World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: Because the $600,000,000,000 (that is billion) the US already spends is not enough! The US currently makes up 36% of the entire world’s military spending as we pointed out in Chapter 2 of “The Timeline of the Tribulation“. They tell us those darn Russian’s are a threat as they account for just 4% of the world’s military spending or $91 billion dollars. How about Iran, “the greatest threat to peace in the middle east” according to the trump admin? Iran’s military spending is $10 billion a year with some reports claiming $19 billion. This means Iran’s military spending is roughly .4% of the world’s military spending. .4% and we are told they are a treat to the United States who is proposing to increase spending by 2.5 to 3 times the entire amount of Iran’s current budget. Ask questions folks and look at the numbers, the people are being lied to big time.

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World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: Because you never know where terrorism might lurk. In all seriousness this is a major violation of the people’s rights. Whether you live in San Diego is irrelevant. Your government is violating your rights. They constantly tell you, you are paranoid if you are concerned about your privacy while they install devices like these and record your phone conversations. Who is the paranoid one? It is the classic pot calling the kettle black! Become vocal with your family and friends on these issues, make them aware in a sensible manner.

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According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), at least 231 colleges and universities have created ‘Bias Response Teams’ or BRT’s.

BRT’s encourage nearly 3 MILLION students to anonymously report offensive, free speech to administrators and campus police.

How is this any different than DHS”s “If You See Something, Say Something” spying program?   Continue reading “Campus police are using ‘Bias Response Teams’ and ‘Threat Assessments’ to control students”

McClatchy – by Hannah Allam

In January, Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz received the call every Army chaplain dreams of, the call that validates years of intense study and hard work toward keeping the U.S. military in good spiritual health.

He was offered the job of chaplain for an entire division, an honor for anyone in his field but a milestone in his case. After a ceremony this summer, Shabazz will become the first Muslim division-level chaplain in the history of the U.S. military – a Muslim spiritual leader for more than 14,000 mostly Christian soldiers.
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Yahoo News

Washington (AFP) – US President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway has come under fire after a picture of her casually kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office was widely shared on social media.

In an image captured by an AFP photographer, Conway appears on the couch with her shoes on as Trump poses for a photo with leaders of historically black colleges and universities.   Continue reading “Trump aide Conway draws ire for kneeling on White House sofa”

The Guardian – by Carole Cadwalladr

Just over a week ago, Donald Trump gathered members of the world’s press before him and told them they were liars. “The press, honestly, is out of control,” he said. “The public doesn’t believe you any more.” CNN was described as “very fake news… story after story is bad”. The BBC was “another beauty”.

That night I did two things. First, I typed “Trump” in the search box of Twitter. My feed was reporting that he was crazy, a lunatic, a raving madman. But that wasn’t how it was playing out elsewhere. The results produced a stream of “Go Donald!!!!”, and “You show ’em!!!” There were star-spangled banner emojis and thumbs-up emojis and clips of Trump laying into the “FAKE news MSM liars!”   Continue reading “Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media”

BBC News – by Tom Feilden

Science is facing a “reproducibility crisis” where more than two-thirds of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist’s experiments, research suggests.

This is frustrating clinicians and drug developers who want solid foundations of pre-clinical research to build upon.

From his lab at the University of Virginia’s Centre for Open Science, immunologist Dr Tim Errington runs The Reproducibility Project, which attempted to repeat the findings reported in five landmark cancer studies.   Continue reading “Most scientists ‘can’t replicate studies by their peers’”


Chicken may sound like a healthier fast food option, but customers who make that choice at Subway might be in for a surprise. DNA tests have found their chicken was actually half soy, and now the company is saying that isn’t the way a sandwich should be.

Sub isn’t supposed to stand for substitute in the name Subway, but Trent University and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recently revealed that, on average, Subway’s chicken fillets contained just 53.6 percent chicken DNA and even worse, their chicken strips had only 42.8 percent chicken DNA.   Continue reading “Subway ‘concerned’ DNA tests show its chicken is more than 50% soy”

Jewish centers and schools across the nation coped with another wave of bomb threats Monday as officials in Philadelphia made plans to repair and restore hundreds of vandalized headstones at a Jewish cemetery.

Jewish Community Centers and day schools in at least a dozen states received threats, according to the JCC Association of North America. No bombs were found. All 21 buildings — 13 community centers and eight schools — were cleared by Monday afternoon and had resumed normal operations, the association said.   Continue reading “Jewish centers cope with bomb threats; graves vandalized”

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korean special prosecutors said they would indict Samsung’s de facto chief Tuesday on bribery, embezzlement and other charges linked to a political scandal that has toppled President Park Geun-hye.

The planned indictment of Samsung Electronics vice chairman Lee Jae-yong is a huge hit for the largest and most successful of the big businesses that dominate the South Korean economy. It also signals the still roiling state of South Korea’s political and economic circles after weeks of massive demonstrations that led to Park’s impeachment.   Continue reading “South Korean prosecutors to indict Samsung’s de facto chief”

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on President Donald Trump (all times local): 6:45 a.m. President Donald Trump says he believes President Barack Obama is behind some of the protests against Republican lawmakers across the country.

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” that aired Tuesday, Trump responded to a question about the protests, saying, “I think that President Obama is behind it, because his people are certainly behind it.”   Continue reading “Trump says Obama behind some political protests”


DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. – A young couple was sentenced to prison for their part in a racially charged crime.

Both wept as the sentences were handed down.

“Their actions were motivated by racial hatred,” said Superior Court Judge William McClain.   Continue reading “Couple will spend years in prison for terrorizing family”

ABC News

At least three people were killed and two were hospitalized after a small plane crashed into two homes in Riverside, California, according to officials.

The injured victims, both adults in their 30s and 40s, were transported to separate hospitals and are listed in critical condition, Riverside Fire Chief Michael Moore said in a press statement.   Continue reading “At least 3 dead after small plane crashes into California homes”


In addition to the scary problem of privately-operated, for-profit prisons, for-profit corporations are further incentivising higher incarceration rates by tapping into the prison population and exploiting what essentially amounts to slave labour. Regardless of your politics or how you feel about prisoners’ rights, this affects you! The corporations that exploit prisoner labour, eager to get even more of it, will continue to bribe (“lobby”) Washington for more laws and harsher sentences, because more prisoners = more cheap labour. Any financial incentive to needlessly put more people in prison should be cause for alarm! Furthermore, it is the taxpayers who are subsidizing the decreased labour costs of these private corporations.    Continue reading “Boycott Companies That Use Prison Labor”

PINAC – by Ben Keller

Texas cops handcuffed and detained PINAC reporter David Worden earlier this month, threatening to jail him for breaking a make-believe law for recording police station from a public sidewalk.

The Missouri City police station, southwest of Houston, is in plain view of the public right of way.

And if you can see it from public, you can photograph it as well.   Continue reading “Texas Cops Threaten PINAC Reporter with Make-Believe Law for Video Recording Police Station”

The Daily Beast – by Betsy Woodruff

The nation’s second largest private prison company is facing some serious legal challenges—and other companies may soon be in the same situation.

On Monday, a federal judge ruled that current and former detainees held at an immigrant detention center in Colorado can join a class-action lawsuit against GEO Group, a private prison company. The plaintiffs allege that the GEO Group forced detainees to work for extremely low wages or for no wages at all, and in some cases threatened detainees with solitary confinement as punishment if they refused to work. The center holds undocumented immigrants facing deportation.

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Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Albuquerque, NM — In a matter of two days, former Albuquerque police officer Dominique Perez went from facing a new trial for the murder of James Boyd to getting his job back.

A mistrial was declared by Judge Alisa Hadfield in October when only three of twelve jurors voted to convict the two officers — which, though deplorably typical, seems inexplicable given officer helmet-camera footage and several nasty details in the case.   Continue reading “Justice Failure — Cop Gets Job Back After Murdering Man on Video for Illegally Camping”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Tuscon, AZ — Disturbing body camera footage has been released this week showing a Tuscon cop assault an 86-year-old grandma by throwing her to the ground and then pepper spray a 65-year-old woman for trying to help her up.

Naturally, police are claiming they feared for their safety and were forced to use violence against the 4’5″ 100-lb elderly woman and her 65-year-old friend.   Continue reading “Raging Cop Slams 86-yo Grandma Down, Maces Elderly Woman Helping Her”


President Donald Trump is seeking what he called a “historic” increase in defense spending, but ran into immediate opposition from Republicans in Congress who must approve his plan and said it was not enough to meet the military’s needs.

The proposed rise in the Pentagon budget to $603 billion comes as the United States has wound down major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and remains the world’s strongest military power.   Continue reading “Trump seeks ‘historic’ U.S. military spending boost, domestic cuts”

Fox 8 News

J.C. Penney says it will be closing anywhere from 130 to 140 stores as well as two distribution centers over the next several months as it aims to improve profitability in the era of online shopping.

The closures, announced Friday, represent about 13 percent to 14 percent of the company’s current store count, and less than 5 percent of total annual sales.   Continue reading “J.C. Penney closing 130-140 stores, two distribution centers”