David Hogg mocks, insults Virginia gun-rights rallygoers: ‘Put down the gun and pick up a book’

Washington Times – by Victor Morton

David Hogg spent much of Monday mocking the gun-rights activists who marched on the Virginia Capitol in Richmond as insecure fascist wannabes in the thrall of white supremacy who need to read a book.

Over several hours, Mr. Hogg sent out dozens of tweets and retweeted dozens more containing a farrago of insult and condescension, and he repeatedly characterized the march as a Nazi enterprise. 

“VA is in a state of emergency because white supremacists and nazi’s are using their 2nd amendment rights to shutdown the 1st amendment rights of students, veterans, and clergy,” he wrote.

Read the rest here: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jan/20/david-hogg-mocks-insults-virginia-gun-rights-rally/

8 thoughts on “David Hogg mocks, insults Virginia gun-rights rallygoers: ‘Put down the gun and pick up a book’

  1. Everybody missed all the other things they are trying to slide through, while keeping us focused on the 2nd. Things including increasing their term limits, nullifying votes of rural counties by requiring state Legislative elections to be determined by Municipal counties, and requiring electoral votes to go to the National popular vote. The gun thing is a red herring right now, even though it is on their list.

    1. YOU missed the memo that they don’t give a flying rat’s arse F about your “vote” and the LAW.

      Your “vote” is recognition of the false authority of an enemy occupied proxy zionist govt.

      Put your grievances on a damn stick and get out there and beg.

  2. he needs to put down the tampon and read the Bill of Rights ..

    dont tell me to pick up a book you useless prick .. I really had no idea they could stack shit this high

    oh and the WS narrative was shot out and disproved, or didnt he READ about that?

    heres the problem .. their, “guns are bad” narrative just got shot to the curb

    because 30,000 guns were there , and NO oNE DIED !!!
    this brat needs to be taken out to the wood shed by Qud Pro Joe

  3. To: Mein Hoggster;

    If you actually pick up some books, you would then realize the absolute need to pick up guns!

    Dip shit useful idiot….he is certainly not alone.

  4. As with Alyssa Milano and other washed-up celebs, no one gives a crap what you think, “Boss” Hogg!

    And if you really want to read books, there’s a link or two on this site where you can find my novels for sale! Or better, download the Bill of Rights, dumba$$!

  5. Hogg is a closet fag, a punk homosexual who is scared of his own shadow. How this American traitor generates a gnats worth of interest is beyond comprehension. This piece of shit actually stood in front of congress and gave a speech.

    Shows you how many fags we have in in congress.

  6. Word on the street has it he’ll soon give a marriage proposal to Greta. Together they will save the world.
    Green Disarmament!!

    But wait!! They can’t make it without bodyguards or without lavish trips around the world. Their day in the sun has ended. And me thinks few love the earth as much as the armed.



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