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Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Have an awake and aware New Year From the Trenches.

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Woman attacks neighbor over American flag in yard

American Mirror – by Kyle Olson An elderly man is proving to be unflappable after his neighbor allegedly raged on him because of the American flag flying in the man’s front yard. The (Florida) Citrus County Chronicle reports on the Christmas Eve … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, Trenchers!

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The more we learn about Amtrak derailment the stranger it gets

The Hill – by Russell G. Quimby As a retired National Transportation Safety Board railroad and rapid transit accident investigator, the more I hear about the Dec. 18 derailment of Washington state Sound Transit Cascades Train 501, the stranger it … Continue reading

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Sheriff’s Deputy Killed, 6 Other People Hurt In Colorado Shooting

Yahoo News Five deputies were shot, one fatally, after responding to a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex south of Denver on Sunday morning, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said. Two civilians were also shot, but their condition is unknown. Authorities have not … Continue reading

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2018 has arrived: Fireworks galore as southern hemisphere rings in new year

RT As the rest of the world prepares to party like it’s 1999 to ring in 2018, the New Year’s festivities have already kicked off in style across Asia and Australia. Melbourne, Australia made a valiant effort with its New … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton Begs for Money on Twitter, BACKFIRES Spectacularly!

Truth Feed News Bill Clinton is back…and he’s begging for money for the crooked Clinton foundation. 

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Happy New Year!

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How Much Death and Destruction Awaits Us in 2018?

Paul Craig Roberts The New Year is one full of economic, political, and war threats. Among the economic threats are stock, bond, and real estate markets artificially pumped up by years of central bank money creation and by false reports … Continue reading

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Just How Much Did Cliven Bundy Actually Owe? See The Document For Yourself – It Wasn’t Millions

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown, November 20, 2017 Last week, as the trial of Cliven, Ammon, and Ryan Bundy, along with Ryan Payne got underway, we reported on bombshells that were dropped by government witness Mary Ann Rugwell (my apologies for … Continue reading

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Snow, Bitter Cold That Has Settled Over U.S. Kills Several People, Animals

Weather Channel Piles of snow from Winter Storm Frankie and a bitter arctic blast settled over much of North America have proven to be a miserable and deadly combination. The bitter cold that has reached temperatures as low as negative 36 degrees … Continue reading

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Gray State – The Rise (FULL MOVIE)

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German Jewish Leader Warns That Jews May Require Police Protection As Anti-Semitism Escalates

Breitbart Former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Charlotte Knobloch claims that Jews are increasingly under threat in public and may require police protection to lead a normal life without harassment and violence. Ms Knobloch, who is now the President of … Continue reading

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Nah, they’re not spraying us

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Residents fled gun violence at a Pittsburgh public housing project. But refugees are still moving in.

DPR When Bill Gandy was growing up in Northview Heights in the 1970s and 80s, no one had to show identification to get in. But now there are armed guards and 200 security cameras dotted around this sprawling, isolated public … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions Rescinds Legal Doc to Allow Police to Jail People for Being Poor

Free Thought Project – by Rachel Blevins In addition to his “War on Cannabis,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently revealed that he is also in favor of a “War on Poverty,” when he rescinded a legal guidance document that was meant … Continue reading

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Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments

The Intercept – by Glenn Greenwald IN SEPTEMBER OF last year, we noted that Facebook representatives were meeting with the Israeli government to determine which Facebook accounts of Palestinians should be deleted on the ground that they constituted “incitement.” The meetings — called … Continue reading

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2 Security Guards Shot Dead at Las Vegas Hotel-Casino Were Investigating Disturbance

Time (LAS VEGAS) — Two Las Vegas security guards were fatally shot Saturday while investigating a disturbance in a room at a hotel-casino and the suspected shooter is facing critical injuries after turning the gun on himself, police said. The … Continue reading

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Security Tab For Top Officials’ Israeli Visits Tops $150,000

Texas Public Radio Israel has long been a focal point in international policy for Texas Republican lawmakers. Several current Texas officials have traveled to the country. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick even got baptized in the Jordan River. But Peggy Fikac, Austin bureau chief … Continue reading

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2017 Proves to Have Been a Banner Year for the Military Industrial Complex

Waking Times – by Isaac Davis We live in an era when a Nobel Peace Prize winner an oversee 8 years of war, thousands of extrajudicial drone bombings and killing of innocent people, and no one calls into question the credentials of … Continue reading

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