David Hogg Pushes Federal Tax on Firearm Sales

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

Student gun control activist David Hogg is pushing to secure a federal tax on firearm sales.  

He wants to use the funds produced by the tax to pay for “gun violence research”:

In other words, he wants to tax a constitutional, God-given right–thereby raising gun prices for law-abiding citizens–in order to pay for research into the ways criminals misuse guns.

The NRA-ILA reports that Hogg’s idea is at least 100 years old, as it was pushed via the the Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax in 1917. The difference? That tax was pushed, and implemented, as a way to fund pro-hunting causes, not anti-Second Amendment campaigns.

Certain cities–Chicago, Seattle, and Detroit–have adopted a tax on guns and/or ammunition for the very purposes espoused by Hogg. Ironically, Chicago homicides roseonce the tax was in place, and Fox News reports that Seattle saw violence rise after their tax was passed. Detroit’s tax was passed too recently to see the results, but since gang members and street criminals do not buy their guns at retail, where the tax is exacted, there is no reason to think the Motor City’s tax will fare better than in Chicago or Seattle.

One thing a gun violence tax does do is make the cost of self-defense firearms prohibitive for poorer citizens in Democrat-controlled cities. And such citizens often live in neighborhoods where they may need a gun simply to survive.

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