Fox News

At least 41 cops have left the Seattle Police Department this year, many of them reportedly citing frustration with the city’s politics and a perceived lack of support from local officials.

Though documents showed some officers left the force due to retirement, a source in the department told Q13 FOX some 20 officers left and sought employment at other law enforcement agencies.   Continue reading “Seattle cops flee the force in ‘mass exodus’ due to frustrations with city’s politics, report says”

Wall Street Journal

Cuts to two fiber lines caused a widespread system failure at cable giant Comcast Corp. CMCSA 0.55% on Friday that knocked out cable, internet and phone services around the country.

It was unclear how many customers were affected as the system failure, which appeared contained to Comcast’s network, also disrupted connectivity services such as Netflix Inc. and Okta Inc. as other internet service providers routed internet traffic through Comcast’s network, according to network-monitoring firm ThousandEyes.  Continue reading “Comcast Blames Widespread Service Outage on Cut Fiber Lines”

The Common Sense Show

In a previous radio  interview with Steve Quayle, he said two very disturbing things. the first was how very close the Deep State is to totally taking over and second, that his research, from years ago, discovered that FEMA camps would become beheading facilities. I have since been told and have been able to confirm FEMA’s Billing Code for Death by Guillotine is ICD9-E978. This would be FEMA as in FEMA camp. With renewed interest being shown by the public in FEMA camps because of the Brownsville converted Walmart into a FEMA camp, this is a good time to bring this information out on the public.   Continue reading “FEMA’s Billing Code for Death by Guillotine is ICD9-E978”

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: This goes right in line with other articles about the state of our economy as a whole. Just yesterday we discussed US Corporations are $6.3 trillion in debt.

U.S. operations of Deutsche Bank failed an annual regulatory stress test by the Federal Reserve, according to results released Thursday.   Continue reading “Deutsche Bank Fails Federal Reserve Stress Test”

Daily Kos

Gina Dimuro writes a fascinating piece in ati (All That’s Interesting), on the consequences of what rampant centuries-long incestuous marriages in one of Europe’s most powerful dynasties of Medieval and Renaissance Europe who reigned over much of Europe for centuries can do to offspring from such relationships.   Continue reading “The Habsburg Jaw And The Cost Of Royal Inbreeding”

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill

Mass-shooter Jarrod Ramos had several Twitter Accounts, most of which Twitter has suspended. But wading through his social media accounts, many of his Twitter Accounts were linked to each other, and at least one is still up at the present time. I don’t expect it to be up much longer after this post though, so save this stuff quick if you want it.

Two of Ramos’ accounts that were suspended by Twitter are @ judgemoylanfrnd, spoofing Judge Charles E. Moylan, Jr. and @erichartleyfrnd, Ramos main account created in 2011, which he described as a “page to defend myself.”   Continue reading “Accused Mass-Murderer Jarrod Ramos Had Several Twitter Accounts- They’ve Suspended Them All, But Missed This One.”


(Bloomberg) — Bitcoin’s meteoric rise last year had many observers calling it one of the biggest speculative manias in history. The cryptocurrency’s 2018 crash may help cement its place in the bubble record books.

Down 70 percent from its December high after sliding for a fourth straight day on Friday, Bitcoin is getting ever-closer to matching the Nasdaq Composite Index’s 78 percent peak-to-trough plunge after the U.S. dot-com bubble burst. Hundreds of other virtual coins have all but gone to zero — following the same path as and other red-hot initial public offerings that flamed out in the early 2000s.   Continue reading “Bitcoin Bloodbath Nears Dot-Com Levels as Many Tokens Go to Zero”

Middletown Transcript

Gov. John Carney, on June 27, signed House Substitute 1 for House Bill 222 into law surrounded by members of the general assembly of both parties, law enforcement and advocates for gun safety.

This legislation, sponsored by Rep. David Bentz, allows a court to issue a lethal violence protection order in cases where a family member or law enforcement officer can show that the respondent poses a danger to self or others by owning, possessing, controlling, purchasing or receiving a firearm.   Continue reading “Delaware Governor Carney Signs “Red Flag” Legislation”

Washington Post – by DeNeen L. Brown

A lawyer representing the eldest son and two grandsons of Henrietta Lacks, whose “immortal cells” have been the subject of a best-selling book, a TV movie, a family feud, cutting-edge medical research and a multibillion-dollar biotech industry, announced last week that she plans to file a petition seeking “guardianship” of the cells.  

“The question we are dealing with is ‘Can the cells sue for mistreatment, misappropriation, theft and for the profits earned without their consent?’ ” said Christina J. Bostick, who is representing Lawrence Lacks, the eldest son of Lacks, and grandsons Lawrence Lacks Jr. and Ron Lacks.  Continue reading “Can the ‘immortal cells’ of Henrietta Lacks sue for their own rights?”

The Hill

Nevada legal brothel owner and HBO “Cathouse” star Dennis Hof, who won a GOP primary to run for the Nevada state Assembly earlier this month, was accused in a newly released police report of raping a sex worker at his brothel in 2005.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Lyon County prosecutors closed the case due to a lack of physical evidence. Hof denied the incident.   Continue reading “Brothel owner who won GOP primary accused of raping prostitute”