9 thoughts on “David “the Snake” Duke

      1. Likewise, KOYOTE. Being “elected” a state senator in a country that actually has NO free elections is quite an achievement and one that can ONLY be accomplished when the joos WANT you there.

  1. This guy made some good points. I’ve always been skeptical of David duke. If he is a gatekeeper he’s a very good one. The way he criticizes israel, Zionism and Talmudic teachings are all on point. So with that said how could he ever have endorsed trump the way he did, when trump for decades makes no bones about his LOVE and support for israel and the jewish people, trumps entire entourage are Zionist Jews and is known to be in debt with Zionist bankers? For God’s sake, one of trumps bestest buddies is Netanyahu. And this was known way before he was put in office. David duke and his kind, even if sincere are being used because of their racist ideology and past, are there in my opinion to do as we’ve said here before…make people feel angry and awakened and lead them to the right wing part of the Talmudic bird. National socialism, fascism, whatever we can call it. But it’s anything but the principles laid out in the bill of rights.

    1. Jamal, you make some great points, especially Trumps involvement with jews prior to the presidency.
      I’d like to ask Duke why he voted Trump if this info. was freely available to know, and why did he ignore it or hope for something different.
      I did hear him say Hillary would have been terrible( something to this effect).
      I will pursue my question to Duke, perhaps we’ll get an answer.

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