De Blasio Signs Anti-Smoking Package, Raises Price of Cigarettes to Highest in Nation

Washington Free Beacon – by Madeleine Weast

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation Monday aimed to reduce smoking that raises the minimum price of cigarettes to $13.00, the highest in the United States.

De Blasio signed a seven-bill package with the stated goal of reducing the number of smokers in New York City by nearly 200,000 by the year 2020, NBC New York reported.  

The bills, which will go into effect June 1, raise the current price floor of $10.50 to $13.00. The elevated price floor is projected to lead to a 6.4 percent decrease in adult cigarette smoking. The legislation will also generate a revenue of $1 million annually for public housing as a result of a 10 percent tax on the minimum price of other tobacco products.

The comprehensive package will limit the number of stores that can sell tobacco products by limiting the number of issued licenses. Each community district will be capped at 50 percent of the current number.

The legislation also requires e-cigarette retailers to obtain a license and will cap the number at half the current number of retailers in community districts. In addition, pharmacies will not be able to sell e-cigarettes.

The current licensing fee will be raised from $110 to $200.

Residential buildings will be required to create a smoking policy and communicate the policy to residents. A failure to disclose the policy to residents could result in a $100 civil penalty.

Further guiding that policy, cigarettes and e-cigarettes will be banned from common areas in residential buildings with more than three units. The current law applies to buildings with 10 or more units.

The final bill prohibits any retail store with a pharmacy from selling tobacco products.

The comprehensive effort was introduced by five Democratic Council Members: Corey Johnson, Brad Lander, Fernando Cabrera, Ritchie Torres, and James Vacca.

20 thoughts on “De Blasio Signs Anti-Smoking Package, Raises Price of Cigarettes to Highest in Nation

  1. How is it , and why is it
    That a Mayor of any town or city
    Can manipulate the price of anything ?

    Where is this legal? I want to see the “law”

    And if I were the company of said product
    I’d be setting up to sue the pants off this chump

    Oh it’s the Democrats, makes perfect sense now

  2. “New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation Monday aimed to reduce smoking…”



    How do these @ssclowns spout this kind of b.s. with a straight face, I wonder.

    1. People would pay $20.00 a pack, you ought to see the cigs flying out of the truck stops at ten. They’re buying 4 and 5 at a time. They just “swipe” the card and out the door they go.

      1. Paying $6.85 for American Spirit (Henry turned me on to those… THANKS, HENRY!), and that’s still too much. At $13.00 I would HAVE to quit, though.

      2. Mark; soon it will be profitable to drive from NY to Missouri and buy cheap cigarettes for roughly $2.00 a pack. So much for NYC’s tax collection goals.
        I quit smoking in the last century and I think smoking is a bad idea, but It’s just more communism to think they have a right to “sin tax” people.
        Anything goes when it comes time to grub more money out of people.
        “Were doing it for their own good”…yea.

  3. I pay ten bucks for a carton of smokes here in Michigan.
    Course I have to use the little shooting machine to shoot the tobacco into the cigarette tube myself but that’s pretty easy.

    1. Hey tc. I do the same thing. I found a great light tobacco to boot. Don’t like heavy smokes anymore, A friend put me on to this method, and it has saved me a bucket load of money. Of course it takes some time, but it is worth it.

      1. I did the same for almost 2 yrs. here, Paul. Then they raised the price of a can of tobacco (American Spirit), and guess what? It turned out to be no more expensive than buying them by the pack after that.

        I would have had to buy a new rolling machine as well, broke the old one.

      2. Paul, what tobacco is it you use? I do the same and figure the cost is around $10.00 per carton. I use 4 Aces tobacco now. I also bought the electric machine, it is much faster.

        1. Hey Bill. I use the brand named “good stuff”, 16 oz. silver label bag for 11.99, and 250 ct top gold label tubes for 3.49 out of Mo. Pack cost shakes out to around .76 after taxes. Il. will be higher.

          1. Hi Paul,

            I get the large bag of 4 Aces Gold for 19.99 and 3 200 count cartons of Premier tubes for $2.99 each. All of it runs me $31.60 out the door and I get 2 1/2 – 3 cartons out of the bag of tobacco. The wife and I could not afford to smoke if had to buy cigs at retail.

          2. sounds like your doing o.k. I’m glad I can go to Mo. Much less tax there,. Also the backy i smoke is pipe that is shredded to use in a stuffer. Tax is less on pipe backy

  4. American Indians used tobacco to drive away evil spirits. Did they know something only the jews know as well, from being the other side?

  5. Yeah..

    Lung cancer is getting to be a pretty x pensive habit.

    Butt I have a solution.

    I just smoke out of my azz now.

    That way I get my money’s worth.

    Yeah the butts tastes like sht.

    I do get my value on the investment though.

    I get lung and azz cancer at the same time.

  6. man am I glad I got this monkey off my back 12 years ago when I thought close to 4$ a pack was re-dam-diculous

    screw these Fks.. grow the shit yerself , or flat out walk away and keep your money ,, I dont play these games with these jackholes

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