CNN – by Eric Levenson and Samira Said

Workers taking down a controversial Confederate monument in St. Louis have discovered a 102-year-old time capsule buried in its base.

Removal of the Confederate Memorial in Forest Park began Monday as part of an agreement between St. Louis and the Missouri Civil War Museum.

The copper time capsule was sealed in the center of the very bottom of the monument about a month before it was completed, said Mark Trout, executive director of the Missouri Civil War Museum, who knew about the capsule’s existence from historical documents.   Continue reading “Time capsule found as Confederate monument taken down in St. Louis”

Anti-Media – by Carey Wedler

The Drug Enforcement Agency just admitted that cannabis has never killed anyone. Ever. They also acknowledged that the little green plant, which has been used across civilizations for thousands of years, causes “merriment” and “happiness.” But they still want to keep it illegal.

The new 94-page report released this week is entitled “Drugs of Abuse” and is intended to foster a better understanding of the dangers of drug consumption. “Education plays a critical role in preventing substance abuse,” the document opens. “Drugs of Abuse, A DEA Resource Guide, is designed to be a reliable resource on the most commonly abused and misused drugs in the United States.”   Continue reading “The DEA Just Admitted Weed Has Never Killed Anyone and Causes ‘Happiness’”

Natural News – by Mike Adams

A fascinating new study published in Precision Oncology has found that a combination of three plant-based nutrients “melts away” prostate cancer cells. The study, led by University of Texas researcher Stefano Tiziani, is entitled Combinatorial treatment with natural compounds in prostate cancer inhibits prostate tumor growth and leads to key modulations of cancer cell metabolism.

As described in the University of Texas newsletter, this breakthrough discovery allows people to “starve prostate cancer with what you eat for dinner.”   Continue reading “Prostate cancer breakthrough: Combination of three plant-based nutrients found to MELT AWAY prostate cancer cells”

Yahoo News

A twin-engine plane crashed on the 405 Freeway in Orange County, California, Friday, the FAA confirmed to ABC News.

According to the agency, there were two people aboard the Cessna 310, which erupted into flames after slamming into the highway near John Wayne Airport. Both occupants, a man and a woman, suffered traumatic injuries, Orange County fire officials told ABC affiliate KABC.   Continue reading “Plane bursts into flames as it crashes on California freeway”

NPR – by Amita Kelly

President Trump says he is “sending in Federal help” to Chicago to help curb gun violence.

The president tweeted early Friday that crime in Chicago has reached “epidemic proportions,” referencing the nearly 2,000 shootings in the city so far this year.  Continue reading “Chicago, Feds Create ‘Strike Force’ To Curb Gun Violence”


North Korea is notorious for its totalitarian regime and human rights violations. Fewer people may realize the secretive country is also sitting on trillions in untapped wealth.

Embedded deep beneath the country’s mountainous zones are some 200 varietiesof minerals, including gold, iron, copper, zinc, magnesite, limestone, tungsten, and graphite, Quartz reports.

Some of these stockpiles are among the largest in the world, and North Korea, a tiny and cash-strapped nation, frequently uses them to bring in additional revenue — no matter the laws against doing so.   Continue reading “North Korea is sitting on a stockpile of minerals worth trillions”

NBC News

A gunman wearing a doctor’s coat is dead after shooting multiple people inside a New York City hospital in what appears to be a case of workplace violence, sources say.

The rifle-wielding gunman at Bronx Lebanon Hospital was dressed in a white doctor’s-type coat when he shot at least five people shortly before 3 p.m., sources tell News 4.

He’s been identified as Dr. Henry Michael Bello, a 45-year-old family medicine doctor.    Continue reading “Rifle-Wielding Gunman in Doctor’s Coat Shoots at Least 5 in NYC Hospital”

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A major hi-tech Russian military research center has unveiled what appears to be a prototype of a next-generation combat suit. The stunning gear, resembling Star Wars outfits, will be worn by Russian soldiers on future battlefields.

The prototype features a helmet covering the soldier’s face and cutting-edge body armor.

The next-generation combat gear also includes a powered exoskeleton to help increase performance and stamina while fighting.   Continue reading “Russian military lab unveils prototype of Star Wars-like combat suit”


Israel’s air force has targeted a Syrian military position with an airstrike, after a projectile launched towards Israel landed in the Golan Heights, the Israel Defense Forces announced.

The announcement of the Israeli strike came just 45 minutes after the IDF said that an “errant projectile from internal fighting in Syria” had hit an open area in the Golan Heights, and that no injuries had been reported.   Continue reading “Israeli Air Force targets Syrian military positions in response to ‘errant projectile’”

Sacramento Sheriff’s Department

On June 28, 2017, Sheriff’s homicide detectives arrested Nicory Marquis Spann, 27, of Sacramento for the shooting of a Sheriff’s Deputy that occurred yesterday evening.

A little before 6:00 p.m. on June 27, 2017, a Sheriff’s deputy voiced over the radio that a suspect was fighting with him on the lower platform of Regional Transit located at Watt Avenue and Interstate 80 in North Highlands.  Shortly after the initial radio transmission, the officer updated that he had been shot.
Continue reading “Suspect Arrested in Deputy Shooting” – by Lori Handrahan, February 14, 2017

When a University of North Dakota professor was arrested on child pornography charges, The Dakota Student asked “We can’t help but wonder if this type of thing is common in other schools around the nation?” The answer is yes. A concerning number professors and staff have been arrested for trading in brutal child sex abuse, including of infants. From University of Virginia’s Assistant Dean, Michael Morris downloading infant anal rape to Kirk Nesset, professor at Allegheny College with over 500,000 videos/images including folders called “kidsfuck,” too many professors and staff are involved in child sex trafficking.   Continue reading “Professors & Staff Arrested for Trading in Child Rape”

The Hill – by Timothy Cama

President Trump approved construction of a new pipeline between the United States and Mexico Thursday, saying it will go “right under” the wall he plans to build along the border.

“My administration has just approved construction of a new petroleum pipeline to Mexico, which will further boost American energy exports,” Trump said Thursday in prepared remarks at the Energy Department headquarters as part of the administration’s Energy Week.   Continue reading “Trump approves US-Mexico pipeline”

The Daily Sentinel – by Gary Harmon

A Grand Junction company has leased more than a square mile of land in Utah in which it will test its plans to collect oil and natural gas from rock heated by microwave technology.

Qmast LLC has a three-year exploration and demonstration lease for the site about 50 miles from Grand Junction, Peter Kearl, president and chief science officer, said.

The lease is with Utah’s Schools and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, which deals with lands dedicated at statehood to fund schools and other institutions. It frequently assembles those lands in areas known to contain minerals.   Continue reading “Colorado company to use microwave technology in Utah”

LA Times

Californians no longer will face losing their driver’s licenses because of unpaid traffic fines starting next month.

Gov. Jerry Brown said the punishment doesn’t help the state collect unpaid fines and can send low-income people into a cycle of job losses and more poverty.

The policy will help ensure people’s lives are not derailed by traffic tickets, said Sen. Bob Hertzberg, a Van Nuys Democrat who has championed the issue in the Legislature.  Continue reading “California no longer will suspend driver’s licenses for traffic fines”

The Daily Caller – by Alan Korwin

In a “more guns” bill that alarmed even pro-gun-rights activists, representative Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) has proposed arming federal legislators to the exclusion of regular citizens. An existing bill, HR 38, to make the firearm-carry permits of normal American citizens valid nationally, has languished in Congress since the election of Donald Trump.

Motivated by the attempted assassination of republican officials playing baseball in Virginia, the proposed Brooks bill would exempt elected federal officials from controversial and possibly unconstitutional laws banning their right to keep and bear arms in the nation’s capital — and anywhere else in the nation. The general public has suffered under such bans for decades, and has been assaulted and murdered by the tens of thousands annually while unarmed and defenseless.   Continue reading “Concealed Carry For Congress, But Not For You”

Breitbart – by Chris Tomlinson

Czech lawmakers have passed legislation in the lower parliament that would see the right to bear firearms enshrined in the country’s constitution in a move directed against tighter regulations from the European Union.

The legislation was passed with 139 deputies agreeing to the amendment to the constitution with only nine deputies voting against. The amendment will now be considered by the Czech Senate where it will require a supermajority of three-fifths of the members in order to pass into law, Die Presse reportsContinue reading “Czech Republic Parliament Passes Constitutional Right to Bear Arms”