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Nividia wants to turn police vehicles into 360 degree facial recognition platforms

MassPrivateI Last week, COBAN Technologies (CT) and Digital Barriers (DB) announced that they are working together to install facial biometrics in police dash cams. “Coban Technologies Inc., a leader in body-worn cameras and in-car video solutions for law enforcement, today announced that it is … Continue reading

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Corey Feldman Vows To Release Names Of 6 Powerful Hollywood Pedophiles

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden For years, actor and former child star Corey Feldman has been warning anybody who would listen that Hollywood is a place where adults have more inappropriate contact with children than probably anywhere else in … Continue reading

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Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds”– Illuminati Psy Op?

Henry Makow – by LC Vincent Hardly a month goes by when society is not subject to some psychological (or real) attack, whether it be false flag terror or white knuckle warmongering. These attacks are orchestrated by the Illuminati and trumpeted … Continue reading

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China has practiced bombing runs targeting Guam, US says

Defense News – by Tara Copp JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM, Hawaii — China has practiced bombing runs targeting the U.S. territory of Guam, one of a host of activities making U.S. forces here consider Beijing the most worrisome potential threat … Continue reading

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Halloween college snowflakes costumes video

MassPrivateI image credit: Break image credit: Campus Reform

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Finicum Family Update from Jeanette

I wanted to give you an update on where my family is as we approach the two year anniversary of LaVoy’s death.Although I don’t think my life will ever go back to ‘normal’ I am learning more about the day-to-day … Continue reading

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One man’s border patrol to stop illegal crossings, drugs

Daily Mail There’s a stereotype about the kind of civilian who patrols the US border, and Tim ‘Nailer’ Foley fits it. He’s a leathery, divorced, ex-military 58-year-old who lost everything in the 2008 economic crash, and he now stalks the … Continue reading

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Spain’s constitutional court cancels Catalonia declaration of independence

RT Spain’s Constitutional Court has overturned Catalonia’s declaration of independence, announced by the region’s government on Friday, the court spokeswoman said. The news came as deposed Catalan President Carles Puigdemont was giving a speech in Brussels, his first since Madrid … Continue reading

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Trump chief of staff Kelly decries removal of monuments WASHINGTON (AP) — White House chief of staff John Kelly says Confederate General Robert E. Lee was “an honorable man” and applying current thinking on social issues to figures in history is “very, very dangerous.” Kelly also said in … Continue reading

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University of Utah: Student from China killed in carjacking SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The University of Utah says an international student was killed in a fatal carjacking near the school late Monday, causing a campus-wide lockdown as police continue to search for the suspected gunman. ChenWei Guo … Continue reading

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Yiannopoulos on California campus, police gird for violence FULLERTON, Calif. (AP) — Right-wing firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos is scheduled to speak at a Southern California college campus on Halloween night and other student groups are planning a “unity” party demonstration to offset what they say is his hateful … Continue reading

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200 dead in tunnel accident at N.Korea nuclear test site

Yahoo News More than 200 people are feared to have died when a tunnel caved in at North Korea’s nuclear test site after its latest detonation, a Japanese news report said Tuesday. A tunnel collapsed at Punggye-ri in early September, … Continue reading

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President Xi is ruthless in his determination to return China to greatness

Daily Mail- Mark Almond Yesterday, the world was witness to a seminal event: the confirmation of China’s President Xi Jinping as all-powerful leader of the world’s most populous country. On the final day of its Congress, the Communist Party elevated Xi … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Now Claiming That It Is A CRIME To Investigate Hillary Clinton’s Ties To Russia

SHTF Plan – by Alex Thomas As the public has finally began to realize the extent of the corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton, including the now infamous Russia Uranium One deal, the mainstream media has gone into hyper-drive to discredit and … Continue reading

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Nothing but the Truth | Anti New World Order Song

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China’s Sinopec mulls U.S. oil projects ahead of Trump’s visit – sources

Reuters SINGAPORE, Oct 31 (Reuters) – China’s state oil major Sinopec is evaluating two projects in the United States that could boost Gulf Coast crude oil exports and also expand storage facilities in the Caribbean, two people familiar with the … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween From the Trenches!

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The Dark State

The North Star – by Adrian Avramescu Summary. We know for sure that: – Western countries have organized drug trafficking in the past; – there is a strong drug industry existing; – there are no individuals who have illicit assets … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Offended States of America

The Organic Prepper If you know something is going to upset you, why would you deliberately put yourself in a situation in which you will be angered, saddened, or hurt? There’s no other answer except that you actually want to … Continue reading

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What U.S. Soldiers Actually Sign up For

Lew Rockwell – by Laurence M. Vance President Trump is in hot water for supposedly disrespecting the family of a slain U.S. soldier. Earlier this month, four U.S. soldiers were killed in an ambush by Islamic extremists/militants/terrorists/bad guys in the African … Continue reading

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