10 thoughts on “Dear America: DO NOT COMPLY.

  1. Couldn’t agree more, except the one missing quotient; the required critical mass! (Numbers)

    You can fill up a sports stadium with a shit load of folks on any given Sunday

    The only way this could ever be done to stop the NWO peacefully Would be for that critical mass to hit the streets and shut down the fkn machine

    Even if we the people did that; we would still have to eradicate the system established and the criminals participating at all levels of the crime going back a long number of decades
    Then restore our BORs and Law jurisdictions

    What do we do? Not comply and then let the PTB say oh ok we’re sorry we’ll let everything go back to normal then!?

    Do that and they just reset…! This ends with these maggots hanging, dead or as Henry says swimming in their fkn Maritime jurisdiction! And that ain’t gonna happen peacefully

    Would be nice but that’s just fairy dreams man..

    It’s gonna get ugly real soon, the businesses are chomping at the bit to impose mandatory vaccinations on their employees: this is the submission plan of the NWO, 1st the fear and masks, then the mandatory testing and finally the mandatory vaccinations, if they can get there they win and they know it…

    They’re gauging resistance all along this path and so far it ain’t gone loud yet…

    They are just waiting on FDA approval of this shit, how do I know? Because the Co. I work for is doing mandatory testing of operations staff and I attend the meetings where they are saying this.!

    So let these mthrfkrs do it I say…and let’s get and be ready to light these mthrfkrs up along with their enforcers and Any other stasi rat fk wanna be’s

    Everyone makes their own bed…! Mine is quarter tight Mthrfkrs

    1. I know I feel it everyday and week I go work… it is getting palpable, but I have anticipated it and all I look at while engaging these fkn morons at work is; fkn stasi traitors…. and some I thought were intelligent; how wrong I was

      But it shows you who will absolutely betray you and you would not expect some..! So suspect ALL

      1. Hey Norm, at your side, and so sorry you’re going through that scene at work. Here, mixed with rage, it’s heartbreak in the nest. Daughter wants us at her wedding and we want to be there so much. Can’t ’cause we won’t take jab or test to get on plane. Daughter sad and disappointed. Us too. Whole family and extended family standing in the Fauci camp. For years we’ve read how communism tears families apart, and here it is in our lap. We’re hoping love will rise above the tyranny so togetherness and affinity will once again flow. Heartbreak.


        1. Yep, it is absolutely unreal and unbelievable and yet, we have always understood it was and is coming.

          How exciting to be at the precipice of History!

  2. Norm is correct, especially the critical mass part… they’d have to deny unemployment to unvaxxed, deny SS and MC to elderly unvaxxed (who paid into the system), deny any public or private school education to the unvaxxed, deny any jobs to the unvaxxed, any transport/shopping/business/whatever to the unvaxxed, deny internet/online/wi-fi/cell phone and apps to the unvaxxed….which, if truthers are right means about 70 percent of the population, which means it all shuts down, economy and otherwise, which will lead to, among other things, parallel structures, economy and otherwise, and when it’s all over, they won’t be able to stop the enforcement of the Bill of Rights..and they’ll all be eating each other on Antarctica! Or wherever…Hell, maybe?

    1. Yes all in these little phases they are pushing real fast… from Europe to New York now they are trying this shit of Proof if vaccinations for services

      Interesting statements

  3. Well, I agreed with 90% of this except on 2 points. First where she recommends going on unemployment. Those benefits may soon be denied to jab-refusers. Second recommendation: move to another state where you can be free. There’s that old saying, “No matter where you go, there you are.” Today one could add, and there’s Big Brother right beside you. No state line is keeping him out. Yes, of course, DO NOT COMPLY, but I just thought of a third point, how about she recommend being locked and loaded?


    1. “how about she recommend being locked and loaded?”

      Probably because she’s from NY

      Everywhere you go
      There you are is exactly right
      Don’t fckin run
      Dig in and fight

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