9 thoughts on “David Goldberg BLOWS THE WHISTLE on Adam Green, Know More News, & Project Zyphr

  1. Jamal, good find but we know all this stuff he talks about and we don’t have a whitehouse insider. But as far as swat teams with blackouts local or national wide will not work. I do not know much about this guy, but I hope they did not kill him over this stuff!!

    1. Well, at 0:17 I noticed ‘ early June ‘…’19…apparently this was his last one…IF it’s true ( not a psyop )…So far, we live what he said…or very close…

    2. video linked back to a ADL type of group on jewtube. I’d take this in stride. Adam Green is definitely an agent though imo.

  2. Jamal, good stuff ordinarily I wouldn’t trust a source with such an accent…! But his 2020 viral outbreak statement really makes one raise an eyebrow…!!

  3. Seriously, all one has to do is watch the patterns of the enemy….cut electricity, cut communications, control supply lines,etc. …..with this damn smart meter crap the enemy can isolate an area move in and TRY to carry out their evil intent and none be the wiser unless there are watchers (and there are) to get the word out and take action.

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  4. I will post this now since I couldn’t before. Why would Green’s KnowMoreNews post a video of some dude that claims Green and KnowMoreNews is a psy-op or Green is an infiltrator who sometimes tells the truth? A psy-op covering a psy-op? But yes, I had my suspicions about Adam Green.

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