WMUR – by Ray Brewer

A Plainfield woman who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for failing to pay federal income tax on nearly $2 million is being released early.

Elaine Brown, 79, has served 12 years of her sentence since she and her husband, Ed Brown, were convicted in 2007. After they were convicted, the Browns and several supporters holed up in their fortified Plainfield compound for eight months, often threatening violence before they were arrested. Continue reading “Convicted tax evader Elaine Brown to be released early from prison”

The Mind Unleashed – by Aaron Kesel

If your job is working at a restaurant flipping burgers you may soon find yourself replaced by a robot that works for only $3 an hour.

The new robot named Flippy developed by Miso Robotics costs less to employ than a minimum-wage worker. Currently, Miso Robotics charges an up-front fee of between $20,000 and $30,000 to install Flippy into restaurants. Continue reading “Burger Robot to Replace Fast Food Workers With a Wage of $3 an Hour”

The Daily Sheeple – by Dean Walton

Rep. Jerry Stogsdill (D-Prairie Village) introduced a bill in the Kansas legislature that would impose a 5% privilege tax on the sale of guns and ammunition in the state. Law enforcement and the military would be exempt.

HB2635 says revenue from the new tax would be used for mental health services: “There is hereby established the residential mental health treatment fund in the state treasury.  Continue reading “Kansas legislator proposes 5% ‘privilege’ tax on sale of guns and ammo”

There is a lot we apparently don’t understand about the coronavirus.  Last week it was a Frankenstein scenario and billions of dollars was transferred in a matter of hours and new accounts were created.  Everybody was a believer.

And then, the stock market takes a dive.  Today it’s really no big deal, basically insignificant in comparison to the common cold.  So, which is it?  No big deal or Armageddon?  Continue reading “THE CORONAVIRUS – AUGH!!! Uh, or maybe not, possibly impossible, probably, improbable, hell I admit it, I don’t know.”

Daily Mail

Europe is on the brink of a new migrant crisis as Greece locked down its land and sea routes while Turkey pulled out of a long-standing deal to stop the country’s 3.6 million refugees from travelling beyond its borders.

Hundreds of asylum seekers immediately began making their way towards Greece and Bulgaria – and, if they successfully cross the border, could carry on deeper into Europe.  Continue reading “Greece locks down land and sea routes as migrants are teargassed while trying to storm border after Turkey says it won’t stop its 3.6 MILLION refugees from reaching Europe”

Epoch Times – by Zachary Stieber

New coronavirus cases confirmed in the Pacific Northwest suggest the new virus may be spreading in the community in the United States, officials said.

Washington state, Oregon, and California officials confirmed in total four new cases on Friday. Officials do not know where or how three of the patients became infected, making them “possible” instances of community spread, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Continue reading “New Coronavirus Cases in California, Oregon, and Washington Suggest Community Spread: Officials”

New York Post

The United States and Taliban signed a peace deal Saturday aimed at bringing an end to the country’s longest war.

The agreement sets the stage for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan more than 18 years after President George W. Bush ordered bombing in response to the 9/11 attacks. The US has spent more than $750 billion fighting the war, which has cost tens of thousands of lives on all sides. Continue reading “US and Taliban sign historic peace deal to end 18-year war”

The Great Recession

It just can’t get bad enough, and I can ‘t write fast enough. The headlines at the end of the week are now stunning, so I’m going to share several of them along with some quotations from the bawling and dying market bulls. In just one week, this has become the fastest stock market plunge since the Great Depression! So, if you have a bull you love, save his bullish butt by nailing upper-story windows shut.  Continue reading “It’s a Bloodbath, and There’s a Toaster in the Bathwater”

Lew Rockwell – by Gary D. Barnett

It seems due to the brainwashing of the American commoner, and the almost total indoctrination machine of the state that is used to dumb down the populace at large, that apathy has become so rampant as to allow the general acceptance of fallacious state narratives. These narratives that concern the very suspicious deaths of any that challenge the ruling class or their political puppets, and almost without question, seem to be never-ending these days. There are an unbelievable number of victims of so-called “apparent suicides,” assassinations, outright murder, disappearance, strange car crashes, poisonings, and any other number of unlikely death scenarios of those that have damning information about the state, its wars, and its secrets, and have the guts to tell the truth. Coincidence is no longer a reasonable argument concerning these deaths, and actually never has been legitimate. Continue reading “Another Whistleblower Suicide: The Immediate and Unquestioned State Narrative of Philip Haney’s Death”

Yahoo News

A federal appeals court in California on Friday initially blocked a centerpiece of the Trump administration’s network of restrictive policies at the southern border, ordering officials there to stop sending asylum-seekers to Mexico, where tens of thousands of Latin American migrants returned by the U.S. have been stranded for months.

But later on Friday, the same court temporarily paused its own order, granting an emergency request filed by Trump administration lawyers who rushed to defend the controversial Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program.  Continue reading “Court pauses own order that blocked “Remain in Mexico” policy”

In The News Today

Update: According to the Financial Times certain Class B pandemic bonds are set to mature on June 15, that’s one month earlier than the initially reported date (July 15). Two things are important here. One, by making the mature date June 15 the control grid syndicate seems to have to buy less time for itself (delay declaring the coronavirus outbreak a “pandemic”). Two, the World Bank is provably and deliberately a dishonest entity because on its website it says that the pandemic bonds mature on July 15, 2020. Where the new date, June 15, comes from is not clear. Perhaps Larry Summers knows… Continue reading “Coronavirus: Larry Summers is Key Player in Pandemic Bonds Scam”

Health Impact News – by Andrew W. Saul

We can all agree that 50 tons of vitamin C pretty much qualifies as a megadose. We can also likely agree that trucking 50 tons of vitamin C, straight into Wuhan, full in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, qualifies as news.

The news media are not reporting this, or any other, significantly positive megavitamin news. Continue reading “TONS of Vitamin C Arrive in Wuhan China”

The Journal Times

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee electrician who police identified Thursday as the man who fatally shot five co-workers at one of the nation’s largest breweries enjoyed building guns, according to neighbors.

Authorities said 51-year-old Anthony Ferrill opened fire at the Molson Coors Brewing Co. complex on Wednesday, killing five male employees before turning his gun on himself.

Continue reading “Neighbors say that the brewery shooter, Anthony Ferrill, built guns from mail-order parts”

And the winners are:

  • Pocket Watch: $35 Gretchen
  • Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Matthew Bracken: $12 Bob
  • Bill of Rights Bracelet: $21 Galen
  • TG Tactical Torch: $20 John
  • 20 One Ounce 2nd Article Copper Coins: $35 Zed
  • Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael A Hoffman II: $5 Robert K
  • Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth by Elana Freeland: $10 John W.
  • Under an Ionized Sky – From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown by Elana Freeland: $5 John
  • Silver Bullion Bullet .45 Caliber: $60 Zed
  • Vaxxed – From Cover-Up to Catastrophe DVD: $25 Bruce

Thank you to all who participated, we do appreciate you.  Continue reading “February Auction for From the Trenches”

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Fox News

Attorney General William Barr on Thursday gave a strong message of support to the country’s police officers, calling for Americans to respect cops and push back against an anti-cop attitude that sees resisting police as acceptable.

“Being a police officer is more difficult than it’s ever been before,” Barr said at an International Association of Chiefs of Police event in Miami. “One reason is the emergence of a deeply troubling attitude towards police in some parts of our society. Far from respecting the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us, it is becoming common in some quarters to scapegoat the police … and disparage the vital role played by law enforcement in our society.”  Continue reading “Barr sounds call to push back against anti-cop attitudes, adopt ‘zero tolerance’ to resisting police”

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Democrat Michael Bloomberg has been caught saying he will drone those who disagree with him and protect the big banks. The hypocritical guy who backs and funds his own anti-gun campaign now wants the power to drone his critics.  Continue reading “[Leaked Audio] Bloomberg Says He’ll “Drone” His Critics & Protect The Banks”

Daily Mail

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the world, thousands of people are buying face masks to protect themselves.

Some local stores in cities like New York, Houston and San Francisco have told DailyMail.com that supplies are running low and, while major retailers like CVS and Walgreens haven’t yet run out online or at the national level, shortages are starting to crop up.  Continue reading “Mask mania: US government is stockpiling 300 MILLION coronavirus face masks”