Washington Times – by Stephen Dinan

The U.S. tied its all-time record for new immigration — both legal and illegal — in 2016, with 1.75 million arrivals, according to a new study Wednesday.

The Center for Immigration Studies, which is releasing the report, says the increase is part of a post-Great Recession rebound that’s quickly changing the demographics of the U.S.  Continue reading “Total Immigration to US Ties All-Time Record”

Market Watch – by Shawn Langlois

Don Lemon to his critics: Sorry, not sorry.

It all started earlier this week when the CNN host set off a social-media firestorm during a conversation with Chris Cuomo in which he said this:

‘We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.’

Continue reading “CNN’s Don Lemon doesn’t apologize for calling white men ‘biggest terror threat’”

Forbes – by Jonathan Berr

Instagram removed two anti-semitic hashtags linking Jews with the 9-11 terrorist attacks “#911wasdonebythejews” and “jewsdid911”,  after the New York Times found nearly 12,000 posts on the photo-sharing site promoting the conspiracy theory in the wake of the recent massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

As The Atlantic noted, however, the photo-sharing site still has got plenty of anti-semitic content and has done a poor job of policing it.  I found at least two dozen Instagram accounts with the words “hate Jews” in them. There are more than 2 million posts under the hashtag #hitler including one I found a denying the Holocaust. As I noted recently, Instagram also is chock full of pornography despite its much-mocked no nudity rule.  Continue reading “Instagram Belatedly Cracks Down On Anti-Semitism After Pittsburgh Massacre”

The New Observer

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) organization—targeted by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers—works full time to bring fake refugees to America and Europe, while at the same time helping to expel them from Israel and ship them to white countries, a review of that organization’s activities shows.

According to the HIAS website, that organization said that “HIAS continues to resettle the most vulnerable refugees of all faiths and ethnicities from all over the world. In the US we work with local social service organizations around the country to welcome refugees and help them integrate into their communities and build new lives.”   Continue reading “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) Imports “Refugees” to White Countries, Even from Israel”

The Organic Prepper

We’ve been pretty lucky over the last ten years in terms of inflation, which has remained at about 2%. However, if the Wall Street Journal is correct, our luck is about to run out.

The price of just about everything is set to increase in the coming months. Part of this is because manufacturers and suppliers are facing rising costs, just like the rest of us.   Continue reading “According to the Wall Street Journal, Inflation Is About to Increase the Prices of EVERYTHING”

Reason – by Zuri Davis

An incident on the University of Central Florida’s campus is a reminder that not everyone is willing to suspend their fear and paranoia for the sake of Halloween.

The campus was put on alert Tuesday when unnamed student decided dress up like the Terminator. The student decided to take his costume to the next level by pairing his dark clothing with a bandolier containing real ammunition. According to a police statement, someone made a call to 911 to report the student as suspicious. Police arrived “swiftly,” detained the student, and questioned him. University police determined that he was not a threat and decided against making an arrest.   Continue reading “Police Detained a College Student Over Terminator Costume”

Moon of Alabama – by Isa Blumi

The war on Yemen today is a brutal example of how the expansion of global capitalist interests destroys nations.It first takes the form of neoliberalism (often innocently labeled as globalisation) and then, as the inevitable structural collapse of the targeted country begins, (with its inevitable popular resistance undermining the political order), a more overt form of violence is introduced.

The war on Yemen moved towards the most violent form of war. A siege on a whole country with the obvious intent to cause a genocidal famine of the resisting population.  Continue reading “Yemen – After 200,000 Died An Embarrassed U.S. Finally Calls For Negotiations”

Activist Post – by Nicholas West

Just a little over 10 years after drone surveillance inside U.S. borders was declared a conspiracy theory, it is now an indisputable fact of life. So, too, are military grade drones along the “border,” which in reality constitutes a 100-mile-wide swath that encircles the continental United States and 2/3 of its population.   Continue reading “DARPA Seeks FAA Approval For Military Drones Over American Cities By 2030 – At The Latest”

Breitbart – by Ann Coulter

Having mastered fake news, now the media are trying out a little fake history.

In the news business, new topics are always popping up, from the Logan Act and the emoluments clause to North Korea. The all-star panels rush to Wikipedia, so they can pretend to be experts on things they knew nothing about an hour earlier.   Continue reading “Ann Coulter: The True History of Millstone Babies”


WHEREAS great quantities of paper bills of credit have been created and issued in his Majesty’s colonies or plantations in America, by virtue of acts, orders, resolutions, or votes of assembly, making and declaring such bills of credit to be legal tender in payment of money: and whereas such bills of credit have greatly depreciated in their value, by means whereof debts have been discharged with a much less value than was contracted for, to the great discouragement and prejudice of the trade and commerce of his Majesty’s subjects, by occasioning confusion in dealings, and lessening credit in the said colonies or plantations: Continue reading “The Currency Act of 1764”