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The Epoch Times

NEW YORK—The United Nations, during events in Geneva and New York this week, is being urged to investigate the Chinese regime for killing prisoners of conscience for their organs.

Addressing the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva on Sept. 24, London-based lawyer Hamid Sabi presented findings from a report released in June by the China Tribunal, an international panel of lawyers and experts convened to investigate claims that the Chinese regime has been forcibly extracting prisoners’ organs for transplant.  Continue reading “Experts Call on UN to Investigate China’s Killing of Religious Dissidents for Their Organs”

Daily News

A mysterious subway singer who stunned passengers with her performance has been revealed as a classically trained musician who was made homeless after falling ill and racking up huge medical bills.

Emily Zamourka, 52, became a viral sensation after a police officer captured her singing at a subway station in Koreatown, Los Angeles.  Continue reading “Mysterious viral LA subway singer is revealed as classically trained musician who was made homeless”

Need to Know

Organized shoplifting, known as ‘grab and dash’ are groups of thieves who rush into stores and steal armloads of merchandise, and they are on the rise in California. Law enforcement and the retail industry blame California’s Proposition 47 that sets $950 as the amount a person can steal without facing felony charges. Even when thieves are caught, their fines usually are less than the amount they steal. -GEG Continue reading “California Law Allows ‘Grab and Dash’ Theft Rings to Steal $950 in Merchandise Before Facing Felony Charges”


Several Antifa members crowded around an elderly woman with a rolling walker, blocking her from crossing a street outside a college in Canada, where they held a rally against a local MP, ending with scuffles and arrests.

The ugly scene took place amid a loud Antifa protest outside Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario on Sunday. Video of the event, shared on social media, shows an elderly couple attempting to cross the street on a marked crosswalk as four masked protesters deliberately loom over them, blocking their path.  Continue reading “Shock and outrage as masked Antifa crowd blocks and shouts at elderly couple in Canada”

My Central Jersey

SOMERVILLE – A former Franklin Township police officer was sentenced to five years’ probation and ordered to attend Drug Court on charges of possessing heroin and driving while intoxicated while on duty in April.

Matthew D. Ellery, 29, of Middlesex Borough, was sentenced Friday by Superior Court Judge Kathy Qasim as part of a plea agreement reached in July with the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office.  Continue reading “Franklin police officer who overdosed on heroin in patrol car gets probation”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Austin, TX — In case after infuriating case, the Free Thought Project has reported on instances of horrifying rights violations all stemming from a police officer claiming to smell a plant. We have seen both women and men sodomized and raped — often times in public — as cops search for this smell. We have seen entire families held hostage, women and children beaten up, rampant sexual assault, and all of it stemming from a plant smell. The following incident is one of those cases and the taxpayers are about to pay dearly for it.  Continue reading “Cop Smells Weed, Walks Up to Innocent Man, Beats, Falsely Arrests Him”

Washington Post – by Antonia Noori Farzan

The officer listened to speeches vaunting his heroism, accepted a certificate naming him deputy of the month and posed for a group photo with city leaders before returning to the back of the Tamarac, Fla., commission chambers amid polite applause.

But one city official still had something he wanted to say.  Continue reading “‘You lied’: Florida official interrupts awards ceremony to confront deputy who ‘falsely arrested’ him”


In the face of an ever-growing homelessness crisis, cities across California have been searching for solutions, from adding shelters and affordable housing to improving mental health and substance abuse services.

But in Bakersfield, officials are considering a more radical approach: They want to put homeless people in jail for misdemeanor drug offenses and potentially for trespassing.  Continue reading “Bakersfield Proposes Fighting Homelessness by Jailing People for Misdemeanor Drug Offenses”

The Conversation, May 10, 2017

A fundamental change is underway in stock market investing, and the spin-off effects are poised to dramatically impact corporate America.

In the past, individuals and large institutions mostly invested in actively managed mutual funds, such as Fidelity, in which fund managers pick stocks with the aim of beating the market. But since the financial crisis of 2008, investors have shifted to index funds, which replicate established stock indices, such as the S&P 500.  Continue reading “These three firms own corporate America”

ABC News

The recent arrests of two 6-year-old students in Orlando, which prompted outrage and the firing of the officer who restrained one child’s hands with flex cuffs, mirrors a persistent problem confronting law enforcement and schools with thousands of children arrested annually and treated like “mini-adults,” experts said.

Stunning annual crime statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) show that between 2013 and 2017 (the most recent year for which complete data is available), at least 26,966 children under the age of 10 were arrested in the United States. And the numbers skyrocket for children between the ages of 10 to 12 with 228,017 arrested during the same five-year time span, according to the data. Continue reading “Nearly 30,000 children under age 10 have been arrested in the US since 2013: FBI”

Wall Street On Parade – by Pam and Russ Martins

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York first initiated its emergency overnight loans to Wall Street this year on Tuesday, September 17, starting off at the rate of $75 billion daily. It then increased its loans by adding, in addition to the $75 billion daily, 14-day term loans in the amount of $30 billion to be offered three times this past week. But after the demand for the first 14-day loan was more than double the $30 billion offered, the New York Fed boosted the next term loans to $60 billion and increased its overnight loans to $100 billion.  Continue reading “The Fed Is Offering $100 Billion a Day in Emergency Loans to Unnamed Banks and Congress Is Not Curious Enough to Hold a Hearing”