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DC restaurant fined $7k for questioning transgender activist who used women’s restroom

Spiritual Vigor

Washington, D.C., restaurant Cuba Libre has been hit with a $7,000 fine after questioning a transgender activist who used its women’s restroom and a manager tried to insist the patron show identification proving to be female.  

What are the details?

On June 22, Charlotte Clymer went to the restaurant to attend a bachelorette party for a friend. Clymer identifies as a woman and made the transition from being a man in November 2017.

According to Clymer’s account of the June incident to MetroWeekly, when she went to use the women’s restroom at Cuba Libre, an employee stopped her and asked for her to show identification. Clymer refused and used the women’s facility. Upon exiting, she was approached by the same employee and a manager who insisted that, according to D.C. law, a person must be designated as a “female” on their ID in order to use a women’s restroom in the city.

Clymer — who works in communications for the LGBT advocacy groupHuman Rights Campaign — argued that she was, indeed, protected under D.C. law and pulled the legislation up on her phone. The next day, Clymer claimed via social media that she had been “forcibly removed from the restaurant.”

Clymer used her Twitter platform to stress the alleged hostility of the Cuba Libre manager and explained that she felt compelled to expose the “violent nature” of the incident in hopes that it would prevent discrimination against other transgender individuals who might not have her level of privilege.

Read the rest here: http://www.spiritualvigor.com/2019/01/dc-restaurant-fined-7k-for-questioning.html

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3 Responses to DC restaurant fined $7k for questioning transgender activist who used women’s restroom

  1. Enemy of the State says:

    Wait until IT gets its ass kicked by some dad that don’t give a shit about any bullshit they think they have a right to

    Basically they arnt really welcome in either bathroom
    They did this to themselves
    Ain’t our problem how it turns out

    Sick freak

  2. NC says:

    God, how did this country get this way?!!! Insanity is an understatement. Immorality has hit an all new level.

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