LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVO) — Kentucky judges are ordering COVID-19 patients who are refusing to stay home to wear GPS ankle bracelets.

For defying orders from doctors, city and state leaders, they are attempting to hold them legally liable. Continue reading “Coronavirus patients put on house arrest for refusing stay-at-home order”

The Freedom Chronicles – by Makia Freeman

A Rockefeller Foundation paper, would it surprise you to know, predicted and planned for the exact type of pandemic scenario in which we find ourselves right now with the COVID-19 coronavirus. Unlike Bill Gates’ Event 201 which was 2 months before the official outbreak, this Rockefeller Foundation paper was published 10 years ago in 2010. Continue reading “2010 Rockefeller Foundation Paper and The New Normal”

Breitbart – by Hannah Bleau

The United States, as a whole, is roughly two weeks away from reaching the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, but the peaks for individual states will vary, with most occurring over the next four weeks, according to projections from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). Continue reading “Model Projects When the Coronavirus Will Peak in Each State”

Breitbart – by Charlie Spiering

President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced that he wanted Congress to pass a $2 trillion infrastructure bill to strengthen the economy during the coronavirus crisis. Continue reading “Donald Trump: Phase Four of Coronavirus Rescue Should Be $2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill”

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Gold-Silver.us – by Amanda

Nothing is going on, quiet, no ambulances racing in, empty, nothing happening…It’s all BS!!!! The MSM is giving the impression that hospitals are war zone, bodies are piling up, we are in the medical crisis of our lives, yet when these people visit their local hospitals, NOTHING is happening, they are ghost towns!! Tons of ambulances just sitting their parked, EMTs hanging out and playing with their phones, etc, Continue reading “Heroic Citizens Going to Local Hospitals and Fact-Checking the LYING MSM”

Target Liberty

The draconian measures implemented as a result of the COVID-19 panic will probably end on June 1.

This mad experiment in shutting down society will be over. We will be allowed to go back to work and back to play. But it won’t be the same. Continue reading “What Life Will Be Like for Americans After the COVID-19 Panic is Over”

Anti-Empire – by Marko Marjanov

Lukashenko asked about coronavirus: “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”   Continue reading “Lukashenko Takes One Look at Coronavirus and Spits in Its Eye. Won’t Rescind Freedoms Over a Glorfied Cold”

MassLive – by Douglas Hook

Springfield College student Matt Levine returned to his family home in Nanuet, New York after a short stay on South Padre Island, Texas to have his father turn him away for fear of spreading coronavirus.  Continue reading “Coronavirus: Springfield College student banned from his family home after spring break”

Anti-War – by Jason Ditz

Recent US fighting with Iraqi militias has seen bases in the country hosting US troops coming under rocket fire, and this has led to the US trying to get more Patriot missiles into Iraq to intercept such rockets. The first missile systems are now set up, at Ayn al-Assad base, and in Irbil. Continue reading “US Deploys Patriot Missiles in Iraq Bases Hosting US Troops”