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Rothschild Just Pulled A Lot Of Money Out Of The US: “Period of Monetary Accommodation May Well Be Coming To An End.”

Sent to us by a reader. SHTF Plan – by Daniel Lang When it comes figuring out how to invest your money, one of the best things you can do is to simply watch what other more successful people are … Continue reading

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Petition calls for removal of Indiana University mural depicting KKK scene

AOL BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WXIN) — A longtime piece of artwork at IU is now at the center of controversy, leading to hundreds of students calling for school officials to take it down. The painting is part of a 22-panel mural inside … Continue reading

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Sheriff Ward admits to premeditated MURDER of Robert LaVoy Finicum

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Canta Libre – Neil Diamond

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Press Briefing – CBP Announces Contract Awards for Wall Prototypes

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Controlled Opposition – MILO on Censorship in Silicon Valley

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Irma may become Category 4 hurricane while tracking across Atlantic; Will it affect the US?

AccuWeather – by Faith Eherts While the Gulf Coast continues to deal with the devastating impacts of Harvey, emergency managers in the United States have another tropical threat to monitor by the name of Irma. Far across the Atlantic, just … Continue reading

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New Evidence Reveals Comey Exonerated Hillary Before Key Witness Interviews

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden A new letter from Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham reveal testimony from new witnesses suggesting that former FBI Director James Comey had already started drafting documentation exonerating Hillary Clinton long before interviewing key witnesses, … Continue reading

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Trump to ‘personally’ donate $1 million for Hurricane Harvey relief

Chron WASHINGTON – While Congress readies a multi-billion dollar aid package to rebuild the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the White House announced Thursday that President Donald Trump will donate $1 million of his own money to … Continue reading

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Google’s New Policies are Straight out of Orwell’s 1984

Truth Stream Media – by Melissa Dykes Remember 1984? In Orwell’s dystopic vision of the future, there was a huge difference between “truth” — what actually is — and “facts” — what a consensus has been led to believe. Now the search … Continue reading

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The Harmful Organism Cleansing Benefits of Pau D’Arco

The Sleuth Journal – by Dr. Edward F. Group III Pau d’arco is an herb found in the rainforests of the Amazon and in South and Latin America. Pau d’arco bark has been used by indigenous Latin populations for centuries … Continue reading

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Andrea Parker ~ Eric Parker and Scott Drexler will be in trial with Tier 1 starting on October 10th

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Accurate Nashville Statement’ Embraces LGBTQ With Love to Counter Bigoted Hate

Common Dreams – by Julia Conley Disturbed by the use of their city’s name in an anti-LGBTQ document signed by more than 180 conservative Christian leaders, hundreds of Nashville residents have signed a counter-argument to clarify the true values of … Continue reading

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Illinois governor signs ‘sanctuary state’ bill into law

Need to Know News Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, a Republican, signed a ‘sanctuary state’ bill into law that prohibits police from making an arrest based solely on the fact that they are in the country illegally. They must have a … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Break Free – August 31, 2017

Join in on the conversation. Call (641) 715-3610 then enter 220029#, press *6 to mute and unmute. You can listen on our player. To listen on a smart phone, just click this link: It will ask if you want … Continue reading

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Here Is Why Obama & Kate Brown had LaVoy FINICUM NDAA Executed

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PRONG – “Divide And Conquer”

Sent to me by The Rev.

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Lawmakers pressure Trump to let Central Americans stay in the US

Sac Bee – by Teresa Welsh Lawmakers from across the country are trying to build support in Congress to pressure President Donald Trump to allow nearly 300,000 immigrants from Honduras and El Salvador to stay in the country, adding to … Continue reading

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Undocumented dad detained by ICE since February released, reunites with family

Daily News ADELANTO >> Outside a desert jail Wednesday evening, there were tears. Embraces. Six months after Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez while he took his daughters to school one February morning, he was a free man. … Continue reading

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In Trump, local law enforcement sees a steadfast ally

AP WASHINGTON (AP) — When Attorney General Jeff Sessions told local police departments they could once again have access to free grenade launchers and large-caliber weapons cast off from the U.S. military, law enforcement groups checked another item off their … Continue reading

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