6 thoughts on “David Hogg with Valarie Jarrett

  1. Dear God, click on the pic to take you to the asshats twatter where this comes from. He “loves America, Israel and our military.” Strange bedfellows.

  2. I mention the Jews all the time because they’re only 1.6% of the population, so when they start showing up anywhere in huge majorities it CAN”T be coincidence.

    Look at the people behind Jarrett and Hogg — they’re all Jews, too.

  3. Uh… hey….

    Smell my finger …

    It smells like Valerie Jarrett.

    Oh…. sorry….

    I meant…. pull my finger…

    Fart…splat run.

    Hey …it smells like Valerie Jarrett.

    What’s the difference between VJ and Emma Gonzales. ..?

    VJ has a circumcised penis…

    Oh…. I’m just getting started.

    Uh… here’s a million dollar question for ya.

    Why hasn’t the first lady commented on her husband fking Stormy Daniels while she was pregnant with baron.

    Drum roll pleeeez…

    Because she’s a cheap #TrumpCockSuckingWhore.

    Can’t even barely speak english.

    C’mon People.

    Yeah.. thats what im sayin.

    I mean… I could be wrong…

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