Breitbart – by John Hayward

A Hong Kong-based news outlet called Initium Media alleged on Wednesday that the Chinese Communist government is secretly cremating victims of the Wuhan coronavirus to keep the death toll down.

The official figure stood at 213 fatalities on Friday, with 9,692 infections, but skeptics have long suspected Beijing of fudging both numbers. Continue reading “China Accused of Secretly Cremating Coronavirus Victims to Conceal Fatalities”

Breitbart – by Nate Church

Perhaps the least surprising news of 2020, social media stars are leveraging China’s coronavirus for relevancy.

“F**k the corona virus,” social media star and would-be boxer Logan Paul wrote to his 17 million fans, posing shirtless among four women with gas masks. Paul is most famous for trying to exploit suicide victims’ bodies for views on a trip to Japan, and has the notable accomplishment of being rejected by even the Flat Earth Society.  Continue reading “Instagram Influencers Monetize Coronavirus”

Miami Herald

A Connecticut woman chastised for dancing on her car at a Palm Beach hotel late Friday morning ended up driving away and crashing her vehicle through two security barricades outside Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s private club and home, drawing gunfire from law enforcement officers, before leading a police helicopter on a chase that ended in her arrest.  Continue reading “Opera singer danced on an SUV, then crashed through Mar-a-Lago barricades. Cops opened fire”

Patch – by Kathleen Culliton

NEW YORK CITY — Thousands of protesters flocked to Grand Central Terminal and flowed out into Midtown’s streets during rush hour Friday to protest increased policing and rising fares in New York City’s subways.

The Decolonize This Place organized action followed a day of vandalism and civil disobedience throughout the transit system. Continue reading “Subway Protest Takes Over Grand Central, Midtown Streets”

American Military News

A sheriff in California is being legally forced to release sensitive information about private citizens who have a concealed carry permit.

On Monday, Sutter County Sheriff Brandon Barnes alerted citizens who have a concealed carry permit that their name, permit number, date of permit issue and expiration, is being turned over to the San Francisco Chronicle due to a public record request issued on Jan. 10, CBS13 reportedContinue reading “CA sheriff forced to reveal concealed carriers’ identities to newspaper”

ABC News

The Virginia state legislature passed a package of gun control bills Thursday, more than a week after thousands of the legislation’s armed opponents marched through Richmond.

Virginia’s House of Delegates approved seven pieces of legislation aimed at curbing gun violence, including universal background checks, a monthly limit on handgun purchases and “a red flag” law, which would give judges and police officers the authority to remove a weapon from an individual if they pose a threat. Continue reading “Gun control bills passed Virginia despite show of force from opponents”

Breitbart – by John Binder

Three illegal aliens are among six accused drug dealers who were freed from jail by New York City officials after their arrests for allegedly operating a heroin-fentanyl packaging ring, a law enforcement source confirmed to Breitbart News.

As Breitbart News reported, Livo Valdez, Jaslin Baldera, Frederick Baldera, Frandi Ledema, Diego Tejada, and Parfraimy Antonio were arrested by New York City law enforcement officials for allegedly running a $7 million drug packaging ring, with agents seizing 750,000 glassine envelopes of suspected heroin and fentanyl.  Continue reading “Three Illegal Aliens Among Six Fentanyl Ring Suspects Freed by NYC”


SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(Dakota News Now) – If the name Siouxland Creep Catchers isn’t self-explaining enough, it’s a group in Sioux City that poses as underaged boys and girls online in an effort to “catch” predators.

When they meet up with the adults that contact them looking for sex, members of the group go as far as setting up a meeting place and time. Continue reading “Siouxland Creep Catchers aims to catch predators despite police criticism”

Women System

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has reiterated during a town hall in Iowa that her Secretary of Education will have to be vetted by a 9-year-old trans child.

The child, born female, identifies as “Jacob” and asked Warren a question about inclusive schools during a CNN forum about gay and transgender issues in October. Continue reading “Warren Says Her Secretary Of Education Would Have To Be Vetted By 9-Year-Old ‘Trans’ Child”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Salt Lake City, UT — Imagine that you have just sat down to eat dinner with your family when your home is surrounded by militarized police, heavily armed and dressed in riot gear. Imagine these police are looking for a person who does not live in your house. Now imagine that you try to tell them this but they don’t listen and then break down your door, trample your family, hold guns to your kid’s head and taser innocent parents. For the Yanez family, no imagination is necessary as this is exactly what happened to them. Continue reading “Guns Held to Child’s Head, Parents Trampled, Tasered as Cops Raid Wrong Home”

The Blaze – by Dave Urbanski

A radical leftist organization known as Decolonize This Place indicates it’s planning a large-scale “action” Friday in New York City in order to “f*** s**t up” at the city’s train terminals. They call it “F*** the Police 3,” and it’s a protest against fares and police presence on the transit system.

The group posted a video on Twitter announcing the planned uprising. The text preceding the clip reads, “The streets are ours. The trains our ours. The walls are ours. This moment is ours. How will you and your crew build and f*** s**t up for #FTP3 on #J31 (THIS FRIDAY)? Issa mothaf***in’ movement.” Continue reading “Radical leftists plan to ‘f*** s**t up’ Friday at NYC’s train terminals. Oh, and ‘f*** the police,’ they declare.”

MSN – by Becca Glasser-Baker

NBC reports that the state inspector general’s office bought ammunition, pistols, and other related equipment after a 2017 law passed.

Spotlight PA said that the law expanded the office’s ability to issue search warrants and subpoenas. Spotlight PA is a non-partisan, independent newsroom powered by The Philadelphia Inquirer in partnership with The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and PennLive.

A spokesperson for acting Inspector General Jonathan Hendrickson said that after the purchase was made, officials quickly realized that the law did not empower their investigators to carry firearms.  Continue reading “State Inspector General’s office spends $160k on weapons they can’t use”

Health Impact News – by Brian Shilhavy

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky is a pediatrician trained at NYU School of Medicine, and did his residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.

He recently spoke at a forum on vaccines in Connecticut, discussing the repeal of the religious exemption for childhood vaccines.  Continue reading “Dr. Lawrence Palevsky Testimony: Unvaccinated Children Are the Healthiest Children I Have Ever Seen”