David Gregory To Greenwald: Should You Be Charged For ‘Aiding’ Snowden?

TPM Livewire – by Perry Stein

Words got heated on Meet The Press Sunday when host David Gregory asked Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald — one of the reporters to whom Edward Snowden leaked classified NSA documents — if he should be charged with a crime for “aiding and abetting” Snowden.

Greenwald strongly responded that it was “pretty extraordinary that anybody who would call themselves a journalist would publicly muse” about that, adding that he was acting as an investigative journalist and there was no evidence he aided Snowden.  

Gregory said he wasn’t embracing anything, simply asking a question that has already been posed by many people.

After the exchange, many in the media blasted Gregory as being ‘anti-journalism’ on Twitter, including Greenwald who tweeted:

Who needs the government to try to criminalize journalism when you have David Gregory to do it?

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) June 23, 2013

Later in the program, Gregory in turn responded to Greenwald’s tweet, saying journalists shouldn’t “object” to other journalists raising questions.

Watch the full interview here:



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