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Hold Your Ground – Gamma Ray

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“RumbleStrippin'” from Justin Johnson’s “Drivin’ it Down” Double-Album

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Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan – In Session

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Major Leak at Oroville Damn Detected

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All 100 US senators demand end to UN’s ‘anti-Israel agenda’

Jewish News Service ( All 100 U.S. senators signed a letter, sent to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, demanding that the world body end its “anti-Israel agenda.” The letter, authored by Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Christopher A. Coons (D-Del.), … Continue reading

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Trump: ‘I Will Never, Ever Infringe on the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms’

CNS News – by Melanie Arter President Donald Trump pledged to never infringe on the 2nd Amendment during a speech at the National Rifle Association’s meeting in Atlanta, Ga., on Friday. “We all took an oath to preserve and protect the … Continue reading

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US Deploys Troops Along Syria-Turkey Border

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Just three days after Turkish warplanes killed at least 20 US-backed Kurdish fighters along the Turkey-Syria border as well as several Kurdish peshmerga troops on Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq, footage posted by Syrian … Continue reading

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“The CIA Has Been Deeply Humiliated” – Ron Paul Interviews Julian Assange

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Having blasted the Trump administration for their hyprocritical flip-flop from “loving WikiLeaks” to “arrest Assange,” Ron Paul made his feelings very clear on what this signals: “If we allow this president to declare war … Continue reading

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The Word From the Trenches – April 28, 2017

Join in on the conversation. Call (641) 715-3610 then enter 220029#, press *6 to mute and unmute. You can listen on our player. To listen on a smart phone, just click this link: It will ask if you want … Continue reading

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Cop Who Broke Elderly Vet’s Ribs, Caught on Video AGAIN, Attacking Innocent Grandpa

Free Thought Project – by Jack Burns Buda, TX — For the second time in less than a year, a police officer with the Buda Police Department is being sued for excessive force and violating the civil rights of two … Continue reading

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Bill Nye The Eugenics Guy Wants To Know: Should Parents Be Penalized For Having “Extra Kids”?

The Daily Sheeple – by Piper McGowin The myth that is overpopulation is already starting to unravel before our eyes, just as predicted years ago. The propaganda will only work on the masses for a few more years before the … Continue reading

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Flagstaff Judge Rules Police Video of Suspect Inadmissible as “Prejudicial”

Gun Watch – by  Dean Weingarten The trial involving the Flagstaff shooting of a mob of drunken fraternity members who attacked an 18 year old pistol owner, is almost over. The shooting occurred in October of 2015.  As of 27 April, … Continue reading

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Why do Jews want to destroy the white race?

This is a religious perspective on why the Jews are so determined to either breed the white out of man or to kill the white race.If you notice, even though the Jews literally hate the Bible, they try to do … Continue reading

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Street gang MS-13 grips Long Island suburbs in violence

Yahoo News BRENTWOOD, N.Y. (AP) — Late at night, when helicopters thrum overhead and spotlights beam down onto lawns, many people here know exactly what’s going on. “You just think, ‘Oh, God, whose child is it now?’” said Stephanie Spezia, … Continue reading

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GOP Lawmaker: U.S. Won’t Spray Opium in Afghanistan Because Crops ‘Might Be Too Close to a Mosque’

Breitbart – by Edwin Mora WASHINGTON D.C. — The United States had the ability to use aerial spraying to destroy the opium crops in Afghanistan used by the Taliban to fund their terrorist activities after 9/11 but refused to do … Continue reading

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Bombing of Dresden in World War II

Metapedia The Bombing of Dresden by the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and United States Army Air Force (USAAF) between February 13 and February 15, 1945 were war crimes committed by the Allies of World War II. In four raids, … Continue reading

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Metapedia Antifa (from anti-fascism) is a term commonly used to describe often criminal and violent groups which attack organizations and individuals claimed to be “fascist” or “racist“. Many openly admit that the goal is to deny their opponents freedom of … Continue reading

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Congress votes to avert government shutdown — for one week

Yahoo News WASHINGTON — The majority of Democrats and Republicans in the House voted to postpone a government shutdown by one week, giving Congress until next Friday at midnight to hammer out a spending deal for the rest of the fiscal year. The … Continue reading

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Texas House Passes Bill to Jail ‘Sanctuary’ Sheriffs, Police Chiefs

Breitbart – by Bob Price The Texas House passed a tough anti-sanctuary bill containing provisions making it a crime for sheriffs and chiefs of police to refuse to cooperate with immigration officials. They could also be removed from office for … Continue reading

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Jews admit organizing White Genocide

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