DC National Guard Chief Has Everyone Asking: Did He Just Say “Transition TO Military Power”?

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We’ve got a wild one on our hands today!

All credit for this story goes to my friends over on Telegram who were the first to break this story.

In a new interview this morning on Good Morning America, the head of the DC National Guard, Major General William Walker appeared to have said the troops were there to assist with a “peaceful transition to Military power”.

Of course that set off a flurry of speculation….

Was it just a slip of the tongue?

Hard to hear through the mask?

The pressure of national TV tripped him up a bit?

I don’t know.

The man seems awfully calm, cool and collected to me.

He’s a man who is trained to handle stressful situations and perform without any issues.

So….was he telling the truth?

Listen for yourself and tell me what YOU think:


So what do you think?

Did he say what we all think we heard him say?

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9 thoughts on “DC National Guard Chief Has Everyone Asking: Did He Just Say “Transition TO Military Power”?

  1. I did not hear the word military. He said “a peaceful transition of power” from 45 seconds on. I listened several times.

    1. He did not say it on the second video, there are actually two. The top one you have to copy and paste the link to a new tab to see the video, and there he definitely says it.

      1. No, you ass licking son of a bitch, you are the miserable ass traitor.
        You are not f-king with a bunch of candy ass trumptards here, so get off your dead f-king ass and come unmask us.
        You come f-king around American nationals you go in the f-king ground, in fact before this shit is all over with, it will be we who are hunting you down.

      2. Can’t unmask those with out masks, and we are not hiding from anybody or anything. Come to see me, please.
        Henry has my address.

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