Court that the judge turned down requests for basic records such as affidavits of probable cause.   Continue reading “This Mainstream Video Shows Emergency Responders Saving A “Dummy” After Planned Parenthood Shooting”

Seattle Times – by Hal Bernton

BURNS, Ore. — This small town on the high desert has drawn a new influx of “patriot” groups, who came to town this weekend to launch a series of protests.

They are upset over law enforcement’s fatal shooting Tuesday of an Arizona rancher who participated in the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.   Continue reading “New influx of ‘patriots’ protest Oregon shooting”