David Koresh Saying Then What We Are Saying Now

God complex aside, how many people are saying exactly what he is saying now then?  Makes you wonder right? –Mort

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Putting aside everything you know (or think you know) about David Koresh and the Branch Davidian incident, listen to his words. How many of us are saying the same thing?

How many of us would go to arms to protect our family?

How many of us have either experienced or heard of Child Protective Services abuses?

Aside from the child abuse charges (which were never proven), what did they really do that was illegal? What did the Branch Davidians do to warrant such a response from ATF?

With the newest Homeland Security latest definition of what a domestic terrorist is, how many of us (with the appropriate media spin) would be viewed the same way as the Branch Davidians were?

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10 thoughts on “David Koresh Saying Then What We Are Saying Now

  1. David was a programmed mk ultra sleeper. There are millions walking around in the US just standing down until their programmers activate them for some horrible black op. 74 people were killed at Waco- there’s the iluminati signature again = Eleven. Just like the twin towers = Eleven. Freemasons. Skull and Bones. Witchcraft. Satanists.

    Article Exerpt: “4. To enhance all these elements, including #3, the Illuminati would desire to place a man whom they control in the group being sacrificed, most preferably a Manchurian Candidate, i.e., a man whom they have previously programmed by Mind Control to willingly die for the Illuminist cause. David Koresh was just a man. Occultists have been told that he was Illuminist, and had been programmed to be the perfect Manchurian Candidate, quite willing to die for the cause. Koresh was 33 years old, a perfect age for the Illuminati to set him up as the Messiah figure to his cult, as Jesus Christ was 33 years old when He finished His ministry. Additionally, 3 + 3 = 6 , the favorite number of the Illuminati; remember this first instance of ‘6’ as it will become more important later in this article.

    Also, as we reported in NEWS1756, Satanists use the number, ’11’ and both its multiplications and addition as a “numeric signature”. Therefore, Koresh’s age at the time of this tragedy could be represented as ’11 x 3′, a very common Satanic practice.

    The Mass Media performed its role perfectly, portraying Koresh as a Fundamental Christian wacko who had the audacity to literally believe in the Book of Revelation. President Clinton stated, after the ordeal was finished, that “perhaps we need to look at anyone who literally believes in the Book of Revelation.” The time is coming rapidly when any Fundamental Christian who literally believes in the Bible generally, and prophecy specifically, will be persecuted and martyred.”

    “We have stated, above, our belief Koresh was an Illuminist who was part of this carefully created plan. We now offer visual proof. To the left is a picture of the ring Koresh wore as the “Messiah” of his group, and to symbolize that he was going to the be Messiah for the whole world. While most people think that this symbol was simply the Jewish Star of David, we find it highly instructive that the Illuminist looks upon this image as the Hexagram, which they popularly call the Seal of Solomon . This type of hexagram is used for the most powerful exercise of witchcraft within the Illuminati. In fact, the hexagram is used to actually conjure demons up within this dimension.”


    1. You mush minded twit. You and the people like you are the problem in this country. 3 times 2 is 6 times 11 is 66, thus the children at Waco were sent to their deaths by David Koresh.
      Don’t go away mad, you f#@king moron, just go away.

  2. Also- Do not forget about the satanists favorite sacrificial date- April 19th! I am certain they something planned to shock and plant more fear into the hearts of Americans this year- especially being 20-Thirteen. Take care of your pets – keep them indoors during that week 4/19-5/1. And love and protect your children even from those you think you know.

    “Did you know that April 19 is a most important date every year in the Satanic Calendar of High Holy Days? April 19 begins a 13-day period of blood sacrifice to the Beast , culminating on May 1, called the “Blood Sacrifice To The Beast”! Further, Clinton copied his Illuminist mentor — whom he admits is Adolf Hitler — for it was on April 19, 1943 [Precisely 50 years to the day before Waco] that Nazi Storm Troopers used flame throwers that incinerated courageous Jewish freedom fighters who had been resisting the Holocaust in the Warsaw Ghetto![Facts of April 19 taken from “Circle of Intrigue”, Texe Marrs, p. 230]

    Therefore, the Illuminist undoubtedly chose April 19 as the date on which to consume the Branch Davidians with fire and sheer trauma, offering the most important blood sacrifices to Lord Satan. Doubt it not! All major national and world events are proceeding to the prophesied spiritual end foretold in the Bible, i.e., the staging of Antichrist on the world scene. Since Antichrist and his final world leaders are prophesied to practice Black Magick Witchcraft, we should not be surprised when key events during the End of the Age carry Black Magick connotations.”

    1. April 19 was Patriots’ Day, in remembrance of the battles of Lexington and Concord, long may those true heroes rest in peace. The final raid on Carmel was planned for that day to do what the NWO does time and again — subsume and supplant — all meaningful dates with regard to Revolution. When it backfired and raised public ire instead of support, they created the scheme to flatten Murrah.

      Read something other than the garbage you regularly consume. Real Satanists do not sacrifice. Read Genesis: it is rife with sacrifices to El Shaddai. The Illuminati is a bloodline, not a puppeteer. Stop this nonsense.

      1. That is correct. The Illuminati is a bloodline – descended from the Nephilim, or more precisely, from the Rephaim, the progeny of the Nephilim. Check out Steve Quayle’s research on this subject on his website – Genesis 6: Giants. And yes, those who serve Satan DO make blood sacrifices to him, ESPECIALLY children. To claim otherwise, you are either ignorant on this subject, or trolling for Satan.

  3. I have to go back and look at what happened back then with the whole Branch Dividian story. Although I vaguely remember the story, it wasn’t until 6 years later that I began to wake up. Am I to understand David had been shot in the back and that’s what was leaking as he mentioned in the video?

    . . .

  4. All I can say about this is that everything is tied-up in knots on this planet…reality turned upside down on it’s head…the chair is really a tree, you didn’t really see what you saw, you didn’t hear what you think you heard…on and on…

  5. I will say this….The CHRIST (the real one, not the mainstream church one) said the entire world would be deceived….. I believe we are there now. no?
    Everything we see is twisted…good is evil evil is good…black white….white black.
    No religion tells men to act as pussies while the families or neighbors are being wronged…..Even CHRIST used a cat of nine tails to chase out the JEWISH money grabbers from the temple……..that was in defense of the normal man.

    Fundies really piss my posyies…….they wont lift a finger to help anybody but they will vote for every republipuke politician who will vote to go bomb all them evil mooslems cause them Chosen Jew scum says they evil…

    Yeah buddy,…JESUS is coming….and HE is pissed!!!
    “Know ye not that judgement starts in the House of the LORD first?” ever ponder what that means buddy

  6. All this moronic this # means this and these #s mean somthing is bound to happen and the worlds gonna end 12-21-2012 or is it 3-21-2013 enough of these silly-assed idiotic gonna happen next week maybe B S enough we know who the enemy is and this witchcraft numerical stupidity ,all these childish guesses coming from these rapture peddleing morons is a DISTRACTION,koresh was a fkn pervert no relation to the one true GOD,a man who led his flock to let him breed their wives cause he was special,he was horny case closed.The gubberment ,slick willy and his j-wess attack mongrol(j-wnet napolitano) and the us military did this cowardly murder and we just stood around and did nothing,it was about teaching the slaves that they poked the sleeping dog and koresh and his sheep sat around instead of acting like men and defending their homes and families they just sat there and died for no apparent reason.We have all seen first hand how vicious our gubberment is from the weavers to the occupy kids and they will treat us worse as they need to stop this mass awakening , so I feel compelled to let them know IT IS TOO LATE THROW DOWN YOUR ARMS AND YOU WILL GET A FAIR TRIAL(more than we would get) and we wont torture you but will make your judgement quick,but if we have to drag you out of your hidey holes and hunt you down we’ll let the people starving in the streets will be your judge and jury.

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