Now the End Begins – by Geoffrey Grider

With the rapid passing of time, technology is moving us closer and closer to the Mark of the Beast system where all buying and selling will be done through an embedded mark in either the back of the right hand or in the forehead.

Amazon today announced that they will be offering contactless payments, Amazon One, from the bottom of your right hand, called Palm Recognition Technology and it’s something your King James Bible warned you about two thousand years ago. Continue reading “Amazon Launches New Contactless Biometric Palm Reading Technology That Scans Your Right Hand to Allow You to Buy and Sell At Stores”

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Deadline – by Dominic Patten

There was a Hell of a lot of brimstone and fire from Donald Trump last night in the first 2020 presidential debate, with Joe Biden and America both feeling scorched this morning.

Almost from the start, Fox News’ Chris Wallace went from playing moderator to nursery school teacher trying to rein in the former Celebrity Apprentice host, who seemed more intent adapting a Tasmanian devil strategy than talking policy – aka classic Trump.  Continue reading “Presidential Debate Opener Drops Sharply From 2016’s Record High In Early Numbers; ABC Tops Nets In First Trump-Biden Showdown”

The Christian Walker

Lin Wood, the attorney that successfully represented Nicholas Sandmann, Richard Jewell and many others has tweeted that he will now sue Joe Biden for defamation.  Continue reading “Kyle R*ttenhouse Lawyer Claims He Will Sue Joe Biden “Successfully” After Campaign Calls Kyle A White Supremacist”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Immigration and Customs Enforcement will conduct a series of immigration enforcement operations in three sanctuary cities as soon as this week, according to the Washington Post.

The enforcement actions, informally known as the “sanctuary op,” will first target illegal immigrants in California, followed by Denver and Philadelphia according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The Post is framing it as nothing more than a political messaging campaign. Continue reading “ICE Preparing To Make Targeted Arrests In Sanctuary Cities As Soon As This Week”

“No communist, no matter how many votes he should secure in a national election, could, even if he would, become president of the present government. When a communist heads the government of the United States–and that day will come just as surely as the sun rises–the government will not be a capitalist government but a Soviet government, and behind this government will stand the Red Army to enforce the dictatorship of the proletariat.”
— Sworn statement by William Z. Foster, head of the Communist Party of the United States, 1945-1947  Continue reading “William Z. Foster quotes”


Voters in New York City said they received their mail-in ballots this week but were surprised to find they were printed with the wrong names and voter IDs and included incorrect return labels.

Some voters said they received absentee ballots mislabeled as the official ballot for military members, while others said the envelope meant to return their ballot did not bear their name or address. Continue reading “New Yorkers report receiving ballots with wrong name, voter addresses”


JPMorgan Chase, accused of presiding over thousands of episodes of illegal trading in precious metals and Treasury markets, said Tuesday that it will pay about $920 million as part of an agreement with the Justice Department.

The Justice Department said employees stationed on desks in New York, London and Singapore engaged in an unlawful schemes to trade gold, silver, platinum, and palladium futures contracts, scooping up orders with the intention of canceling them before they were executed. Continue reading “JPMorgan Chase agrees to pay $920 million over market manipulation”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

As we look ahead to the last jobs report before the Nov. 3 US election, a growing number of corporations across various hard-hit industries are announcing tens of thousands of layoffs, as ‘PPP’ employment restrictions expire and the financial backlash from COVID-19 continues to ravage corporations and households.

Already this week, Royal Dutch Shell, Continental Airlines, Dow Chemicals, and Marathon Petroleum have announced restructuring plans that involve laying off tens of thousands of workers. Yesterday, Disney announced plans to eliminate 28,000 jobs as most of its theme parks remain closed, and the movie business remains effectively shuttered. Continue reading “Flurry Of Corporate Layoffs Continue As Disney, Shell, & Continental Announce Mass Firings”

Living Lies – by Neil Garfield

you made all that revenue possible by signing a note and mortgage in favor of someone who was not lending you any money. Nobody told you about that. And nobody told you that you were not entering a transaction in which there was a lender and borrower. There was only a borrower.

The simple fact is that the banks are breaking the law every time they attempt to administer, collect or enforce a debt. This is true in all cases where securitization is part of the deal. And securitization is in play 99% of the time even where no mention of securitization is made in the claim brought against a homeowner. The banks are breaking the law because there is no debt, no claim and no creditor. The money they receive from “successful” foreclosures is pure profit. They have no right to even be in court much less get a “remedy” that is limited to creating more revenue. Continue reading “Thousands of Homeowners Win Against the Banks: Here is Why You Never Hear About It”

RT – by Micah Curtis

Revered anti-weapons protester David Hogg got a taste of woke Twitter in the worst way, after setting out his belief that violent revolution would only lead to a violent government. Now he’s been forced to repent.

Of all the political activists in the United States, I can’t think of many that are as divisive as David Hogg. One of the group known as the Parkland kids (the students who survived the 2018 mass shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 dead), David is known for his anti-NRA and anti-gun diatribes. He seemed to become one of the political left’s darlings. He is the poster child for gun control in the eyes of many. That in and of itself makes him one of the most divisive figures in politics of the last five years. Continue reading “Devouring their own: Left turns on poster boy of gun control for daring to denounce political violence”