ISIS confirmed the death of former leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and named his replacement in an audio message on Thursday.

In the recording, published on the terrorist group’s media wing al-Furqan, ISIS announced its new leader as Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi.  Continue reading “ISIS names new leader as it confirms Baghdadi’s death”

Chuck Baldwin

In typical carnival barker fashion, Donald Trump was all over the media bragging on himself for the supposed killing of so-called ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. But as with virtually everything else pertaining to America’s phony “war on terror,” this is just continued propaganda. This is Donald Trump’s attempt to upstage Barack Obama’s “killing” of Osama bin Laden.  Continue reading “Continued Propaganda Regarding The “War On Terror””

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Common Dreams – by Eoin Higgins

CIA-backed death squads in Afghanistan have committed a number of human rights violations over the last year, a Human Rights Watch report found Thursday, and the militant groups are likely to be the lasting legacy of the U.S. war in the country.

“They do counterinsurgency the old-fashioned way,” tweeted Daily Beast national security reporter Spencer Ackerman, “terrorizing the populace.”  Continue reading ““Terrorizing the Populace”: Report Finds CIA-Backed Death Squads in Afghanistan Committing War Crimes, Atrocities”

Free Thought Project – by Jack Burns

Greenwood Village, CO – A Federal Appeals court has granted police new powers for which they will not be held accountable. They can now completely destroy your home and they will not have to pay for it. That’s what happened to Leo Lech’s home in 2015 after a shoplifter — accused of stealing a shirt — illegally entered his home, forcing Greenwood Village SWAT to go room by room ransacking the place with explosives.  Continue reading “SWAT Team Blows Up Innocent Man’s Home in Search of Clothing Shoplifter—Deal With It, Says Court”

Boing Boing – by Cory Doctorow

Tomorrow, Toronto’s City Council will hold a key vote on Sidewalk Labs’s plan to privatize much of the city’s lakeshore in the name of creating a “smart city” owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Today, the Globe and Mail published a summary of Sidewalk Labs’s leaked “yellow book”, a 2016 document that lays out Sidewalk Labs’s vision for Toronto and future projects in Detroit, Denver, and Alameda. Continue reading “Leaked document reveals that Sidewalk Labs’ Toronto plans for private taxation, private roads, charter schools, corporate cops and judges, and punishment for people who choose privacy”

End of the American Dream – by Michael Snyder

It isn’t supposed to be this cold in October.  The official start of winter is still almost two months away, and yet the weather in much of the western half of the country right now resembles what we might expect in mid-January.  All-time record lows for the month of October are being set in city after city, and this extremely cold air is going to push into the Midwest by the end of the week.  Continue reading “Record Low Temps Up To 50 Degrees Below Normal Threaten To Absolutely Wreck The Rest Of The Harvest Season”


Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi is set to resign amid growing nationwide anti-government protests, Al-Sumaria television has reported.

Up to 250 people have already been killed in the ongoing protests, with demonstrators accusing security forces of violence and heavy-handedness.  Continue reading “Iraqi PM to resign as violent protests grip the country”

24/7 Wall Street – by Paul Ausick

Outplacement firm of Challenger, Gray & Christmas on Thursday released its job-cuts report for October, showing that a total of 50,275 planned U.S. job cuts were announced in the month, an increase of 21% compared with announced September cuts. However, compared with cuts announced in October 2018, this year’s total is 33.5% lower and marks two consecutive months in which the totals were lower than the year-ago month. Monthly totals were higher in the other eight months of this year.  Continue reading “2019 Job Losses at 4-Year High as Tech, Retail Chop More Workers”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Austin, TX — In three weeks, Rodney Reed, who has been rotting in a cage for a crime all the evidence says he did not commit, will be executed by the state of Texas. Despite overwhelming evidence that the murder was carried out by a former police officer, the state of Texas is refusing to issue a stay of execution.  Continue reading “Texas Man About to Be Executed for a Rape and Murder a Cop Allegedly Admitted To”


A former high school principal in Boca Raton, Florida, was fired on Wednesday as a result of emails he sent to a student’s parent in April 2018 that appeared to cast doubt on the historical truth of the Holocaust.

The Palm Beach County School Board voted 5-2 to terminate William Latson’s employment effective on November 21, according to records from the meeting posted online.  Continue reading “A principal in Florida said he couldn’t confirm the Holocaust was a ‘factual’ event. The school district just fired him”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

As of Wednesday morning, Israel’s embassies and consulates across the globe are on strike.

“No consular services will be provided and no one will be allowed to enter,” one ambassador posted on Twitter. Those services include passport renewal and assistance to Israelis living abroad.  Continue reading “All of Israel’s embassies around the world are on strike”

New York Post – by Melissa Malamut

A procedure that was touted as the future of medicine left a patient dead last summer, and now doctors are bringing transparency to the still-new technology.

Doctors, books and blogs have been publicizing fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) — a procedure where stool from a donor is transplanted into the intestinal tract of a recipient in order to restore healthy bacteria to the gut — for years as a possible cure-all for a spate of illnesses including ulcers, leukemia and liver disease.  Continue reading “Fecal transplant doctors offer rebuttal after patient’s death”

Waking Times – by Terence Newton

In a recently published article entitled, We Have No Reason to Believe 5G is Safe, Scientific American (SciAm) magazine issued a stern warning about the known and potential dangers of 5G technology.

Of particular significance is the fact that SciAm is the oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the United States, founded by inventor and publisher Rufus M. Porter in 1845, and running monthly since 1921. It is a highly influential publication, widely reputed for its rigorous scientific standards, and lauded by today’s fact-checkers as highly credible and staunchly pro-science.  Continue reading “Scientific American, the Oldest US Monthly Magazine, Issues Chilling Warning on 5G”

The Mind Unleashed – by Fiala

A pipeline carrying tar sands oil into the United States from Canada has reportedly leaked an unknown amount of oil across North Dakota. The pipeline’s owner, TC Energy—formerly known as TransCanada—shut down the pipeline as a result of the leak.

“TC Energy immediately began the process to shut down the pipeline, activated its emergency response procedures and dispatched ground technicians to assess the situation,” the company saidContinue reading “Keystone Pipeline Shut Down After Leaking Oil in North Dakota and Nobody’s Talking About It”