Colonial Pipeline Co [COLPI.UL] shut down both of its main gasoline and distillates pipelines on Monday following an explosion and fire in Shelby County, Alabama, near the site of a gasoline spill last month.

A segment of the pipeline was undergoing maintenance on Monday afternoon when it exploded, resulting in several workers suffering serious injuries, according to the Shelby County sheriff’s office. The number of those injured is believed to be less than ten, the sheriff’s office said.   Continue reading “Colonial’s gasoline, distillate lines shut after explosion, fire in Alabama”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

With both Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton voicing extreme accusations of violating federal law against FBI Director Comey’s decision to be transparent about his investigation into Clinton’s emails, it appears President Obama is having none of it. As White House spokesman Josh Earnest stated: “President Obama doesn’t think Comey is trying to influence the election.”   Continue reading “Obama Destroys Clinton/Reid Narrative “Does Not Believe Comey Trying To Influence Election””

Jon Rappoport

I begin this piece with three quotes from my work-in-progress, The Underground:

“There is a media metaphysics. Its basic principle states that nothing exists until it becomes information. Now we have a new twist: information only becomes real when it reaches a mind already attuned to it. In other words, the tree falling in the forest makes a sound only if a user/consumer who wants a tree to fall receives video and audio of the event…”   Continue reading “The globalization of media: a failing strike force”

Anti-Media – by Carey Wedler

New York, NY — A business owner in Manhattan is suing the city after being forced to waive his fourth amendment rights and potentially forfeit his business because an NYPD officer sold illegal goods at his store.

You read that right.   Continue reading “NYPD Catches Itself Selling Stolen Goods, Blames Business Owner”

Breitbart – by Donna Rachel Edmunds

The BBC has come in for a slew of criticism for broadcasting a program aimed at children as young as six, which tells the story of a school boy as he prepares to transition to a girl.

The program, broadcast on CBBC, follows a boy as he attempts to access drugs to delay the onset of puberty, as part of the process for having an eventual sex change, the Mail on Sunday has reported.   Continue reading “BBC Under Fire for ‘Transgender Diaries’ Program Aimed at Children as Young as Six”

CATO Institute – by Abby W. Schachter and Adam Bates, New York Post

Prosecutors in Arizona promise they won’t charge parents with molestation for diapering or bathing their babies and children. The crazy part is that they have to make this promise at all.

Some background: Current Arizona law defines “sexual contact” as “any direct or indirect touching, fondling or manipulating of any part of the genitals, anus or female breast by any part of the body or by any object or causing a person to engage in such contact.” It’s a standard that does not require the state to prove sexual intent.
Continue reading “Meet the Law That Turns Parents into Pedophiles”

Daisy Luther

Do you remember that scene in the old Frankenstein movie when the villagers descended on the castle with burning stakes and pitchforks? The hounds were baying, people were shouting incoherently, and ignorant, fearful villagers watched the whole thing?

Listen in particular to the speech at the beginning of this. That’s about what the person leading the charge against James Comey is saying.   Continue reading “Torch-Wielding Mob of Democrat Villagers Grab Pitchforks and Go After James Comey”

Politico – by Burgess Everett

FBI Director James Comey “may have broken the law” by showing favoritism to Republicans in announcing new investigative steps regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid alleged on Sunday evening.

In a sharply worded letter that suggested Reid has lost confidence in Comey, the Nevada senator charged that Comey is withholding sensitive information about Russian meddling in the United States election and had “rushed to publicize” what Reid deems “thin innuendo” about emails that may be relevant to the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s email practices. Reid said his staff’s investigation into Comey’s work indicates the FBI director may have violated the Hatch Act, a law that prohibits political activity by most executive branch officials.   Continue reading “Reid: FBI director ‘may have broken the law’”

From the Chicago Tribune of all places…

Chicago Tribune – by John Kass

s America become so numb by the decades of lies and cynicism oozing from Clinton Inc. that it could elect Hillary Clinton as president, even after Friday’s FBI announcement that it had reopened an investigation of her emails while secretary of state?

We’ll find out soon enough.
Continue reading “Democrats should ask Clinton to step aside”


New York City’s Metropolitan Opera was forced to cancel its Saturday afternoon performance after unidentified powder, allegedly human ashes, was sprinkled into the orchestra pit.

Investigators said the man, whose name has not been disclosed, was in front of the first row of seats when he scattered a dust-like substance into the orchestra pit during the second intermission of Rossini’s William Tell opera on Saturday. Luckily, no musicians were in the pit at the time.    Continue reading “Man scatters ‘friend’s ashes’ in NYC Met Opera prompting evacuation”

BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanon’s parliament on Monday elected Michel Aoun, an 81-year-old former army commander and strong ally of the militant group Hezbollah, as the country’s president, ending a more than two-year vacuum in the top post and a political crisis that brought state institutions perilously close to collapse.

Aoun secured a simple majority of votes in the house after a chaotic session that saw several rounds of voting because extra ballots appeared in the ballot box each time. He garnered 83 votes out of 127 lawmakers present at the session.   Continue reading “Lebanese parliament elects new president, ending vacuum”